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No Chablis? Burgundy winemakers up in arms over proposed shake-up

Dijon - Few French wine regions are as protective of their heritage and reputation as Burgundy, so officials should have expected the storm of protests over a plan to expel the acclaimed dry whites of Chablis from the domain.

Regulator hits PG&E with sanctions over power shutoffs

Sacramento - California's top utility regulator blasted Pacific Gas and Electric on Monday for what she called "failures in execution" during the largest planned power outage in state history to avoid wildfires.

Is it time to start regulating the technology giants?

Given the various data privacy issues and other matters like tipping the balance during elections, the big technology companies are increasingly coming under the spotlight. Is it now time for regulation?

FDA extends comment period on products containing cannabis

The FDA has extended the public comment period related to cannabidiol by two weeks, from July 2 to July 16, the agency’s principal deputy commissioner Dr. Amy Abernethy announced yesterday.

CBD rules process in U.S. could take three years or longer

The outgoing head of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suggested on Tuesday that it would take several years for the agency to come up with rules around allowing hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) in food products—unless Congress steps in.

Health Canada announces federal cannabis regulations

Ottawa - Health Canada released regulations on Wednesday afternoon that support the Cannabis Act, which will come into effect on October 17.

Op-Ed: UK's Brexit vote will undermine environmental regulations

Reverberations from the Brexit vote continue to be felt in just about every aspect of life in the UK, EU and for that matter, around the world. But the environment was low on the list of priorities for voters in their decision to leave the EU.

Polar bear patrols reduce bear deaths in Canada, WWF says

As sea ice in the Arctic continues to thin and decrease, polar bears are spending longer periods prowling coastlines. Separated from seals, their primary source of food, the bears scavenge for meals and are attracted by cooking odors and human waste.

China deletes over 60,000 online accounts ahead of new regulation

Some of China's largest online companies have been forced to delete over 60,000 accounts registered on their services ahead of the upcoming date for the introduction of new censorship and regulation of names used online.

Op-Ed: The failure and success of legal cannabis in Colorado

Denver - Colorado is home to the great marijuana experiment. A completely legal cannabis industry that is trying to prove to the world that a legal cannabis market makes sense. While some have praised the decision, others have expressed doubt.

Global financial regulator issues rules to curb 'too big to fail'

A global banking regulator has issued a series of proposals meant to protect taxpayers from ever again having to finance a bailout of large banks considered "too big to fail."

Q &A with Evan Feinberg on FCC regulations and the Internet Special

Once you're online, you don't have to ask permission or pay tolls to broadband providers to reach others on the network. And if you have an innovative new website imagine having to get permission to do so.

Things just got dicey for noisy domino players in Seville, Spain

Seville - It seems players of dominoes and dice games on café and bar terraces in the southern Spanish city of Seville have been making just too much noise. Now authorities are cracking down, banning the games from outdoor areas.

Op-Ed: The new EU truck regulations: Will they make a difference?

On April 15 the majority of people at an EU conference voted in favour of introducing new measures to make Europe's trucks safer and more fuel efficient. Will the proposed measures actually make trucks any safer or less thirsty however?

EU's plans for growth to bring shadow banking in from the cold

European Commission proposals due to be published on Thursday on how to fund long-term investments to boost Europe's economies brings the start of a rehabilitation for the image of "shadow banking", the larg...

Appeals court upholds Fed's debit card 'swipe fee' limits

A U.S. appeals court upheld the Federal Reserve's controversial rules for debit card "swipe fees" on Friday, disappointing merchants who had argued the charges were too high.

Canada regulators propose rules for crowdfunding of startups

The power of the crowd may soon be harnessed to help fund business startups in Canada, with several provincial securities regulators publishing proposed rules on Thursday that would allow large numbers...

Before going to the Army recruiter, check your tattoos

If you plan to join the Army, think twice about where you get that next tattoo. And if you are already a soldier, soon you will be prevented from get tattooed below the knees or elbows.

Op-Ed: Can 'Big Pharma' move towards greater transparency?

In a move described as 'transparent', the major drugs companies have agreed to share data from clinical trials with researchers, patients, and the public.

More paperwork, regulations in 2014 for U.S. healthcare industry

Escondido - It’s a pretty common scenario for a doctor, secretary or a healthcare administrative professional: stacks of paperwork, endless forms to fill out and perhaps even antiquated health technology systems. Are there any remedies?

EU women’s equality regulations consulted with the Church

Warsaw - Minister for women’s equality sent the project of the EU bill for women’s equality to consult with the Polish Catholic Church officials before being introduced in Poland, reports. The request letter was sent to the Polish Episcopate in May.

US gov't changes laws for transgender passport applicants Special

Washington - The State Department announced new guidelines for issuing passports to transgender applicants. If you bring a note from your doctor that you have undergone appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition you'll be able to get a passport to match.

Canada's looser offshore oil drilling rules a cause for concern

Ottawa - Canada used to have fairly strict regulations for offshore oil extraction endeavours, but if you ask the oil industry, the Canadian government hasn't gone far enough on relaxing the rules.

New IP law to come into effect in South Africa in June or July Special

Durban - A new Act regulating intellectual property from public funded research, with the objective of ensuring the research is protected and commercialised for the benefit of the people of South Africa, is expected to come into effect in June or July this year.

Medical marijuana permit holders may get more rules in Canada

If you are a medical marijuana permit holder in Ontario here's your heads up, you may not be allowed to toke away wherever you desire.

Obama to Reverse Over 200 Bush Actions and Executive Orders

Washington Post writers Ceci Connolly and R. Jeffrey Smith report that Obama advisers have compiled a list of at least 200 Bush actions and executive orders that will be quickly reversed. The many issues range from climate change to reproductive rights.

British Government Set To Crack Down On Psychic Community

By the end of May, if British legislators have their way, a series of new EU-inspired consumer protection regulations will be in place to safeguard against fraudulent activity in a widening range of commercial activity.

Net phone service rules announced

Net phone service providers must be upfront about the limitations of their services, regulator Ofcom has said.
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The brewing of German beers is strictly regulated by rules that date back 300 years.
The brewing of German beers is strictly regulated by rules that date back 300 years.
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