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Fitch keeps China's 'A+' rating but warns over debt

Bejing - Fitch Ratings warned Friday that China's growing debt could trigger "economic and financial shocks", but said it will maintain the country's A-plus rating with a stable outlook despite its concerns.

Netflix introduces new rating system, thumbs ups and thumbs downs

Netflix plans on implementing a new way of rating content. In the coming weeks, Netflix is replacing its five-star rating system with thumbs ups and thumbs downs.

Violent video games have no effect on antisocial behavior

Another study on video games and violence has been undertaken, this time looking at whether games with more violent content influence the ability of the gamer to be empathetic towards other individuals. The answer is: no impact.

S&P upgrades Ukraine from 'selective default'

Kiev - Standard and Poor's upgraded Ukraine's credit rating on Monday from "selective default" thanks to the cash-strapped former Soviet country's ability to strike a major debt write-restructuring deal.

Amazon's reviews system is now intelligent and able to learn

Amazon has launched a refreshed reviews and ratings system which will make the overall customer consensus on a product clearer. The intelligent system will be able to give ratings priority depending on certain factors, creating a better average.

Image shows woman paid to manipulate App Store rankings

An image posted to Chinese social media site Weibo allegedly shows a "ranking farm" of racks of iPhones that are used to manipulate ratings and reviews of apps in the App Store.

Op-Ed: The reality behind 'Eaten Alive' - We are being eaten alive

Reality TV was taken to the absurd on Sunday. Millions of viewers bombarded Twitter and other social media accounts with their displeasure at not seeing someone being eaten alive by an anaconda. The ridiculousness of the show tells us something important.

WordPress SEO plugin hijacked, search ratings could be affected

A popular WordPress plugin, All in One SEO Pack, downloaded around 19 million times has received emergency patches to dangerous vulnerabilities that could have allowed hackers to inject malicious code into pages and lower the search ratings for the site.

U.S. consumer agency to focus on workplace diversity, fairness

The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said on Friday it is increasing efforts within the agency to create a more diverse and fair work environment following concerns about discrimination.

Seth Meyers' 'Late Night' debut draws biggest audience since 2005

Comedian Seth Meyers' debut as the host of NBC's "Late Night" talk show on Monday pulled in about 3.4 million viewers, the show's highest numbers overall as well as in the 18-49 age group coveted by advertisers since 2005, the tele...

Jimmy Fallon's 'Tonight Show' debut draws 11.3 million viewers

Jimmy Fallon's debut as the host of NBC's "Tonight Show" drew 11.3 million viewers, network NBC said on Tuesday, making it the second most-watched episode of the late-night talk show in the past five years.

Op-Ed: House of Cards Review

Having watched all thirteen episodes of Netflix's 'House of Cards' in one weekend, I was thoroughly impressed with this near-perfect political drama.

Ratings: Super Bowl settles in at No. 3 behind last two games

With the third-highest TV broadcast in history, many more eyes than the average TV show were focused on the Super Bowl Feb. 3.

Bieber and the rest are no help with 'Teen Choice Awards' ratings

As Hollywood took the needed high road and shut down the box office numbers over the weekend, it seems as if the low road was paved on Sunday night as "The Teen Choice Awards" were handed out.

Video Games Ratings Changed

The UK is set to simplify its video game ratings and bring in the parental warnings in line with rest of Europe. The move means that retailers will need to adopt new age ratings and face legal penalties if they fail to adhere to the new rules.

Yelp review site grades prisons

The website Yelp allows users to give their opinion on local businesses and one of the more popular businesses to get grades are prisons. In New York Riker's Island is the top of the list with 4.5 stars.

Media Matters plans 'guerrilla warfare' against Fox News

The Liberal organization, Media Matters, has announced its intention to go to war with Fox News and the Rupert Murdoch-piloted parent company News Corporation.

MTV's 'Jersey Shore' attracts record 6.7 million viewers

MTV's popular reality TV series, Jersey Shore, is enjoying record television viewers, with the most recent ratings data demonstrating the soaring popularity of the show.

Ratings drop as NBC messes up

The network has ended up losing profits and ratings because of the miscalculations the network has made. NBC messed up when they tried to experiment with their once-popular late line up.

Meryl Streep Smokes Pot In New Movie Earning a R Rating

The latest movie by Meryl Streep, It's Complicated, earned it's R rating not for sexual content, language, violence or any of the common reasons that the MPAA uses. Pot smoking without consequences got the rating upped to an adult level.

Op-Ed: Obama Gives Himself High Marks

Oprah Winfrey sat down with the President and Mrs. Obama to tour the White House all decorated for Christmas. She also decided to see where the President graded his progress.

Gibbs doesn't pay attention to the "meaninglessness" of Gallup

Responding to Gallup's 47 percent approval rating for President Obama - the lowest of any president at this point in his term - White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs sought to discredit the long-standing polling group's methodologies.

CNN drops to last place in primetime cable news viewership

October figures from Nielsen Media Research reflect a new low for CNN in prime time cable news television viewing. The news network now lags behind its sister channel, HLN.

CNN Falls in Ratings, Viewers Choose Ideological News

For the first time, CNN will drop to third place in prime time against rivals Fox News and MSNBC in March. Change reflects viewer interest in opinionated news - the real O'Reilly factor.

Op-Ed: Golden Globes Top Winners Bottom Out in Ratings

Sunday’s telecast of this year’s Golden Globes awards on NBC garnered its second lowest ratings in 13 years. The three-hour congratulate-them-fest was watch by 14.6 million people beating out last year’s viewer crash to a low of six million.

Sarah Palin Ratings Soar on Saturday Night Live

Never mind that the once most popular governor in the United States is seeing her approval ratings for the V.P. spot take a tumble, Sarah Palin proved that she still can captivate America by her appearance on SNL. Watch her performance here.

American Idol Returns to Fox for Another Season

American Idol has returned to Fox for the seventh season and continues as the nation's most popular television series. However, they experienced 4 million fewer viewers with this premier as the 2007 premier.

'Desperate Housewives' Drops in the Ratings

Last Sunday, "Desperate Housewives" recieved the lowest ratings ever in its three-year history.

Now you can rate your doctor online

There's a new site online that's causing some discomfort for doctors in the US and Canada.

ABC's Lost Ratings

ABC's SF drama Lost returned from a two-month hiatus to a new 10 p.m. Wednesday timeslot on Feb. 7 and won the hour among adults, drawing 14.7 million viewers and a 6.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic

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