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FacePalm Friday: Santa Claus robs store on Christmas Eve

Stettler - Police in Alberta, Canada, are looking for a man who dressed up as Santa Claus and robbed a jewelry store on Christmas Eve.

Man leaves prison after 15 years, and robs same New Jersey store

Police say that after a man served 15 years in prison for robbing a store, he went right back to the same place and robbed it again.

Man robs bank the same day he is released from jail

Christopher Franklin Weaver, 33, has found himself back in prison after he allegedly robbed a bank, just 55 minutes after being released from jail.

Man wears clown trousers and fake breasts to rob bank

Adding another to a string of bizarre bank robberies, a man in the Pittsburgh area held up a bank while wearing a blonde wig, fake breasts under a sweater and clown trousers.

Empire strikes bank: Darth Vader's heist in New York

Long Island City - A man who recently dressed as Darth Vader is probably hoping the force will not be with him any time soon, although the (police) force is currently looking for him. A man wearing the Star Wars costume held up a bank in New York on July 22.

Elderly man with oxygen tank robs bank

Saturday, a 70-80 year old male walked into a bank in San Diego and robbed the place. He was seen with an oxygen tank and a tube running to his nose.

Indian Elephant Creates its Own Toll Road, Robbing Motorists of Food

An Asian elephant in India stops cars and demands food. If food is not given, it won't let cars pass. Forestry officials said this behavior is not seen in other elephants, which might be old and looking for easy food.

Hand Over Thy Cash, Or I Shall Set Fire To Thee

Man robs bank wielding home made torch out of a tee shirt and a long yard pole.

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