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Violent News

Animal rights activists up the stakes, becoming more violent

There has been a dramatic shift in the tactics used by animal-rights activists over the past decade, with individual researchers and the businesses supplying them being targeted instead of their universities.

Bloody, naked, and on a rampage, woman destroys home

Glendale - A woman from Glendale Arizona went on bloody rampage after her boyfriend refused to have sex. The woman, who was naked at the time, sought revenge by destroying their home.

Colorado boy, 8, pepper-sprayed by police

An eight-year-old Colorado student was pepper-sprayed and subdued by police after he threatened to injure teachers and police officers. Aidan Elliot acknowledged to reporters, "I kind of deserved it."

Deadly South Dakota tornadoes caught on video by Storm Chasers

Bowdle - Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers were in South Dakota this weekend and filmed the major tornadoes that hit the mid-west states. Storm's spun from this weather band are responsible for the death of one child and destruction at hundreds of farms and homes.

Venezuelan lawmakers to seek embargo on violent video games

A bill to restrict sales of violent video games is being moved in Venezuela's legislative chamber in an effort to reduce rampant crime in the country.

Dalai Lama Spokesman’s Appeal to the International Community

The Dalai Lama’s official Representative to Africa, Sonam Tenzing, has called on the international community to actively engage with Tibet.

Grand Theft Auto IV Set To Break Sales Record

GTA 4 is loud, violent, and racy. Fox News called it 'unapologetically violent.' The City of Chicago pulled the ad from its buses. An inmate sued to stop its release. But gamers are getting itchy fingers, and it may break every VG sales record there is.

Study Says Violent TV and Games Are Public Health Threat

Watching media violence significantly increases the risk that a viewer or video game player will behave aggressively in both the short and long term, according to a University of Michigan study.

British Ban Brutal Sadistic Video Game

British censors on Tuesday banned a video game for the first time in 10 years, for what they described as an unrelenting focus on sadism and brutal slaying. The U.S. published "Man-hunt II" cannot be legally supplied anywhere in Britain.

Sex offenders younger, more violent, study says

Sex offenders are getting younger and the crimes more violent. The number of Juvenile sex offenders have increased 40% over two decades. There are more treatment programs for juveniles and under 12 than ever before.

Miss Mexico's "Violent" dress sparks controversy

Miss Mexico's dress is being redesigned because her first one was too violent.

Husband Turns Violent Over Cat Argument

New Jersey man has been charged with assault and harassment over an argument of the family pet. His wife gets a court protection-from-abuse order to keep her husband in line.

Briton Turns ‘Beast’ While Asleep

He is sleeping separately from his wife since many days, even he placed a metal barrier between them. It’s an unique story of a 70-year-old Derek Rogers, who is suffering from a rarest sleeping disorder. The disorder causes his brain to send violent sig

Three Teens Charged In Violent Robbery

Three teens where charged with violent robbery. Whats wrong with our youth these days?

Three Teens Charged In Violent Robbery

Three teens,a girl and two boys, are accused of forcing their way into a 66 year old victim's apartment, assaulting him and robbing him.

Playing violent games does not increase violent behaviour

Violent games do not increase aggressive behaviour

Beirut recovering after violent protests

Lebanon is returning to normal after a nationwide anti-government strike led by the Hezbollah faction.

Police Warn Of Violent Sex Offender

A Violent Sex Offender was released on jan 2 and has not reported to police.

Violent Sex attack on a 12 year old girl

A Nova Scotia girl,12, was violently sexually assaulted in a barn on Monday.

The scoop on gangs

What has happened in this world to make such violence become so popular?

Violent video game effects linger in brain

Well you couldn't prove this by me... I've been playing them for nearly 20-years and I have no ill affects...

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