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Slovakia News

Suspect paid 70,000 euros for Slovak journalist murder: prosecutor

Bratislava - A female suspect paid tens of thousands of euros for the murder of a Slovak journalist whose death triggered mass protests and toppled a prime minister, a prosecutor said Monday.

Fourth person charged in Slovak journalist's murder

Bratislava - A 44-year-old woman was charged in the murder of a Slovak journalist, the prosecutor's office said Sunday in a case that sent thousands into the streets and toppled a prime minister."We can confirm that a woman identified as A. Z.

Slovak police detain suspects in journalist murder: lawyer

Bratislava - Slovak police detained several people suspected of involvement in the murder of investigative journalist Jan Kuciak, his family's lawyer said Thursday, months after the reporter's violent death and his exposure of alleged high-level corruption sent sho...

Czechs protest government 50 years after Soviet-led invasion

Prague - Czechs and Slovaks on Tuesday marked 50 years since Soviet tanks crushed the "Prague Spring" democratic reform drive, while protesters used the anniversary to rail against the current Czech government's ties to the Communist Party.

Bulgarian memories of Prague Spring: 'We weren't aggressors'

Sofia - Bulgarian soldiers who took part in crushing the 1968 Prague Spring democracy movement under orders from Moscow bristle at being considered aggressors.

When Czechoslovaks cracked jokes in the face of Soviet tanks

Prague - Even when Soviet tanks invaded their country on August 21, 1968, to wipe out a pro-democracy movement, Czechoslovaks managed to maintain their unique sense of humour.

Soviet army nearly 'battled' US filmmakers in Prague Spring

Davle - Propaganda-fuelled Soviet soldiers were ready to take on American and German armies during the 1968 invasion of former Czechoslovakia -- before they realised the "enemies" were filmmakers.

Fifty years ago, Soviet tanks crush the Prague Spring

Paris - In August 1968 Soviet tanks rolled into communist Czechoslovakia to crush a burgeoning democratic reform movement known as the Prague Spring.

Prague invasion sparked first dissident protest on Red Square

Moscow - In a symbolic gesture on August 25, 1968, that launched the political dissident movement, eight people demonstrated on Moscow's Red Square against the Soviet authorities sending tanks into Prague.

Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia claimed over 400 lives

Prague - The day that Soviet-led armies rolled into communist Czechoslovakia to put an end to a pro-democracy movement changed Milan Tesar's life."I saw tanks coming down this road here.

Prague Spring: AFP reports on the Soviet invasion

Paris - At dawn on August 21, 1968, residents of Prague were shocked to find their city occupied by Soviet tanks.

Slovakia denies 'intentional' involvement in Vietnam oil exec kidnapping

Bratislava - Slovakia on Friday denied it knowingly took part in the kidnapping last year of a Vietnamese oil executive from Berlin after media reports claimed a government plane was used in the abduction.

Slovak far-right leader charged with promoting extremism

Bratislava - Slovak prosecutors said on Friday that they had charged the leader of a far-right party that holds seats in parliament with promoting extremism after he handed out cheques for a figure allegedly known as a neo-Nazi symbol.

Pro-Putin bikers set up 'European branch' in Slovakia

Bratislava - The pro-Kremlin Night Wolves bikers have set up a "European branch" just northeast of the Slovak capital Bratislava, triggering concern in the EU and NATO member.

Slovak farmers on tractors join anti-government protesters

Bratislava - Slovak farmers on tractors joined thousands of anti-government protesters in the capital Bratislava on Friday, in the latest of a string of demonstrations triggered by the murder of journalist Jan Kuciak who exposed alleged high-level corruption.

Slovak president calls on govt to address protesting farmer demands

Bratislava - Slovakia's president on Wednesday called on the government to address the demands of farmers who drove their tractors into the capital to protest against irregularities in EU farm subsidy payments first made public by murdered journalist Jan Kuciak.

Slovak minister slams political 'interference' in public media

Bratislava - Slovakia's culture minister on Friday criticised what she termed political "interference" in public media, a day after 12 journalists quit RTVS public radio and TV, accusing its management of bowing to political pressure.

Company tied to Slovak president pays up taxes amid allegations

Bratislava - A company owned by relatives of liberal Slovak President Andrej Kiska filed 15 corrected tax returns, his spokesman confirmed on Wednesday, amid allegations by rivals that the self-made millionaire used it to breach spending rules during his 2014 campa...

'Kidnapped' Vietnam oil exec withdraws life sentence appeal

Hanoi - A Vietnamese oil executive allegedly kidnapped from Germany withdrew his appeal against a life sentence for corruption Monday, as Slovakia distanced itself from reports its plane was used to brazenly abduct him.

Thousands of Slovaks rally for media freedom, snap elections

Bratislava - Tens of thousands of Slovaks took to the streets on Friday calling for snap elections and media freedom, the latest in a wave of anti-government protests since the February murder of a journalist probing high-level corruption.

EU parliament demands independent probe into Slovak reporter's murder

Strasbourg - The European Parliament called Thursday on Slovakia to ensure a full and independent investigation into the murder of an investigative reporter while demanding better protections for all journalists in the EU.

Slovak police chief quits amid row over journalist murder

Bratislava - Slovakia's controversial police chief announced his resignation Tuesday, as the murder of an investigative journalist -- which already toppled the government last month -- continues to make political waves in the small EU country.

Slovakia interior minister quits amid row over journalist's murder

Bratislava - Slovak new Interior Minister Tomas Drucker resigned Monday after resisting public demand to sack the chief of police following an investigative journalist's murder.

Slovaks rally demanding police chief ouster

Bratislava - Tens of thousands of Slovaks rallied on Sunday demanding the national police chief resign over concerns that political connections prevent a fair investigation into the murder of a journalist probing corruption.

Slovakia's police chief refuses to quit over journalist murder probe

Bratislava - Slovakia's police chief refused to quit on Friday, a day after tens of thousands of protesters demanded his ouster, as he questioned the president's motives for backing calls for his departure.

Protesters in Slovakia demand new police chief after journalist murder

Bratislava - Tens of thousands of Slovakians rallied across the country on Thursday, demanding a new police chief after protests over the murder of a journalist probing corruption forced the prime minister to step down.

Slovakia MPs okay cabinet despite calls for snap polls

Bratislava - Slovakia's parliament on Monday approved a new government appointed by Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini, whose predecessor quit in a scandal over an investigative journalist's murder that sparked mass protests.

Thousands of Slovak protesters call for snap elections

Bratislava - Thousands of protesters across Slovakia called for snap elections Friday, in a sign that a change of government ministers has not been enough to quell a public backlash triggered by the murder of a journalist probing corruption.

Slovak president appoints cabinet let by Pellegrini

Bratislava - Slovakia's president on Thursday appointed a new government led by Peter Pellegrini, whose predecessor had quit in a scandal over the murder of an investigative journalist.

Slovak president refuses new cabinet

Bratislava - Slovak President Andrej Kiska refused Tuesday to approve a proposed new government, insisting a more stable line-up was needed to ease tensions after the last prime minister quit in a scandal over the murder of a journalist.
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