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Summer’s coming, and Portland is ready with its concerts

Portland - Portland, also known as the "City of Roses," is well-known for its climate, scenery and mood. Plus, with summer approaching, the city is also known as a great place to catch a concert, whether that be in a theater, ballroom or in the open air.

Restaurant totally owns sexist reviewer in the best way ever

Portland - The owner of a popular Portland restaurant offered a side of smackdown to a sexist reviewer who had dropped his pearls of witless-dom on Yelp by making a cheap joke about abortion.

Man assaults customers with light saber in Toys 'R' Us

Portland - A man was arrested on Wednesday night at a Portland, Ore. toy store after allegedly swinging at and assaulting other customers.

Columnist: Jesus would love Portland

Some people might think it a joke to consider calling Portland Jesus' favorite city, but some think it is, with a wink, and at the same time with some confidence. A newspaper columnist considers Portland a place where love your neighbor is made visible.

Portlanders Pants-less in 'Boxer Rebellion' Special

People went pants-less in Portland on Sunday. At 3 p.m. on the city's light-rail trains, doors slammed shut as folks arrived on schedule getting on trains to join others in a fun-filled, cheerful prank to let their bloomers and boxers freely fly.

Portland Saves 10,000 Animals' Lives

Portland, Oregon has a reputation in some quarters for responsibility. That's been born about by the fact Its pet authorities took responsibility for helping pets find homes and in essence saved 10,000 lives.

Wal-Mart Asking for Truce in War with Portland

Portland, Oregon values its small businesses and its own brand of individualism. It isn't a Wal-Mart town, like other cities and small towns across the country. Wal-Mart and Portland have been at war, and now the big chain has asked for a truce.

E.coli Found in Portland Water

Citizens of Portland, Oregon West of the Willamette River have been advised by the Water Bureau to boil any water for cooking or drinking for a least one minute. That's because E.coli has been found in the water.

Average Oregon Joe Outlines Top Portland Issue Special

Portland, Oregon is labeled a progressive city. But it has its problems in this recession. An average guy named Mike Rushman gives insight into the worries of the working man as Joe the Plumber did in 2008.

Portland, Oregon Celebrates Movie-Like, 50th High School Reunion Special

Fall news of most cities in the United States includes stories about going back to school. Newspapers also write about reunions, virtually institutionalized in America, with none more anticipated than those who are around for their 50th.

Obama Campaign Places Porta-Potties on Portland Police Memorial

Campaign workers for the Barack Obama campaign have outraged members of the Portland, Oregon Police Department for deciding to place Porta-Potties for the record crowd on the Portland Police Memorial.

Trees Have Right Too

In a presentation before Portland’s Urban Forest Commission, Portland, Oregon City Council Member, Dan Saltzman, lamenting on private property owners cutting trees on their property, stated, “Trees have rights too.”

Dorothy English, 'poster girl' of Oregon's property rights movement, dies at 95

Hailed as “the peppery poster girl,” Dorothy English fought a long battle with Oregon’s Multnomah County over dividing 20 acres she and her husband bought in 1953 to be split among family members, passed away today before she could fulfill her dream

Op Ed: Anti-War Protesters Parade Rained On

Protesters in Portland, Oregon, their numbers nearly halved after last years embarrassing conduct by some who burned a soldier in effigy and defecated on the American flag, held another march Saturday in spite of the rainy Pacific Northwest weather.

Fur Flying In Portland Again

A domestic terrorist group, patterned after the Animal Liberation Front, successfully closed down a long established furrier in Portland in 2006. Emboldened by the success of their tactics, they are now targeting another tax-paying business in Portland.

Op-Ed: Seriously PO’d Grannies

Much to the elation of citizens of left-leaning Portland, Oregon, a jury of six acquitted five silver-haired activists; four women and a man aged 56 to 76 of misdemeanor criminal mischief charges, Thursday, December 13.

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The Fremont Bridge across the Willamette River in Portland in the U.S. state of Oregon.
The Fremont Bridge across the Willamette River in Portland in the U.S. state of Oregon.
Bob Heims, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
The dragon float and other multicultural marchers reflect the cosmopolitan nature of Portland.
The dragon float and other multicultural marchers reflect the cosmopolitan nature of Portland.

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