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Review: Justin Utley tugs at the heartstrings with 'Underneath My Skin' Special

Singer-songwriter Justin released a heartfelt music video for his emotional single "Underneath My Skin." Digital Journal has the scoop.

Jason Walker talks overcoming challenges, social media and future Special

Out singer-songwriter Jason Walker chatted with Digital Journal about his plans for 2020 and he shared his views on social media.

Review: Stewart Taylor releases liberating 'Mess Your Hair Up' video Special

On August 28, out singer-songwriter Stewart Taylor released his colorful music video for his vivacious single "Mess Your Hair Up."

Interview: Kenyth Mogan talks new 'Real Me' single and Tiffany Special

Out singer Kenyth Mogan chatted with Digital Journal about his new single and music video for "Real Me." He also opened up about his daily motivations.

Habit forming: Leafs tame Sabres in fourth consecutive shootout Special

Toronto - Contrary to the Buffalo Sabres, who had won three of their last four games, The Toronto Maple Leafs headed into the Christmas holidays in a bit of a slump.

Man is arrested for jumping out of a moving airplane

Toronto - Early Monday Toronto's police got an unusual call. A man decided to jump out of a moving airplane leaving Toronto's Pearson International Airport.

Serena Williams pulls out of U.S. Open

The number one ranking female tennis player in the world will not be participating in this year's U.S. Open, a shocking first for the annual tennis tournament.

Georgia man dies playing Russian Roulette

Dublin - In Russian Roulette a bullet is placed in a chamber of the gun, the cylinder is spun, and one player aims the revolver at their head and pulls the trigger. Play continues until one player blows their brains out and ends the contest.

Op-Ed: Man dies after friends insert eel into his rectum

The China Sun is reporting the death of a Sichuan chef after his friends apparently slipped a large eel into his rectum, killing him in a prank gone horribly wrong. He died from massive internal bleeding and a police investigation is underway.

3D Realms goes out of business

The games development company 3D Realms has been forced to go out of business. The company has given a shortfall of money as the reason.

Paris Hilton is free from jail

After 23 days in the county jail, Paris Hilton is back on the street. Hilton looked very happy. She was driven from the jail by her parents in their sport utility vehicle to their home.

"Gas Out" for May 15th

An e-mail was sent out to millions of people asking not to buy gasoline on May 15, 2007. So, who is gonna participate?

Prince Harry Speaks Of His Desire To Fight On The Front Line

In this piece of new footage, Prince Harry recalls from an earlier interview his thoughts on fighting in Iraq

Tories Want to Squash Arts

Canadian author Margaret Atwood lambasts Tories over arts policies, as news surfaces that the Tories want to squash the arts. For an industry that touches the lives of 7.5 million Canadians, this is surprising.

Windows XP to be phased out by year's end despite customer demand

Computer makers have been told they'll no longer be able to get Windows XP OEM by the end of this year, despite consumer resistance to Vista and its compatibility problems.

Shadow Foreign Secretary Condemns The Marines Selling Their Stories

Former Conservative Party leader, William Hague speaks out on the sale of the Marines story to the press about the capture

China Wants Starbucks Out

China's official news agency reports the proposal to remove the coffee shop calls it "a challenge" to China's traditional culture.

Taxi driver is shot in city shooting

Taxi driver shot to death in a city shooting in the UK.

Top US Army doctor out in scandal

The US army's top doctor, Lt Gen Kevin Kiley, has stepped down in the wake of a scandal at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, the flagship US Army hospital

Robbie Williams Out Of Rehab

Sources have confirmed today that ex Take That star, Robbie Williams is out of rehab after only three completed weeks of treatment.

Toronto Balcony Rapist out of jail

He served 20 years and experts say he is still violent but they have to release him.

"The Host", the next Godzilla?

Add one monster, some horror, a bit of comedy, and a whole bunch of asians running around screaming and you have the next possible Godzilla-type movie.

Former Orlando Magic Player First in NBA to Announce He's Gay

Former Magic player is first in NBA history to announce he is homosexual.

Women thrown out of bar for kissing

"Grumpy" bar ejects women for kissing

Lights out at Eiffel Tower

Part of "Five Minutes of Respite for the Planet" campaign.

France moves to stub out smoking

France now has a no smoking ban coming into place on Thursday.

Serial rape trial out until Feb. 2 for high school boy accused of raping 11 girls

11 high school girls at Bear Creek Secondary School have come forward to say that one guy sexually assaulted and raped them. The trail has been delayed until Feb. 2nd.

Google Groups out of beta, updates interface

Fresh out of the warm womb of beta, Google Groups has joined the elite ranks of post-beta Google apps.

Man proposes, then allegedly KOs fiance

Just hours after a man proposed to his girlfriend at a New Years party, he allegedly knocked her out with a steering wheel lock.

'Zionist regime will soon be wiped out'

The president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, tells a conference questioning the validity of the Holocaust that the "Zionist regime will soon be wiped out".
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Justin Utley
Justin Utley
Justin Utley
Out singer-songwriter Jason Walker
Out singer-songwriter Jason Walker
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The earliest humans came from Africa.
The earliest humans came from Africa.
Out singer-songwriter Jason Walker
Out singer-songwriter Jason Walker
Karl Giant
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Out singer Stewart Taylor
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