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Anonymous 'OpDeathEaters' to combat child sex abusers online

High-profile hacktivist group Anonymous have announced that they are planning an action day to expose child abusers and those who cover them, freely publishing the information to inform the public of the scope of abuse.

Serious eBay flaw exposes customers to malicious website risk

A dangerous flaw that has exposed eBay customers to malicious websites has been affecting the site since at February 2014.

Op-Ed: How the Internet has changed the world

Over the last decade, a massive paradigm shift has occurred with regards to the way we collect, analyze and distribute news and information.

Signs of economic growth good news for small business

Recent reports of falling unemployment, increased production and a rise in the GDP have many cautiously optimistic the U.S. economy is on the road to recovery, which is especially good news for small businesses.

Anonymous targets, brings down Israeli Secret Service website

The hactivist group Anonymous has escalated their #OpSaveGaza campaign attacks, claiming to have hacked numerous Israeli government websites, including, the official website of the Israeli Intelligence Agency.

Top tips for faster websites

In today's tech industry, optimizing a website via responsive web design is seen as essential to achieve top speed and performance. Another important factor that impacts on speed relates to hosting.

Largest STD online community/dating website and its new app Special

The largest online community and dating website for people with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) has announced a new iOS app. Launched in 2001, is for people who live with STDs like HIV, Herpes (HSV), or HPV.

UK website launched for May film Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return

The Royal Blog of Oz, the "Wizard of Oz"/L. Frank Baum blog of Dorothy and Ozma Productions, owned by Jared Davis and others in the Oz community recently reported that the United Kingdom website for Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return has launched.

Study: LinkedIn, Pinterest more popular than Twitter

More U.S. adults use LinkedIn and Pinterest than Twitter, according to a new Pew Research Center study which surveyed more than 1,000 Internet users.

California shuts down 10 fake healthcare websites

Sacramento - Adding to concerns over the botched rollout of Obamacare, authorities in California have shut down 10 fake Obamacare websites.

Op-Ed: Mobile shopping replacing desktops and laptops

These days, a small business that has no Internet presence won’t get far with savvy online shoppers. But what if you’ve got a great website that doesn’t convert well to mobile devices?

Spain to make providers of 'pirated' Web content walk the plank

Madrid - Well, not walk the plank exactly, but tough new laws are to be introduced in Spain and were set for approval in Parliament on Friday. The new laws call for six years in prison for linking to "pirated", copyright-protected material from webpages.

Which online industries were hit hardest by Penguin 2.0

Google updates often wreak havoc in the lives of many web-masters; however, some industries are much harder hit than others.

Counterfeit websites seized during Cyber Monday

On what has become the largest online sales shopping day of the year, this year's Cyber Monday has seen more than 100 websites shut down by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials.

Anonymous hacker claims takedown of millions of GoDaddy websites

GoDaddy, the Internet's largest domain registrar, was hacked on Monday morning. Sites hosted by GoDaddy were down for several hours. By 5:20 ET, some of the websites were back up again, including GoDaddy's main page.

Anonymous takes down Interpol website in ‘Operation Free Assange’

As part of 'Operation Free Assange', Anonymous hacktivists take down the Interpol, International Criminal Police Organization and Serious Organized Crime Agency websites.

Poker websites to pay $731 million in US settlement

On Tuesday officials in the US announced that two poker websites will be paying over seven million dollars in a US settlement.

Review: Ottawa group teaches website monetization methods

Ottawa - There are many companies on the internet which make promises to help you generate extra revenue for your website. An Ottawa organization seeks to share insights on website monetization methods.

Report says religious sites are riskier than porn for malware

Over time porn websites gained the notorious reputation for infecting computers with viruses. According to a new report, these are not the most common sites where nasty bugs can infiltrate a computer.

Anonymous flexes muscles in China - many websites hacked

Up to 500 Chinese websites including some belonging to the government have been hacked by Anonymous. They state that the final goal of the attacks is to start a revolt against the government.

Tweaking Facebook

Sometimes a Facebook user just wants to see the information important to them. I found a fix that lets you tweak your pages back to the way you like them.

Insight into software company Intuit

With fewer financial breaks from the government for small businesses, not much hope is found in the failing economy. However, there is one Internet business that is working hard to help small businesses succeed.

Op-Ed: Facebook becomes the most visited website of 2010

Recently, the results of the most visited websites were released to the general public, and to many, it came to a great surprise that Google's reign as the most visited site on the web has ended.

Op-Ed: Top 5 websites using HTML5

As soon as browsers catch-up there will be no doubt that the new HTML5 will be the must-use code. Before it does, what are the new features and what are the top five sites that are using it now?

TSA censoring website access from staff

The Transportation Security Administration has decided that access to certain websites will not be allowed on the federal agency's computers.

British job centres offering porn work for unemployed women

Government-run Jobcentre Plus offices in the United Kingdom are encouraging unemployed women to apply for work on X-rated websites. This policy is sparking a great deal of outrage and demands for the job adverts to be removed.

Op-Ed: Why URL shorteners can be dangerous

One of the more popular online services is the URL shortener, such as TinyURL. But what's behind that shortened link? For spammers, these services act as a new tool to bait unsuspecting visitors, and for industry watchdogs it's become a new threat.

Craiglist 'Erotic Services' is US Largest Source of Prostitution

The popular website Craiglist has been sued in court by a County Sheriff in Chicago for being the largest source of prostitution in the USA

Websites Geared To Help Shoppers Find Bargains

With Black Friday fast approaching, we all know that shopping is going to be extremely hectic tomorrow. Some will get their bargains. Or will they? Several websites have appeared, all geared to save money by finding those bargains without leaving home.

More Brits turn to bartering websites during hard times

Soaring inflation and a weakening job market has forced more Britons to shop through barter websites which allows swapping surplus food and drink, personal possessions and skills. Many bartering sites have seen a huge surge in traffic in the recent weeks.
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