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Organic News

Volunteer-run grocery revives rural French village

Sauxillanges - Like so many villages tucked in the folds of the French countryside, the centre of Sauxillanges faced a near-certain death.

New organic battery can operate for decades

Scientists have experimented with a new organic molecule that has an ability to ‘renew’ and this can be the basis of a new type of organic flow battery which has the potential to last for several decades.

Monks and nuns make big business in France

Chantelle - After prayers at the Chantelle Abbey in Allier, central France, a marketing meeting between the abbey's nuns and their employees discusses the latest orders for its on-site soap and cosmetics products, the delivery destination: Germany.

Autumn City talks songwriting, future music and more Special

Autumn City, the little band with big sound is quickly making a name for itself in the New Jersey indie rock scene. Three women with immense talent raging their way through dive bars, clubs and venues to showcase the hidden talents of indie artists.

Green Thumbs Up: The difference between natural and organic

Labels on food products, like GMO, natural, and organic, can be confusing, especially when there may not be a definite set of criteria manufacturers have to follow. While the FDA and USDA do have regulations governing some labeling, it isn't that simple.

Making sure organic food is legitimate

European regulators are proposing a series of new measures to check that food being marketed as "organic" actually meets the criteria for organic food.

From building sites to pumpkin patches in Spain's crisis

Madrid - Five years ago, during Spain's housing boom, Felix Jumbo worked as a builder. Now he digs pumpkins and cabbages in a district where construction cranes once swung.Like millions in Spain, the 51-year-old Ecuadorian lost his job.

Natural plant material combats tooth decay

Can adding a chemical extract from plants help with the battle against tooth decay? A new study suggests that oral health products could be enhanced with a little dose of nature.

Philae finds organic matter on comet

Philae, the sophisticated comet lander, only maintained active life for a few days. However, it has confirmed what many had suspected: organic molecules are present on the surface of the comet.

Jillian Michaels is a 'natural' on her new tour

"I have a secret," Jillian Michaels, a well-respected health and fitness expert of "The Biggest Loser" fame, said last week during a stop on her nationwide tour at Rialto Square Theatre in Joliet, Illinois.

Wal-Mart launches price-slashing organic foods

New York - Wal-Mart announced Thursday a deal with organic foods pioneer Wild Oats to sell discounted organic products in its US stores, a move expected to shake up the booming sector.

Op-Ed: Should you feed your kids organic food?

Should concerned parents feed their kids organic food or does it make little difference? Or does it even cause harm? According to a new report the jury is still out. See what you think and comment below.

Company offers new approach to the organic and GMO labeling issue Special

As legislative and legal battles rage all over the world in the fight over whether Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) should be labeled, a company in the United States attempts to offer a solution that circumvents big business lobbying efforts.

'Mmm,' as Mermelada Mango Málaga launched in Spain

Three entrepreneurs from Vélez-Málaga in southern Spain have introduced the country's first 100 percent natural, locally-sourced mango jam, called Mermelada Mango Málaga, (hence the "mmm").

Dr. Ann Clark gives the goods on GMO and organic foods Special

We love food in North America. We wonder if the higher cost of organics is worth it and just how concerned about GMO food we should be as we pick up strawberries in the dead of winter.

Op-Ed: Indian farmers smash crop yield records without GMOs or chemicals

In a village in Bihar, India's poorest state, farmers are growing world record amounts of rice. This without any GMOs or artificial chemical fertilizers or herbicides of any kind.

Snoop Lion starts 'Mind Gardens' to feed Jamaicans (video)

The artist formerly known as "Snoop Dogg" recently visited Jamaica and was horrified by the poverty and hunger he witnessed. Now Snoop Lion is doing something about it.

Video: Food hero, the Nelson family — Organic dairy farmers

Altura - The video introduces us to the Nelson family, organic dairy farmers, and explains their transition from conventional to sustainable, and the impact it has had on their health and well-being.

Study: Organic food not healthier than conventional products

Stanford - For years, common knowledge has been that organic food is a much healthier alternative than non-organic food. What a new study suggests may baffle many: organic food is "not any healthier" than regular food you may consume.

