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Nude women used to advertise coffins

Lindner, a Polish coffin company, decided to use some naked female models to try to help them sell their line of coffins.

German police searching for naked motorcycle rider

Munster - A man is still at large after riding his motorcycle through a northern German town while nude. Police are attempting to identify the man, who could face charges for his actions.

Naked activists protest fur use in Barcelona

Barcelona - On Sunday protesters gathered in Barcelona to shed their clothes to raise awareness against the killing of animals for their skin.

Spanish bar owner in trouble over 'naked waitress' raffle

Granada - The owner of a bar in Salobreña near Granada got into trouble with the police recently, after offering clients a chance to win a one-night stand with a nude waitress in a raffle, to promote an upcoming party.

Young and old got naked in the 'Sydney Skinny' swim (video)

Sydney - The first "Sydney Skinny" nude ocean swim was held on Sunday, with around 1,000 daring people, from young to elderly, participating for a good cause.

Op-Ed: French magazine publishes topless photos of Kate Middleton

Last month, Prince Harry was caught with his trousers down, literally. Now, the gutter press has gone one step further publishing topless photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Singer Lana Del Rey goes nude for photo shoot

British GQ has named their woman of the year, and that woman is singer Lana Del Rey. Del Rey stripped down to nothing for a photo shoot with the magazine.

Video: Naked carjacker goes on rampage in Arizona, injures 7

Scottsdale - An Arizona man, 45-year-old John Brigham of Scottsdale, stripped down to only a pair of socks and ran amok causing multiple car crashes and injuring seven people.

Video: German and Danish shoppers go nude for free groceries

A new supermarket on the German-Danish border offered as part of its opening promotion campaign $270 worth of free groceries to the first 100 shoppers who would go shopping completely nude.

Singer Rihanna poses topless to promote fragrance

Rihanna decided to do as her fragrance's name suggests, posing topless to promote the perfume Nude. The singer is also showing off a new blonde hairstyle in the photos.

Guided naked tours of Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art

Sydney - Now you have the chance to bare it all when you visit the museum. However, where on earth do you keep your ticket stub?

Would you pay £21m to see a naked SoHo model?

City Of London - In an age where nude figures are only a click away, one anonymous bidder has purchased a nude portrait at an art auction for the princely sum of £21.3 million ($33.3 million in American currency).

Video: Purse snatcher stripped naked in Chile

Providencia - A man who tried to steal an elderly woman's purse was stripped naked and beaten by an angry crowd in a Chilean town, and one person filmed the incident with a mobile phone.

Swiss court upholds fine against nude hiker

Switzerland's highest court threw out an appeal by a man who had been fined, and ruled that local authorities may impose penalties on others hikers who choose to travel about in the nude.

Woman paraded naked through village in Pakistan

Two men in Pakistan were arrested after a woman, whose son was accused of having sex with another man's wife, was forced to parade naked though a village.

Heidi Klum strips down for 'Project Runway' Campaign

"Project Runway," a reality show made synonymous with clothes—featuring designer hopefuls competing against the clock—is set on taking them all off, of Heidi Klum, that is.

Nude BBC presenter chases intruder

Balham - When BBC radio host Nicky Campbell spotted a would-be thief in his garden he ran outside and chased him, even though he was nude at the time.

Nude house cleaners are beating the economy slump

When a group of Croatian students lost their temporary jobs in the credit crunch, they came up with the perfect way to turn their busts into a boom - a nude cleaning agency.

For your thongs only: Semi-nude painting of Sean Connery found

A painting said to be of Sir Sean Connery posing for an art class wearing only a thong is slated to go on public display soon. Robert Webster, known as Rab, painted the actor in 1951 while a student at the Edinburgh College of Art.

Nude gardener concerned about new housing plans

Steeton - A UK man who likes to do his gardening while nude is worried that residents of new houses being planned in his area will be able to view him in his garden.

Nude riders set world record on roller coaster

Southend - More than 100 people stripped off their clothing and went for a roller coaster ride in the UK to raise money for a local hospital while setting a world record.

Safety experts say nude model billboards could be deadly

The 40-foot billboards picturing model Kelly Brook wearing only her Reeboks are hard to miss. While some people are enjoying the sight, driving safety experts are calling them a deadly distraction.

Naked rollercoaster riders needed to help fundraise for hospital

Southend - Volunteers willing to ride a roller coaster in the nude are needed to set a new world record while also raising funds for hospital equipment in one Essex community in the UK.

Accused spy's ex-husband sells nude photos to tabloids

Anna Chapman, who is accused of spying for Russia, is angered that her ex-husband sold naked photos of her and lied about her to tabloid newspapers, says her lawyer.

Study - Increase in strangers trying to meet kids offline

Kids Worldwide Speak Out on CyberSafety -Not All Fun and Games Online. A new report found 6 of 10 kids continue to have negative online experiences from cam exposure, nudity, violence and having strangers befriend them trying to meet them in real life.

Picasso artwork sells for record $106.4 million

Pablo Picasso's "Nude, Green Leaves and Bust" sold for a record $106.4 million on Tuesday at an auction in New York City hosted by Christie's.

Miss Universe goes nude for charity

Jennifer Hawkins, the Australian former cheerleader and Miss Universe 2004, bares all in an unretouched photoshoot for fashion magazine, marie clare, and to raise awareness for the Butterfly Foundation.

Nude bike riding okay unless cyclists go without helmets

A pair of late evening cyclists found a forgiving New Zealand cop who understood their need to “experiencing total freedom,” but told them their freedom ended at their heads and they needed to put on helmets.

Bare facts: Charges dismissed against nude who posed at museum

A New York City photographer called the charges brought against his model, who posed in the nude for his photo shoot at a museum, “completely absurd” after a judge threw the case out of court.

New airport security scanners raise concerns

Canada’s privacy watchdog has given the go ahead to a new type of airport security that will be able to see through the clothes of travelers.
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Nude Image

Naturist beach in France
Naturist beach in France
Clem Rutter
Nude statue in Portland represents difference in cultural values in the West where change is said to...
Nude statue in Portland represents difference in cultural values in the West where change is said to be accepted more than other regions.
Two participants of the 2011 No Pants subway ride event
Two participants of the 2011 No Pants subway ride event
Nude with Cat  1949. Oil on canvas 25 9/16 x 31 1/8 in. (65 x 69 cm). National Gallery of Victoria  ...
Nude with Cat, 1949. Oil on canvas 25 9/16 x 31 1/8 in. (65 x 69 cm). National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Felton Bequest, 1952.
Balthus (Balthasar Klossowski)
Canadian Prime Minister in a nude portrait by Margaret Sutherland
Canadian Prime Minister in a nude portrait by Margaret Sutherland
Margaret Sutherland
Nude hiking
Nude hiking
Matt Smith (as the Doctor) loses his modesty 15 minutes  10 seconds into The Lodger
Matt Smith (as the Doctor) loses his modesty 15 minutes, 10 seconds into The Lodger
Bleeding Cool/BBC

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