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Video: Anthony Weiner gets into shouting match with voter

New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner argued with a Jewish voter in Brooklyn’s Borough Park after exiting a bakery. The man told Weiner to drop out of the race, while the former congressman kept repeating, "Who are you to judge me?"

Obama's photo after winning U.S. election most popular tweet ever

Late Tuesday night, after winning the 2012 U.S. Election, President Barack Obama shattered the world record for the most popular tweet ever, based on retweets, with a photo of the reelected president hugging his wife Michelle.

Op-Ed: Please don't vote in the election if you're an uninformed voter

While it is very important for citizens to exercise their right to vote and to participate in the political process, it is equally important that those same citizens have some clue about who they're voting for and how the system works.

Obama Supporter: 'Obama Will Pay For My Gas And My Mortgage'

In a televised interview with NBC6 at an Obama rally, Obama supporter Peggy Joseph praised Obama's speech, then went on to say that she won't have to worry about paying for gas or her mortgage, because she's helping Obama and Obama will help her.

Nun, 106, Poised to be Oldest U.S Presidency Voter

The U.S Presidential race to the White House could well see its oldest voter and she has already told reporters she is voting for Barack Obama. The American nun has just turned 106 and lives in Rome

1 Voter, 72 Registrations ... How Do You Spell Voter Fraud? ACORN

The controversial group, ACORN, is being singled out in yet another voter registration scandal. And, as the headline reads, an Ohio man says that he was bribed to register an astonishing 72 times.

Op-Ed: Voter Fraud In Ohio, What Else is New?

Ohio is in the spotlight again for possible voter fraud brought on by the 1 week voting initiative that allows people to register and vote on the same day.

Obama’s 'Truth Squad' Threatens Freedom of Speech

A bold maneuver, unprecedented in American politics, has pitted the Obama campaign against freedom of speech. Missouri authorities will pursue criminal charges against those who speak “falsely” against Barack Obama.

Enforcing Florida's 'No Match, No Vote' Law Begins

With the court battles solved and the dust settled, Florida has begun to enforce the "No Match, No Vote' law that was passed in 2006, stayed by injunction in 2007, with the state winning on appeal in 2008. On September 8, 2008, enforcement began.

Op-Ed: Why Isn't It Fraud When Dead People Vote?

Recently the Indiana Supreme Court upheld Indiana's Photo ID Law. Despite the lack of actual convictions or prosecutors bringing charges against people that commit the crime of voter fraud, it does happen as is the case with 300 dead people voting.

Op-Ed: Voters Are More Pessimistic Than Eight Years Ago

Many voters across the country are extremely anxious and worried about America's place in the world. They also feel a sense of powerlessness over their individual lives. The mood of the country is much darker than the 2000 election.

Supreme Court Listens to Arguments About Voter ID Law

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. seems interested in a lower court's finding that those challenging the law had not found "a single person'' who had tried to vote but was turned away because of the law.

Voter ID Law in Georgia Dead

Casey Cagle, Lieutenant Governor for Georgia declares the Voter ID law in Georgia is dead for now.

Blind Voters Cast First Secret Ballots

Blind people have been putting their trust in the hands on someone else when voting, until now.

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