Op-Ed: Karma Coffee Canada — A Vancouver Island success story

While Coombs may be famous for its Goats on the Roof, the sweet smell of success radiating from Coombs these days is coming straight from the Karma Coffee House - aka Karma Coffee Canada.

NSW Organic Pioneers Award at the SUSTAIN Show opening night Special

Sydney - SUSTAIN is described as a natural and organic lifestyle show. It is now in its eighth year, however, it was known as the Organic Expo & Green Show for the first seven years.

Review: Laundry toxins linked to cancers, genetic damage -- U.S. doctor

Are any hazardous substances coming out of your dryer vents? Dr. Anne Steinemann has done diverse research into what chemicals are released from laundry by-products, air fresheners, cleaners, lotions and other fragranced consumer products.

Video: Eco-village enjoys organic living in rural Russia

Many people are changing their way of living, opting out of the big cities and moving into eco-friendly, sustainable villages and eating healthy, organic food.

Egg coloring for the Easter holiday proves to be serious business Special

On a rainy Saturday afternoon an age-old Easter egg coloring tradition proves to be artsy and complex and proves also to be a serious business, with new decorating arrays for a variety of tastes and interests.

Op-Ed: Monsanto Makes its Move on the US Floor Special

Lobbying and strong-arming prove more effective for the bottom line than manufacturing for Monsanto. Vying for control of food, water, labor, and fuel supplies -- and world governments -- Monsanto proves a powerful global lobbying organization.

Specialty Foods recalls alfalfa sprouts and organic sprout salads

Bridgeport - Several certified organic sprouts products sold by Specialty Farms including organic alfalfa sprouts and organic sprout salad are being recalled because they may be contaminated with Listeria Monocytogenes, the FDA recently announced

Two different California companies recall granola bars

The bars have been recalled because of organic toasted soy grits which were used as granola bar ingredients are suspected.

U.S. federal 'organic' label being challenged

Three years ago, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) employees determined that synthetic additives in organic baby formula violated federal standards.

Historic Organic Trade Agreement Reached Between US and Canada

USDA Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan announced on June 18th the first organic foods "equivalency agreement" ever between two countries. The agreement is likely to increase growth for the already burgeoning organic foods industry.

Portland to Host Annual North American Organic Brewers Festival

The 7th annual North American Organic Brewers Festival will return to Portland, Oregon this weekend. The festival, hosted by Portland-based Roots Organic Brewing Company, features over 40 breweries, food and business vendors, and benefits four charities.
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Organic Image

An exhibitor at the SUSTAIN natural and organic lifestyle show.
An exhibitor at the SUSTAIN natural and organic lifestyle show.
Child helping to prepare organic vegetables.
Child helping to prepare organic vegetables.
Micron Waste
From left to right: Robyn Neeson  Organic Farming Liaison Officer  NSW Department of Primary Industr...
From left to right: Robyn Neeson, Organic Farming Liaison Officer, NSW Department of Primary Industries, runner-up Rob Fenton (National Environment Centre), winner Sam Statham (Rosnay Organic Wines), runners-up Michael Plane and Dr Joyce Wilkie (Allsun), John Newcombe, Acting Director, Skills and Communities NSW Dept of Primary Industries.
The remaining 5% undigested food particles that are released in the grey-water is further treated by...
The remaining 5% undigested food particles that are released in the grey-water is further treated by a patented technology.
A product with an organic label.
A product with an organic label.
An exhibitor at the SUSTAIN natural and organic lifestyle show.
An exhibitor at the SUSTAIN natural and organic lifestyle show.
Freshly picked organic oranges  even with an orange blossom still attached.
Freshly picked organic oranges, even with an orange blossom still attached.
Organic  or biological beans (dragon tongue)
Organic, or biological beans (dragon tongue)
Organic  or biological  zucchinis (courgettes  kolokithia)
Organic, or biological, zucchinis (courgettes, kolokithia)
Organic  biological aubergines  or egg-plants
Organic, biological aubergines, or egg-plants
Original photo by Jonathan Farrell 2010
Original photo by Jonathan Farrell 2010

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