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Anastasia Romanova of Hemuly on sustainable cannabis cultivation, leadership, and philanthropy

Hemuly is a top-of-the-line cannabis cultivation brand emphasizing sustainability.

Anastasia Romanova
Photo courtesy Anastasia Romanova
Photo courtesy Anastasia Romanova

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Hemuly is a top-of-the-line cannabis cultivation brand emphasizing sustainability. Founded by Anastasia Romanova and Dojcilo Scekic in 2019, Hemuly is committed to using eco-friendly operating procedures as well as 100% organic ingredients. Cultivating for some of the most popular brands in the cannabis industry, Hemuly’s cultivation techniques are not only sustainable, but it is also the industry standard. 

As the cannabis industry continues to mature, there is an increased concern over the industry’s sustainability standards. There is a growing dialogue around the opportunity cost between sustainable practices and quality products. While many think these two concepts are opposed, many in the industry think this is a false choice. Anastasia Romanova and Hemuly are committed to both sustainability as well as quality. 

Illustrating their commitment to being an eco-friendly operation, Hemuly is a completely organic and sustainable operation that uses 100% organic soil and never uses pesticides or herbicides in their garden. Not only is the soil completely organic and not contaminated by chemicals, the soil itself only consists of organic matter. In order to achieve this, Hemuly uses old leaves and stems as organic compost matter for the soil. Moreover, Hemuly’s irrigation system strategically uses as little water as possible as well as uses as little waste as possible.

Based in California and Oklahoma, Hemuly’s indoor cultivation centers do not only emphasize eco-friendly and sustainable practices, but they also are committed to delivering the highest-quality product through innovative indoor cultivation techniques. Romanova and the Hemuly team actually created their own LED lights, Hemuly LED lights. By creating Hemuly LED, Hemuly can increase the efficiency and the yield of their crops all while preserving energy. Clearly, the Hemuly team is very committed to innovation and sustainability as they invested time and capital to create their own lights aimed at preserving energy and maintaining quality across their indoor cultivation centers.

As Hemuly continues to shake up the industry by emphasizing sustainability as well as by consistently delivering the highest quality products, other companies are following suit. As Hemuly leads by example, they are pushing other players in the industry towards eco-friendly practices. Hemuly has been able to do this not just by leading by example, but also by standing up for what they believe in. Going so far as to turn down potential partnerships and deals with other companies and brands over the use of plastic in packaging, Hemuly refuses to compromise its values. This moral fortitude is leaving its mark on the industry as other companies have been inspired by Hemuly’s leadership.

As a female and an immigrant, Romanova’s personal history plays a major role in her passion. With that being said, Hemuly is committed to helping build up other companies led by females and/or immigrants. To this point, Romanova plans to create a formal community and space for female founders to access inspiration, education, and support. 

Whether it is by standing up for sustainability, by innovating indoor cultivation techniques, by committing to giving back, or by delivering the highest-quality product in the market Hemuly is taking the industry by storm. As Hemuly is exploring the idea of hemp-based clothing as well as hemp-based accessories, we cannot wait to see what the innovative, 100% organic cannabis cultivation brand does next.

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