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Trauma News

Virus takes toll on mental health of Europe's medics

London - Steve, a paramedic in northeast England, contracted the coronavirus two months ago. Then his wife fell ill. Both recovered but throughout they were concerned about passing it on to their two young sons.

Traumatised by war: theatre's role in healing Afghanistan

Kabul - As he watched the play about two girls wrestling with lingering trauma, Afghan student Hussain began to sob, the performance igniting memories of his own brush with death.

Nearly 70,000 migrant children were held in the U.S. in 2019

Nearly 70,000 migrant children were held in the U.S. over the past year, a record high according to government data reported as part of a joint investigation between The Associated Press and the PBS series FRONTLINE.

Back to school jitters in Syria's Ghouta

Jaramana - The shrill bell sends hundreds of students rushing towards their classrooms in a town near Damascus, which only months ago was the scene of fierce fighting between rebels and regime forces.

Playing Tetris can help the recovery of trauma victims

Oxford - Can playing Tetris ease the minds after a traumatic event? New research suggests this is the case provided that the game is played within six hours of a traumatic incident happening.

Visualizing the effect of stress on the brain

What happens to the brain when a person undergoes a stressful event? What are the longer-term effects of a condition like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? These questions have been recently examined by scientists.

Review: Intense ‘Breathing Corpses’ shocks, stuns in Canadian debut Special

Toronto - Everybody dies, but how does the cycle of mortality affect those still living? That’s the theme that confronts audiences in British playwright Laura Wade’s uncomfortable 2005 drama, “Breathing Corpses”, which opened in Toronto on Wednesday.

Pakistan earthquake survivors relive trauma of 2005 disaster

Muzaffarabad - The massive earthquake that hit Pakistan and Afghanistan Monday caused panic among survivors of a 2005 quake disaster, with parents describing frantic efforts to reach their children for fear "doomsday" had come again.On October 8, 2005 a 7.

Tetris can help block flashbacks of traumatic events

A study has found that playing Tetris can help people recover from post-traumatic stress disorder and overcome the repeated flashbacks it triggers. In a new investigation, playing Tetris reduced the number of memories of the event by over 50 percent.

Silicon Valley exec Dave Goldberg died from a tragic gym accident

It has been revealed that high-ranking Silicon Valley executive Dave Goldberg died whilst exercising at the gym in a tragic accident as he ran on a treadmill. He was found dead beside the equipment at a holiday resort in Mexico last Friday.

Can fear be prevented?

Scientists have identified neurons in the brain that are involved in encoding fear in mice. This has led to suggestions that it might be possible to "eliminate fear."

Hockey players bring case against NHL

Former professional hockey players have announced a case against the NHL relating to head trauma injuries. This follows a similar case against the NFL a few months ago.

Op-Ed: The Boston Bombings — Just Why Motives Matter

The immediate designation of the bombings at the Boston marathon as an act of terrorism is readily quantifiable. But the long term implication, if any, of departing from the prevailing legal and scientific definition of terrorism remains to be seen.

New method for blocking harmful memories

Researchers have put forward a method for blocking harmful memories associated with post-traumatic stress disorder and drug addiction.

Video: MMA as an alternative therapy method for PTSD

As a means to treat people let alone veterans that suffer from PTSD, there is the possibility of MMA as an alternative form of therapy.

Former NFL greats' brains to be studied for trauma-caused disease

Boston - Brain trauma associated with the US version of football continues its close scrutiny as researchers are being allowed to examine brains of two former National Football League (NFL) running back greats who recently died within months of each other.

Increases in PTSD Rate Outpace Growth of Services

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is not new. Ninety years ago it was known as 'shell shock'. Sixty years ago, 'Battle Exhaustion.' The rate that is surging amongst US military personnel today is.

Mr. Media Radio: Dario Scardapane, NBC TV show creator, 'Trauma' Special

From what I’ve read, the opening 10 minutes of the NBC drama “Trauma”—and say that five times fast—is the greatest introduction to a TV show ever. It cures cancer, tames global warming and reveals the secrets behind “Lost.”

It's Trauma Season In The ER

The sun is shining, the weather's warm and your local trauma center is gearing up for their high season of preventable accidents.

Trauma continues 24 years after World's worst industrial disaster

Even 24 years after a poisonous gas leak killed 4,000 people in Bhopal in Central India, the people in the city suffer from serious health problems.

New Study Suggests It's Okay to Keep Those Feelings Inside

Contrary to popular notions about what is normal or healthy, new research has found that it is okay not to express one's thoughts and feelings after experiencing a collective trauma.

Update: Internet addict sues IBM over firing

An IBM employee of nineteen years, is suing IBM for $5 million because he was fired for visiting an adult chat room.

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