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Coronavirus monitoring systems strained to the extreme

Paris - Under-reporting, competing recommendations on how long those infected should be isolated, doubts on detection tests -- the rapid climb in coronavirus cases outside China highlights weaknesses in the methods used to spot and track the deadly virus.

Indian government to monitor private computers

It represents a major exercise in surveillance and it has come in an unexpected announcement. The Indian government to intercept, monitor, and decrypt citizens’ computers.

White House moves to roll back methane restrictions

Washington - The EPA thinks the previous administration went overboard on rules about greenhouse gases, and it's about to correct that. After earlier moves on carbon dioxide pollution from autos and coal plants, this time it's all about methane.

Digital system to monitor recovery room patients

Adelaide - SA Health is to implement a digital health solution in the form of a post-surgery cloud-based patient monitoring system. The system will be fitted into the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Nest smart home devices went offline, behaved badly

The entire web of Nest smart home monitoring devices went offline or behaved badly late Wednesday night and early into Thursday morning. While the issue has since been resolved, it definitely shows we should always be prepared when malfunctions happen.

Are you willing to be fitted with an alcohol monitor?

For people on alcohol reduction programs and for those wishing to monitor alcohol levels, a new type of biosensor has been developed: in essence, it's an alcohol monitoring chip.

Self-sailing drones set to explore the Southern Ocean

CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) has announced a partnership with San Francisco-based ocean technology start-up, Saildrone, to radically improve measurement and monitoring in Australian waters and the Southern Ocean.

Court: Man who shot President Reagan in 1981 ready for release

Washington - The Virginia man who shot and wounded President Ronald Reagan outside a Washington, D.C., hotel in 1981 will not be subject to electronic monitoring when he is released from a psychiatric hospital early next month.

Snowden documents reveal extent of CIA hacking of Apple security

Documents released by Edward Snowden have shown that the CIA has spent almost a decade trying to break through the security around Apple devices so that they could secretly plant malware onto the devices and monitor users.

Saudi Internet monitors turn focus on Syria-fuelled radicalism

Syria's civil war has led to a new, greater threat of Islamist radicalism in Saudi Arabia that requires a more aggressive "war of ideology" on the Internet, says the man responsible for online monitorin...

Proposal seeks to boost FBI's monitoring of social media

A government task force is preparing legislation that would pressure social media companies to let the FBI intercept communication right as it's happening.

Op-Ed: Economic benefits are debated as Enbridge hearings resume

Calgary - The Enbridge Northern Gateway hearings resumed on Tuesday, September 4th as Calgary-based Enbridge and the Alberta Government prepare to convince Canadians that the 6 billion dollar pipeline is important to Canada’s economy.

Op-Ed: Plains Midstream Canada oil spill leads to a $75 million lawsuit

Calgary - On Friday June 22, the Calgary based Merchant Law Group LLP served Plains Midstream Canada with a class action lawsuit for the oil spill near Sundre on June 7, 2012. The lawsuit cites damage done to personal property and the decline in value.

UK — Big Brother is watching you and guess who will pay?

Britain already has the most CCTV cameras in the world but now Big Brother will be watching your email, text messages and even Facebook messages. All at a cost of approximately $1 billion to the taxpayer.

Veratech Warned Clients About Swine Flu Outbreak April 6 Special

Veratech Inc. is on the cutting edge when it comes to searching the web for signs of pandemics. The two-year-old company had a hunch two weeks ago that something was up, a week before the CDC and WHO. How is that possible?

How HIV Is Monitored Does Not Affect Survival Rates

In Africa doctors determine when to switch HIV drugs based on clinical symptoms instead of costly blood work as done in the West. Researchers have found that both set of patients have nearly the same survival rate.

John McCain’s War on Blogs

If it were up to bloggers and the online community, John McCain would never be President. And he is simply reinforcing that Internet-hating blogs-despising attitude in his legislative record.

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Photograph of the en:Athabasca Tar Sands in Alberta, c. 1900-1930
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