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Brighter, clearer AMOLED displays to come to more smartphones

Higher quality displays are likely to be available on more smartphones in the near future, giving you a better experience regardless of your budget. The price of high-quality AMOLED displays has recently dropped significantly to undercut older LCD panels.

Panasonic's transparent TV disappears when you wave at it

As part of its demonstrations during CES 2016 last week, Panasonic unveiled a new television that goes completely transparent at the wave of a hand. The TV can effectively disappear from view, revealing whatever is positioned behind it.

Fads and phases: TV's bid to make you buy the 'Next Big Thing'

Over the past few years, televisions have changed to include new display types, online streaming and party-trick features such as 3D. Much of this has yet to see widespread adoption though, raising the question of what we're looking for in a TV.

Electronic contact lenses let you view text messages in your eyes

A tech company announced that it is developing electronic contact lenses aimed at improving the vision of the person who uses them and to allow the wearer to view text messages.

Sony sells LCD stake to Samsung, focuses on mobile

Tokyo - Sony will be selling off their LCD stake to joint-venture partner Samsung for $939 million, which will save the company about $640 million a year.

Johnny Appleseed of acid Owsley Stanley dead at 76

Owsley Stanley is dead. He was 76. Many years ago the '60s' icon of acid escaped to the distant Australian outback, but he could not escape his past. Owsley was never forgotten but then he was a hard man to forget. He left searing flashbacks in his wake.

LG Display to set up new LCD panel plant in China

The world's second largest LCD panel producer LG Display said it's going to build the most advanced display panel plant in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province, to produce the trendy thin film transistor (TFT) LCD.

Getting Ready for HDTV

On February 17, 2009, U.S. television will change forever. However, those who are still watching “over-the-air” analog transmissions on that date will only see snow.

LCD TV goes green, thanks to Newton

American engineers have developed new LCD TV displays using Newton’s design that consumes less energy. It soaks up less power when you turn it on or make it brighter.

LCD Panels Release Chemical That Impacts The Climate 17,000 More Than CO2

Your LCD monitor that you may be using to surf the web or chat with your friends on a cell phone isn't as environmentally friendly as once believed. LCD panels contain nitrogen trifloride a chemical that has a greater impact than carbon dioxide.

Inside the Rise of Wireless HDTVs

Flat-screen TVs will soon go wireless and be available to consumers in the coming year, according to a consortium of electronics leaders such as Sony and Toshiba. WirelessHD has also announced the specs for the first wireless high-def video transmission.

Samsung Regains Spot as No. 1 Flat-Panel TV Company

After losing the leader position in flat-panel TV sales to Vizio last quarter, Samsung regained the lead this quarter by capturing 11.8 per cent of market share. Rounding out the top four is Vizio at second, followed by Sharp and Sony.

Sony Unveils World's First OLED TV

LCD and plasma, watch out. Sony unveiled the first organic LED display today, announcing the revolutionary technology will be on sale in Japan on Dec. 1 for $1,740 (CAN), or 200,000 yen.

The Search For Perfect Flat-Panel Screens: Inside Germany's Consumer Electronics Fair

A new crop of acronyms is about to hit the flat- panel screen business as manufacturers seek ways to convince shoppers that television A contains snazzier technology than television B.

Super-thin LCD TV only 2 cm thick

The new 52-inch TV uses less than half the power of current Sharp products, and has a better contrast ratio, 100,000:1. The signal is received by high speed wireless link, and the only cable required is for power. The prototype weighed in at 25Kg.

Seattle to get first flat, flexible LCD screen news paper

The flat, flexible display screen you can roll up and put in your pocket or purse might finally be here. Hearst Corp., owner of the Post-Intelligencer and an investor in the technology, plans to test it in Seattle and elsewhere.

VisionQuest Boldly Joins Crowded LCD TV Fray With Competitive Pricing and Impressive Product Lines

Digital Journal — In business, go where the money is. And in the red-hot LCD TV market, a new entrant in the market is hoping to cash in on the must-have for home-theatre enthusiasts.

Samsung Releases LCD Uses Only USB, No VGA, DVI

Samsung releases LCD powered by USB 2.0 only, no VGA, DVI inputs.

OLED is the future of Television

If you though that your HD LCD TV was bringing you top of the line video quality, think again. OLED brings 1,000,000/1 Contrast.

How to Clean an LCD monitor

Apple offers a simple three-step guide for cleaning your LCD monitor.

Samsung releases Double Sided LCD

Samsung releases the first Double-sided LCD to the market.

Samsung Reveals Ultra-Thin LCD Panel

New Samsung LCD mobile screen is the thickness of a credit card.

Samsung shows 70in HD LCD panel

Samsung Electronics has unveiled a 70in LCD (liquid crystal display) panel that it hopes will help boost the competitiveness of LCD technology in the big-screen TV sector.

NEC announces four "system-on-glass" LCDs

NEC shines light on high res handheld LCDs

In-car LCD with 1500:1 contrast ratio

Sharps new LCD dash!

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Range Rover 2013 SDV8 - acceleration 0-210 km/h.
Range Rover 2013 SDV8 - acceleration 0-210 km/h.
The SLA printer also integrates an industrial-grade 1080p LCD and a patented light source design whi...
The SLA printer also integrates an industrial-grade 1080p LCD and a patented light source design which enable high resolution prints.

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