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Running News

Hong Kong's biggest charity walk cancelled as protests continue

Fpo - One of Hong Kong's best-known charity events was cancelled Wednesday, organisers confirmed, as a result of increasingly violent pro-democracy demonstrations in the city.

Any amount of running leads to a longer life: Study

A new medical study finds that any amount of running is linked to significantly lower risk of early death. Even a small amount of running will improve population health and boost longevity.

Review: James Wesley stuns with 'Running' lyric video Special

Country singer-songwriter James Wesley delivers on his new lyric video for his song "Running," which was released on May 28.

Track and field icon Steve Prefontaine remembered 44 years later

May 30th marked the 44th anniversary of the tragic passing of track and field icon Steve "Pre" Prefontaine yet his legacy and spirit continue to live on.

India's 'Faith Runner' falters on the final straight

Mumbai - Tormented by blisters, illness and injuries, Indian ultra-marathoner Samir Singh got to within 36 kilometres of his goal of running 10,000km in 100 days when pain and exhaustion beat him.

Indigenous Mexicans best pros on extreme mountain run

Guachochi - In old indigenous Latin American cultures, women toil at farming and tackle family duties. Atop this remote Mexican mountain, they also slap on sandals and crush pro athletes on long-distance runs.

South Africa's record-breaking running 'Grande Dame'

Johanesburg - Deirdre Larkin breezes through Johannesburg's suburbs most mornings, her white hair buffeted by the wind as she runs her well-trodden eight-kilometre training course.

Great Scottish Run is 'too short'

Glasgow - One of the established fixture of the British running calendar, the Great Scottish Run, has been found to be 150 meters too short.

Does running make you smarter?

Does taking exercise like running make you smarter? New research suggests that physical exercise like long-distance running results in people having better connectivity in the brain compared with non-runners.

Leavenworth Oktoberfest Marathon takes running to new heights Special

Leavenworth - The annual Leavenworth Oktoberfest Marathon marked its 10th anniversary on Saturday. Thousands of runners turned out to participate in the full and half marathon events and were offered a challenge among a beautiful setting.

Stainless steel shoes literally and figuratively armor your feet

A new line of shoes called "Paleo(s) Ultra" is out from the German manufacturer Gost-Barefoot. These shoes are supposed to be "nearly indestructible" and made to be used in the toughest conditions.

Running mice get vision back

A new research study has shown that exposure to visual stimuli while running can restore vision to mice blind in one eye.

Do pet mice enjoy running on wheels?

Do pet mice enjoy running on wheels or is it simply a neurotic response to being held captive in a cage? A new science paper attempts to settle the argument.

Pole running to Rome for Polish pope sainthood

- A Polish marathoner is running the whole 2,000 kilometres to Rome in time for next month's canonisation of his countryman Pope John Paul II.On his way to celebrating the sainthood of the late Polish pontiff, Piotr Kurylo will also pray for world peace,...

Op-Ed: Runner cited in Central Park

New York - A Central Park incident is disturbing for runners, who often struggle with the rules of the road—do you run against traffic or with it? Can you cross against the light if you don’t affect traffic? Do you yield at stop signs regardless of right of way?

You have to walk-run before you can run

Running is one of the best, and probably one of the most cost-effective, forms of exercise, but many beginners give up on it before they have a chance to benefit from the physical and mental health rewards it bestows.

Sir Chris Chataway dies at the age of 82

London - British athlete and former world record holder Sir Chris Chataway has died at the age of 82. Chataway is one of Britain's most celebrated athletes and is well-known for helping Sir Roger Bannister to break the four-minute mile in 1954.

German Halloween 'chainsaw massacre murderer' caused panic

Seems some people take it a little too far with their Halloween costumes, as this guy dressed as the chainsaw massacre murderer, complete with his own, real chainsaw. You'd think people would learn to expect stuff like this, but no, the crowd went wild.

Science explains why Usain Bolt is the world's fastest man

Usain Bolt is the world's fastest man. But what makes him so fast? Scientists have said that they can explain Bolt's extraordinary speed through the use of a mathematical model.

