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Japanese Nobel winner hospitalized in US, wife found dead

Chicago - A Japanese Nobel Prize-winner was hospitalized Wednesday and his wife was dead, reportedly after driving off a road in rural Illinois.

Brigitte Macron: French president's teacher-turned-wife

Paris - Once his high school drama teacher, now wife of incoming French president Emmanuel Macron, 64-year-old Brigitte Macron stepped into the spotlight long before her husband was elected.

Penelope Fillon: 'discreet' wife thrust into spotlight

Paris - Penelope Fillon, long a low-profile political wife, has been thrust into the spotlight with a scandal bearing her name -- "Penelopegate" -- that is dimming her husband Francois Fillon's hopes of becoming France's next president.

In teary vigil for late wife, Lula lashes out at detractors

S - Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva held a wake Saturday for his late wife, ending it with harshly worded criticism for the couple's detractors in an ongoing corruption scandal.

Brazil's Lula to hold vigil for late wife Saturday

S - Brazil's former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will hold a vigil Saturday for his late wife Marisa Leticia before her remains are cremated, he said.

Wife of Brazil's Lula dies

S - The wife of Brazil's embattled former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva died on Thursday, a week after she was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage, doctors in Sao Paulo said.

French candidate Fillon says wife 'has always worked for me'

Paris - Under-fire French presidential candidate Francois Fillon on Thursday responded to claims that his wife had been paid 500,000 euros ($540,000) for a fake job by saying she has "always worked for me".

Police officer's wife stages robbery, blames Black Lives Matter

Millbury - In Millbury, MA, a police officer's wife claimed she was the victim of a robbery. Apparently, she staged it and blamed it on Black Lives Matter.

Husband who vanished 23 years ago found living under new identity

23 years ago, a man vanished, leaving his family behind. He was recently found alive and well. He had also been living with his new family.

Ex-wife of France truck attack suspect held for questioning: police

Paris - The ex-wife of the man believed to have ploughed a truck into a crowd of revellers in Nice, killing 84 people, was held for questioning on Friday, a police source said.

FacePalm Friday: Woman ripped hubby's testicles off over chores

Vaslui - A woman in Romania is being accused of ripping off her husband's testicles because he didn't give her flowers and he refused to help her with the housework.

Op-Ed: Kentucky lawmaker wants men to get a note from wife to buy Viagra

Frustrated with lawmakers telling women what they can or can't do with their bodies, a Kentucky legislator has proposed a bill that will place restrictions on men trying to purchase Viagra.

Joseph and Jenny Carrier caught after going on bank robbery spree

Joseph and Jenny Carrier, husband and wife, were arrested in Pennsylvania after allegedly robbing a bank in Wilmington, Delaware.

Video: Husband sings to his dying wife

A video of a husband singing to his wife has gone viral. The clip shows the husband singing to his wife of more than 70 years, who is dying.

After winning the lottery, man divorces wife

A man in China won hundreds of thousands of dollars after purchasing a lottery ticket. he then picked up his winnings, but first he divorced his wife.

Saudi woman gets revenge on husband with $100,000 traffic fines

A Saudi Arabian woman angered by her husband’s decision to take a second wife has exacted her revenge by raking up $100,000 in deliberate fines on his wedding night.

N.Korea first lady appears in public for first time this year

Seoul - North Korea's first lady has appeared in public for the first time this year as part of celebrations marking the birthday of the country's founding leader Kim Il-Sung, state media said Tuesday.

Legendary porn star Rocco Siffredi quits out of love for wife

Porn star legend, Rocco Siffredi, has decided to quit porn out of love for his wife. The news comes after the 50-year-old appeared on the reality TV show Survivor.

Husband ordered out of house by wife finds huge gold nugget

An Australian man who was ordered to "get out of the house" by his wife after becoming grumpy and stroppy has found a large nugget of gold hidden a few centimetres into the earth.

Man calls police to tell them his wife stole his cocaine

Alliance - A man from Ohio decided to call 911 because he wanted to report that his cocaine was stolen, and the person responsible for it was his wife.

Wife divorces husband who won't abandon son with Down syndrome

Yerevan - A woman, who gave birth to a son with Down syndrome, filed for divorce from her husband because she wanted to abandon the baby but her husband refused. She wanted to abandon the baby because she thought keeping him would bring "shame" to her family.

Wife of Charlie Hebdo attacker condemns deadly strikes: lawyer

Paris - The wife of Charlie Hebdo attacker Cherif Kouachi, held for 72 hours after the deadly assault, has condemned her husband's actions and expressed her feelings for the victims, her lawyer told AFP on Sunday.

Man divorces wife because she wanted a lot of sex

Some people file for divorce because they say they are in a sexless marriage, but a guy in India was granted a divorce because his wife wanted too much sex.

Wife receives spreadsheet of reasons she uses to not have sex

A frustrated 26-year-old husband decided that he would create a spreadsheet of his 26-year-old wife's reasons for why she does not want to have sex.

Ukraine's new first lady a breath of fresh air

Kiev - With her natural elegance and confident charm, Ukraine's new first lady Marina Poroshenko looks set to usher in a new age, dispensing with the stuffy arrogance long associated with the country's political elite.

Wife arrested after trying to cut man's penis off with box cutter

Ellwood City - Last Friday a woman was arrested in Ellwood City after she allegedly tried to cutt off her husband's penis with a box cutter.

Yemeni wife takes husband to court over WhatsApp addiction

Aden - Ever had the feeling that your "better half" spends more time on WhatsApp than he or she does with you? Well this Yemeni wife decided to do something about it, and took her errant husband to court.

NBA legend Michael Jordan's new wife expecting first child

Former Chicago Bulls superstar Michael Jordan and his wife Yvette Prieto have just announced that they are expecting their first child. No due date was reported.

'Defective' Walmart bag caused wife's death, says husband

An overstuffed, defective Walmart shopping bag may have been to blame for the death of Lynette Freis. This is considering the strange way she met her fate.

Golfer withdraws from tournament as wife goes into labor

Toronto - Leading the RBC Canadian Open through two rounds, Hunter Mahan withdrew himself at the start of his thrid round when he finds out that his wife had gone into labor.
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