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Tumor News

New technique allows medics to watch a brain tumor glow

Using an experimental bio-paint, scientists have gained the ability to watch a brain tumor glow. Using this improved visual ability this will make surgical procedures more accurate.

New discovery help scientists take a leap in fight against cancer

Scientists from the University College London (UCL) Cancer Institute made a groundbreaking discovery in fight against cancer. A new cellular target has been found that greatly increases the ability of the immune system to destroy cancer cells.

Running mice experience reduced cancer tumors

Copenhagen - A new study, attempting to link the importance of exercise with lower cancer rates, has found mice that run more often than a control group can shrink cancer tumors.

Fighting cancer by trapping drugs in tumors

A research group have developed a novel means to fight cancer. Because anti-cancer drugs only work for a limited time, the new method succeeds in trapping the drug inside the tumor so it works for longer.

Essential Science: Researchers locate the origin of cancer

In groundbreaking research, scientists have pinpointed how developing cells switch to a specialized state and how the process might go wrong in cancer. Digital Journal investigates further.

Man orders Kindle eBook reader, receives tumor sample instead

Bristol - An environmental consultant from Bristol was surprised to find a tumor sample instead of the Kindle eBook reader that he ordered.

How nanoparticles can be used to cure tumors

A combination of nanoparticles, heat and ultrasound has proved effective for the elimination of tumors in studies conducted on mice.

Halting cancer in its tracks, with nanotechnology

Most cancer therapies are focused on blasting a general area with radiation or using chemotherapy drugs to zoom in on a tumor site. Researchers using nanoparticles have taken a different tract, in trying to slow tumor growth through nanotech.

Fighting cancer with rabbit virus

Bone marrow transplants can be an effective treatment for certain forms of cancer. However, complications can sometimes arise. Researchers have found that a rabbit virus can kill cancer cells while eliminating a complication from bone marrow transplants.

Tumors and cancer could be cured by new injection

Scientists at Stanford University have discovered an antibody, which can simply be injected into the body to destroy tumors and cure cancer – even in its advanced stages.

Oral bacteria play a role in promoting cancer

Tel Aviv - Bacteria found in the mouth are more prevalent in patients with colon cancer. It seems that these bacteria protect a variety of tumor cells from being killed by immune cells. This finding could lead to new treatments in cancer.

Goldfish receives micro-surgery to remove tumor

Melbourne - A goldfish named George was suffering from a head tumor that almost ended his life, but he was saved after a vet performed life-threatening surgery.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford diagnosed with abdominal tumor

Toronto - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been admitted to a hospital due to a tumor. While Ford has dealt with abdominal pain for three months, it became much worse in the last 24 hours.

Austrian woman has 18-pound tumor removed from stomach

Graz - An Austrian woman is recovering in hospital after having a tumor, weighing as much as a seven-month-old baby, removed from her stomach. The tumor had been growing inside the 75-year-old for several years before she realized it was there.

New DNA tool for cancer detection

Bioengineers have used DNA to develop a tool that detects and reacts to chemical changes caused by cancer cells and that may one day be used to deliver drugs to tumor cells.

Water engine propels tumor cells through the body

Scientists have found how cancer cells spread through extremely narrow three-dimensional spaces in the body. They have identifying a propulsion system based on water and charged particles.

Killing cancer by exploding tumor cells

Atlanta - Scientists have heralded a new drug tested in mice, which causes tumor cells to explode, as a major breakthrough. The drug has been tested out on mice.

Former WWE star Jake 'The Snake' Roberts has cancer

On Friday, doctors told former WWE star Jake 'The Snake' Roberts that the tumor that is behind his knee is cancerous, and he will need to have surgery to remove it.

Novel approach for tumor detection

Scientists have pioneered a new gene sequencing method to test for abnormal DNA in cancerous tumor cells. This method paves the way for routine genetic testing in personalizing cancer care.

Mutation discovery may help detect rare brain tumor

Researchers have identified a mutated gene that causes a type of brain tumor that can have devastating lifelong effects. Currently, the tumor can only be treated with challenging repeated surgeries and radiation.

Massive tumor removed successfully from Spanish woman

Torrevieja - A record 25 kilogram (55 pound) tumor was recently removed from a 47-year-old woman in Torrevieja, Spain. This is one of only five similar cases recorded in the world, although the next biggest was a mere 11.3 kilograms (25 pounds).

Studying gut bacteria to determine tumor risk

Inflammation appears to play a role in the development of colorectal cancer, and this inflammation is triggered by certain gut bacteria, which some people possess and others do not.

Boy with large tumor uses Viagra to shrink growth

Viagra, the pill for helping people reinvigorate their sex lives, may also give a young boy the chance at having a normal life.

Research indicates potential lung cancer breakthrough

One trigger for lung cancer is a forced merger of two normally separate genes. New research indicates that treating the cells with a compound that blocks a protein can potentially prevent a tumor from forming.

Developments in personalized cancer therapy

Scientists are developing individualized tumor treatment methods based on the genetic profile of different cancers. This would be an alternative to giving patients generalized medicines.

Fewer cancers are linked to viruses

According to a new study, most common cancers are not associated with viruses and that previous figures that have drawn such a link have been over-estimates.

Study shows raw garlic reduces the risk of lung cancer

A clove of garlic a day will keep the vampires away, but what others may not know is that the vegetable has other protective powers as well.

Major lung cancer study to take place

A major scientific study is to take place into lung cancer patients globally. The objective of the research is to reveal new insights into how the disease develops.

Woman with cancer saved by coughing up tumor

A 38-year-old woman from the UK coughed up an entire tumor a year ago, and now doctors have told her that she is cancer free.

Monsanto's GM corn and weedkiller cause rats tumors and mortality

French scientists found tumors, multiple organ damage and premature mortality in rats exposed to Monsanto’s genetically modified corn or the company’s top-selling weedkiller, a study published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology shows.
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A 198-pound tumor has been removed from leg of Nguyen Duy Hai  31  during a 12-hour operation in a h...
A 198-pound tumor has been removed from leg of Nguyen Duy Hai, 31, during a 12-hour operation in a hospital located in Ho Chi Minh City.
Handout photo released June 17, 2011

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