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Squid News

Improving military camouflage by copying squids

Cephalopods are adept at camouflage. While this works effectively in nature, no scientist has been able to replicate this form of disguise. However, new research moves the ability completely to disguise an object a step closer.

Squid ink provides new dental imaging technology

Improving the accuracy of dental imaging helps patients to receive optimal care. A new imaging method has an unusual material source: squid ink. This helps to improve the clarity and contrast for gum disease inspections.

Squids use leaking light for effective camouflage

Glass squids have remarkable properties for evading detection. Properties with bioluminescent cells allow the sea creature mask itself from predators.

Video shows squid using ink cloud to great effect

Tokyo - An interesting new video shows a squid using its ink as a smokescreen to confuse and trap its prey. This is the first time the activity has been properly captured on film.

Giant squid captured on video near Japan

Giant squids are not spotted very often. When they are, footage of them has proved difficult to capture in good quality. A new video of the ocean animal is very spectacular.

Monster 23ft squid washed up on New Zealand beach

If you are thinking about getting some calamari, you're going to need a big freezer for this one. A gigantic 23ft (7m) squid has been found washed up on a beach near Kaikoura, on New Zealand's South Island.

Robot squid to search for life in underground seas of alien moons

NASA scientists have come up with a pretty cool piece of machinery to fish around for alien life that may exist in subterranean seas found on many nearby moons.

Squids inspire novel sticky-tape

Want to fix something and need a tape that really is transparent? Scientists have developed a tape coated with cephalopod proteins to reflect infrared light.

Squids provide the blueprint for 3D printing

Squids have been used by people for centuries, as food and for their ink. Now squids have a new application in the modern technological realm of 3D printing. This is in the form of a thermoplastic.

Rainbow properties of the female common market squid

The female common market squid possesses a pair of stripes that can sparkle with rainbow iridescence. This colorful sparkle is not often displayed and this was, until recently, an unknown ability.

Watch first detailed video of deep-sea squids 'having sex'

This clip is the first detailed video that shows deep-sea squids mating. It is helping research biologists uncover new facts about the mating behavior of the deep-sea cephalopods.

TopFinds: Samsung's curved OLED TV, rare giant squid filmed

At CES, Samsung reveals its unique OLED TV. A rare giant squid was caught on video for the first time. The family of Robert Levinson has released new pictures showing the missing former FBI agent in chains. These are the top stories on Digital Journal.

Video: Rare giant squid filmed in habitat for the first time

A Japanese crew has captured the giant squid in its natural habitat in the Pacific Ocean for the first time. The mission was organized by the Japan National Science Museum in collaboration with the Japanese broadcaster NHK and the US Discovery Channel.

Squid sales soar due to popularity of Dukan diet

As Brits become more adventurous in the kitchen, sales of squid have soared. Calamari is set to be a summer sensation, due in part to the popularity of the Dukan diet.

Parboiled squid painfully 'inseminates' Korean woman's mouth

Korean researchers report a case of painful insemination of the membranes of a woman's mouth by squid spermatophores after she ate parboiled squid along with its internal organs. Bug-like organisms stuck to the woman's tongue, cheeks and gums.

Sharks and Squids: Battling Leviathans of the Deep

New evidence suggests that great white shark migration patterns are dictated by the availability of prey, including the giant squid.

45 Squid on the Beach in Oregon

With the water in the oceans warming up we can see the results on the beaches of Oregon where 45 squid washed Wednesday morning.

B-movies come to life with 'invasion' of giant carnivorous squid

If you go out into the waters today, you're in for a big surprise. If you're a diver heading into the water around San Diego, California, that is, where swarms of "giant carnivorous squid" have been reported in the waters.

Colossal Squid Has World's Largest Eyes- It's A Girl!!!

In February of 2007, a fishing boat accidentally caught a 1,090-pound Colossal Squid and as a team of scientists at the Museum of New Zealand slowly thaw the giant Squid out, they have discovered it's a female with eyes the size of beach balls.

Thawing the T. Rex of the Antarctic Waters

"This squid is a really nasty, aggressive sort of squid...with seriously evil arms on it. Without any doubt if you fell in the water, you could be shredded to bits by a colossal squid. It is the T-Rex of the oceans."

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Squid Image

The elongate jewel squid (Histioteuthis reversa)  so called because the photophores festooning its b...
The elongate jewel squid (Histioteuthis reversa), so called because the photophores festooning its body make it appear bejewelled
Michael Vecchione/NOAA
Humbolt squid off the coast of California.
Humbolt squid off the coast of California.
Screen grab

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