Op-Ed: Racer beware, are popular weekend obstacle course mud races safe? Special

This past weekend I was off to photograph a friend at the MudMorial Race in Concord, NC. It sounded like a fun way to celebrate five years of fitness after her heart surgery, but how safe are these races?

Op-Ed: Boston Marathon explosions shock world

Boston - A tragic incident took place in the Boston Marathon when two explosions occurred at around 2:56 p.m. The explosion was caused by two bombs that were placed near the finish line on Boyleston Street.

Op-Ed: Walking actually provides better health benefits than running

We would think that running uses much more energy when compared to walking. So from a logical standpoint running should provide better health benefits. Well think again!

Op-Ed: Bloomberg's decision to cancel the NYC Marathon was the right one

New York - Mayor Bloomberg's decision to cancel the New York Marathon was the only proper way forward in the wake of Hurricane Sandy's wrath.

Op-Ed: Shocking display demonstrates runners' nasty side Special

Last Saturday, A Midsummer Night's Run was held in Toronto. It passed through Tommy Thompson Park, a unique urban wilderness and nature sanctuary. Runners provided a sad and shameful display of disrespect for the beautiful surroundings.

Olympics: Usain Bolt wins gold in men's 200-metre finals

London - Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt took home the gold in the 200-metre race in today's 2012 Olympics. Fellow Jamaicans Johan Blake and Warren Wier won silver and bronze, respectively.

Thirty-second workouts increase fat fighting hormone

Training for 10, 20, and 30 second bursts lowers cholesterol, blood pressure, and improves athletic performance. Just 30 seconds of sprinting increases growth hormone and lowers ghrelin and thus could help you lose weight.

Kilted Scots attempt to break world record

Perth - Scottish runners are attempting to break the world record for most people running in Kilts on the Queens Diamond Jubilee weekend.

Alabama girl, 9, dies after being forced to run for 3 hours

Birmingham - The stepmother and grandmother of the third grade student face felony murder charges after the girl was allegedly forced to run around her home for three hours as punishment for lying about eating a candy bar.

Running for a cause? Waterfront Marathon in Toronto Special

Toronto - The Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon took place this morning along the lake shore area of Toronto. The largest marathon in Toronto runners from around the world take part but who is the race benefiting?

Not Since Moses: Running on the ocean floor Special

Five Islands - The sea in Nova Scotia's Minas Basin sometimes drops from 15 metres to zero in six hours, and some people see that as an opportunity to run a marathon on the sea bed.
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Running Image

Marathon runners in Paris
Marathon runners in Paris
Josiah Mackenzie
Sri Chinmoy with popular runner Carl Lewis
Sri Chinmoy with popular runner Carl Lewis
Courtesy NewsInnovation
 This is an alligator in a tree in Mississippi. Turns out  tree-climbing in crocodiles and alligator...
"This is an alligator in a tree in Mississippi. Turns out, tree-climbing in crocodiles and alligators is common."
Kristine Gringas
Scenes from Toronto Waterfront Marathon.
Scenes from Toronto Waterfront Marathon.
First Lady Michelle Obama joins local students at the physical activity stations during the Let’s ...
First Lady Michelle Obama joins local students at the physical activity stations during the Let’s Move! series kick-off on the South Lawn of the White House
Chuck Kennedy / White House
Kevin-Prince Boateng  a striker for AC Milan
Kevin-Prince Boateng, a striker for AC Milan
File photo of runners in a park
File photo of runners in a park
A track circle
A track circle
Phil Roeder
The nearly-barefoot approach is supposed to protect you from cuts while giving your feet just enough...
The nearly-barefoot approach is supposed to protect you from cuts while giving your feet just enough stress to grow stronger from the exercise.
YouTube via Gost-Barefoot
File photo: A man encourages a friend during the running of the 2005 Boston Marathon.
File photo: A man encourages a friend during the running of the 2005 Boston Marathon.
Wikimedia / Pingswept CC BY-SA 2.0)
Men running in a marathon
Men running in a marathon

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