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Apple to let users secure iPhones with a selfie

Apple may be building facial recognition into the lock screen of its next iPhones, allowing users to unlock the phone by taking a selfie with the front-facing camera and eliminating the need for a cumbersome passcode.

Image shows woman paid to manipulate App Store rankings

An image posted to Chinese social media site Weibo allegedly shows a "ranking farm" of racks of iPhones that are used to manipulate ratings and reviews of apps in the App Store.

Five different Samsung Galaxy S6 versions shown off in photo

A new promotional image leaked online has suggested that there could be as many as five distinct versions of Samsung's next-generation flagship handset, the Galaxy S6, including one equipped with the wrap-around Edge display from the Galaxy Note Edge.

Austrian newspaper in scandal over Photoshopped image

Österreich, a tabloid newspaper in Austria, was caught by one of its competitors over what they dub a "nasty piece of photojournalism." It seems they Photoshopped an image of two politicians in a breakfast meeting, which never actually happened.

Twitter now supports GIFs, but they are not real GIFs

The GIF, a popular animated image format in the 80s, persevered and found a new place on the Internet. Where is this new place? Chances are you are using it now.

Equatorial Guinea seeks to shake off 'oil curse' image

On land cleared of tropical forest, gleaming new office towers, apartment blocks, homes and highways dazzle the eye in Equatorial Guinea, Sub-Saharan Africa's No.

AFI: '12 Years a Slave,' 'Scandal' among best list for 2013

The American Film Institute announced their top 10 films and movies for 2013 and the list is impressive, to say the least.

Samsung Galaxy S5 accurate image and tech specs finally released?

Less than a year since the Samsung Galaxy S4 was introduced, the Galaxy S5 is already making waves. The much anticipated Galaxy S5 may finally have an accurate image and technical specifications.

Image of a penis accidently drawn on Mars

NASA's $800 million Mars Exploration Rovers, which are two twin exploration vehicles, accidentally drew a penis on the planet.

Cadence Weapon finds hope and inspiration Special

Montreal - Rollie Pemberton - aka rapper Cadence Weapon - is the former poet laureate of Edmonton, