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Rivers News

Omnipresence of microplastics in European rivers revealed

The Tara Ocean Foundation project has revealed the extent of plastic pollution in the rivers of Europe, based on the environmental project's latest analysis. The plastics are adversely impacting marine biodiversity.

World's rivers loaded with antibiotics waste: study

Paris - Rivers worldwide are polluted with antibiotics that exceed environmental safety thresholds by up to 300 times, according to research unveiled at a conference Monday.

India boat capsize leaves 12 dead, 10 missing

New Delhi - Emergency workers recovered 12 bodies from a river and were searching for another 10 missing people on Wednesday after a ferry capsized in southern India, officials said.

Interview: Raising awareness about global toxic algae bloom Special

A new docuseries that raises awareness of the global toxic algae bloom issue, which is caused by excess phosphorus in water, has been developed. To learn more Digital Journal spoke with the team behind the series.

Seine tops its banks as heavy rain batters France

Paris - The Seine burst its banks in some places in central Paris on Monday and officials in eastern France prepared emergency measures for the Rhine following torrential rain that has led to widespread flood warnings.

Releasing goldfish into waterways poses environmental risk

Many people keep pet goldfish, either in tanks or ponds. One problem is that goldfish can become quite large and this leads to many being released into waterways. This practice has an ecological impact.

Assessing the ‘health’ of rivers using DNA analysis

How healthy is a river? One answer is to assess the biodiversity of the waterway. This involves assessing the biodiversity. Current methods involve multiple testing, assessing microscopic marine life. A new method has been proposed based on DNA.

Croatian rivers face hydroelectric peril

Karlovac - Swans glide peacefully over green river waters in the central Croatian area of Karlovac, a tranquil spot popular with fishermen and swimmers that environmentalists fear could be devastated by hydropower projects.

New Zealand river recognised as 'legal person'

Wellington - A New Zealand river revered by Maori has been recognised by parliament as a "legal person", in a move believed to be a world first.

Elite team of sniffer dogs smack down zebra mussel invasion

No zebra mussels have invaded B.C. waters yet, and an Alberta-based team that uses mussel-sniffing dogs intends to keep it that way. Discovered in the U.S. 20 years ago, it's believed the tiny critters hitchhiked in the ballast tanks of European ships.

River turbines turn Austria's Danube from blue to green

Vienna - The Wachau, a picture-postcard river valley in Austria, makes a lot of wine. Soon it could be producing its own electricity too, and in a way that will not spoil the stunning views.

Beware the curled electric eel

It's been observed for centuries that electric eels can deliver a bolt of electricity. Yet, biologists have now found out that when electric eels curl up they can deliver a double strength shock.

Tackling liver fluke disease in northern Thailand

The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) has proposed measures to tackle liver fluke disease in northern Thailand. This is a mixture of treatment, ecosystem monitoring, and community mobilization.

Neonic pesticide risk to U.S. waterways

Neonicotinoids have been found in more than half of streams sampled across the U.S. The findings come from a team of U.S. government researchers.

Why is so much carbon dioxide produced from streams?

Stockholm - Running water is a contributor to carbon dioxide. However, precisely why rivers and streams send so much of the gas into the atmosphere has confused scientists. A new study sheds some light.

Researchers: Lakes, rivers flooded with artificial sweeteners

Brantford - Artificial sweeteners are found in many foods and beverages worldwide, but did you know that the fish are drinking them as well? In a 2012 study, Canadian researchers discovered artificial sweeteners could be found in lakes, rivers and oceans worldwide.

Nigeria's ruling party regains control of key oil state: Election results

Port Harcourt - Nigeria's ruling party on Monday won back control of the key oil-producing state of Rivers, official results showed on Monday, after rigging claims by the main opposition.

River bacteria contributing to mercury pollution

A community of algae, bacteria and other natural matter living on submerged surfaces transform mercury pollution into a more toxic form of the metal. This worrying development has been found from a study in New Hampshire.

Common weed could tackle water pollution

A common weed called Typha domingensis may have an application in reducing bacterial contamination of water. This plant could significantly off-set contamination from sewage associated bacteria.

Joan Rivers, 81, passed away peacefully surrounded by family

New York - Joan Rivers, the caustic stand-up comic and television host who blazed a trail at a time when comedy was all but off-limits to women, died in New York. She was 81.

Joan Rivers, queen of U.S. 'comediennes,' dies aged 81

New York - Joan Rivers, the caustic stand-up comic and television host who blazed a trail at a time when comedy was all but off-limits to women, died in hospital in New York on Thursday. She was 81.

Baby steelhead released early as California river water heats up

Rancho Cordova - State wildlife officials released hundreds of thousands of baby steelhead trout from a Northern California fish hatchery on Wednesday — months too early — to try to save their lives in the face of a severe drought.

New species of river dolphin discovered

This week scientists revealed the results of a DNA sequencing study. The study showed that a new river dolphin species resides in the rivers of South America.

Environmental impact of fertilizers

Nitrogen from fertilizers may persist in soil for 80 years, according to a new report. This means that fertilizer applied today could still be around in 2093.

Stunning map charts every river in U.S.

The U.S. is often thought of as a nation connected by roads—since the 1960s the Interstate Highway has defined American culture and led to untold economic prosperity. But a new map of the nation’s rivers tells a very different story.

Op-Ed: Science research indicates increase in pharmaceutical pollution

A research review suggests that pharmaceuticals commonly found in the environment are affecting the water quality of rivers and streams, which is also impacting upon aquatic life and water quality.

Conservation project for water voles begins

Conservationists in the UK are building a series of miniature ramps to allow water voles, that are currently restricted to a pond, to get into the Grand Union Canal in London.

Missouri pharma company fined $2.5 million for polluting river

The pharma company Teva has been fined by U.S. authorities for pumping a fluorescent green discharge into a river at its plant in northeast Missouri.

Photos: ESA scientists discover ancient riverbed on Mars

European Space Agency (ESA) planetary geologists say they have discovered evidence of an ancient river bed on Mars supporting the theory that water once flowed on the Martian surface.

Triclosan is harmful to the ecology of rivers

Researchers have shown that the chemical triclosan is particularly harmful to the ecological status of rivers and its use not sufficiently controlled. Triclosan is a common chemical added to hand sanitizers used in the home and in hospitals.
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Roads are like rivers in the region near to St. Nicholas Church in Stevenage
Roads are like rivers in the region near to St. Nicholas Church in Stevenage
On Saturday  October 26  2019  The Ocean Cleanup unveiled the invention to prevent the unrelenting f...
On Saturday, October 26, 2019, The Ocean Cleanup unveiled the invention to prevent the unrelenting flow of plastic pollution into the world’s oceans.
The Ocean Cleanup
FISHING: A fisherman tries to catch steelhead trout at at Steelhead Beach Regional Park in Forestvil...
FISHING: A fisherman tries to catch steelhead trout at at Steelhead Beach Regional Park in Forestville, Calif., in 2007.
Stepheng3/Wikimedia Commons
Blowing Alkali Dust at Owens Lake  California. The lake once had water levels that fluctuated betwee...
Blowing Alkali Dust at Owens Lake, California. The lake once had water levels that fluctuated between 23 to 50 feet in depth.
Richard Ellis
Calif. Department of Water Resources

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