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Ten fascinating Valentine's Day facts

It is that time of year, beloved my makers of greetings cards and new romantics. To mark February 14, Digital Journal presents 10 things you may not have known about Valentine's Day.

Eventa survey says 80% of people have an office romance

For many of us model professionals, office romances are a divisive subject. On the one hand, it’s the perfect way to clear up that awkward sexual tension hovering over the workroom.

Review: ‘The Hundred-Foot Journey’ appetizingly fuses food and story Special

‘The Hundred-Foot Journey’ is the delectable story of a talented young chef who must choose between working at his family’s restaurant and exploring the possibilities the rest of the culinary world has to offer.

Review: Toronto's High Park is the perfect setting for 'As You Like It' Special

Toronto - Canadian Stage's annual Shakespeare in High Park has become a respected Toronto summer tradition, and this year, the Bard's pastoral comedy “As You Like It” is a fine match for the High Park Amphitheatre's outdoor setting and young audiences.

Op-Ed: Home kit to test romantic compatibility Special

With an estimated only three in 10 couples ending up happily married (according to one company at least), the burning question is how do you know your partner? A new tech company have an answer: a home testing kit.

'Love Me' explores the male search for love, online and overseas Special

Toronto - Internet dating is big business, particularly overseas, where Ukrainian and Russian women sign up in droves to meet American men.

The buzz about Savannah: charming and romantic Special

Savannah - February has been a good month for Savannah, Ga. The travel pages are buzzing about it being among the world’s best travel spots for those seeking a charming or romantic vacation destination. Visitors to Savannah couldn't agree more.

Russians hold outdoor kissathon in coldest city

Moscow - Loved-up couples in Russia's coldest city, Yakutsk, on Friday braved plunging temperatures to take part in an outdoor kissing contest, with the winners locking lips for almost 1 1/2 hours.Eighteen couples took part in the Saint Valentine's Day contest ...

Love and rebellion: Ukraine protester's barricade proposal

Kiev - Wearing a helmet, balaclava and bullet-proof jacket, a Ukrainian anti-government protester professed his love through a megaphone, got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend as his comrades lit smoke flares."Fighting changes people.

Review: Marville's Paris On View At The Met Special

New York - A new exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art showcasing the work of French photographer Charles Marville strips away the romance of Paris, but offers a challenging commentary on the nature of transformation.

Review: ‘Labor Day’ is a labour of love Special

In ‘Labor Day,’ a depressed single mother and her son offer a ride to injured man being sought by police, but as they learn more about him their options become limited.

Op-Ed: Valentine's Day is coming — Beware!

February 14 is St. Valentine's Day, a time for young lovers to display their affection for each other. Alas, it has a darker side.

Op-Ed: For new lovers sharing their first Christmas together

We had only been together for a month at this time last year. It was Christmastime 2012, and the first time in my life that I had a girlfriend to buy a present for on the occasion; it felt special.

Review: You will fall in love with ‘Her’ Special

In ‘Her,’ a lonely writer forms an improbable relationship with a new operating system that’s equipped with the intellect to fulfill his every need.

Matching apparel takes the place of wedding rings in China

You can usually recognize identical twins by their exacting features, and often, they are dressed identically — at least when they are young. And occasionally you will see non-identical twins showing their connection through their matching outfits.

Expert says 75% of single men dating online are looking for love

Relationship expert Marni Kinrys says 75 percent of single men using online dating sites are looking for quality relationships. She alleges that single women on dating sites are really only looking for hookups, in bids to safeguard their future careers.

Can taking the 'pill' cause a woman to pick the wrong partner? Special

Irvine - Karen Wu, a doctoral candidate at University of California, Irvine, is in the midst of a study that involves oral contraceptives, pheromones, and speed dating. And of course, young men and women.

Twine dating app where personalities shine & looks are secondary

Twine is a novel dating app that matches members based on personality and doesn't reveal photos of potential matches. Members are given up to three potential love interests each day based on location details and interests or hobbies listed on Facebook.

Do genes help us select our romantic partner? Special

Irvine - Novel research is being conducted whether genetic-compatibility, through different genes, plays a role in the way people select romantic partners.

TV romance may affect real-life marriage

A new study that was published in the Journal Mass Communication and Society found that television may play a role in how people feel about marriage and their spouses.

Mr. SA and Miss SA a couple, first date disaster

Mister and Miss South Africa 2011 have become one of the world's most beautiful, sexiest couples, and are so head over heels for each other that Miss South Africa's otherwise great cooking skills failed on the first date!

Op-Ed: The great promise of romantic love

New York - Our world has many cultures. And history has seen many more come and go. From among all the elements that define, reflect, and drive culture, the way we go about love and marriage may be the crown jewel of them all.

Romance behind the wheel leads to car crashing through home

Daytona Beach - A Florida couple who could not wait until they got home before becoming "romantic" wound up crashing their car into a Daytona Beach home.

Op-Ed: Forty-one Valentine days and counting

Hull - Does Valentine's day mean anything to you? Is it a day to show that special person in your life that you care or nothing more than a commercial exercise?

Photo Essay: Romance and writers await visitors to Savannah Special

Savannah - Southern Living magazine lists the City of Savannah as one of "7 Sinfully Romantic Southern Escapes," and the Savannah Book Festival kicks-off on Valentine's Day.

Canadian-born actress Rachel McAdams chats about making 'The Vow' Special

Sporting a sexy blonde hairdo, the naturally brown-haired, gorgeous actress, Rachel McAdams, is wearing black shorts and a filmy beige Valentino shirt as she lounges in a swank Beverly Hills hotel suite to chat about her latest film romance, 'The Vow.'

Review: Jane Austen's Guide to Life

If Jane Austen, who authored some of classic literature's most famous love stories, (i.e. Pride and Prejudice) were alive today, what would she make of our quest for romance today? Lori Smith, an Austen scholar and adorer gives readers a new insight.

Why movie star Channing Tatum took 'The Vow' Special

Alabama-born Tatum, Hollywood's hottest, hunky leading man discusses the making of the big screen romantic, tearjerker 'The Vow' (based on a true story) and his costar, Canadian beauty Rachel McAdams.

Op-Ed: Heartily enjoying the silence on Valentine's

For me, Valentine's Day is a merely cold day in February. I don't hold the vitriol some do towards it, spitting about its being "a Hallmark holiday," nor do I heave sighs and get depressed. For what?

Romantic love: a drive stronger and longer than sex drive

An online chat about "The Science of Love," with a leading expert parallels years of research on sex, love, marriage, and gender differences in the brain by Professor Helen Fisher who claims falling in love is like, “Someone is camping in your head
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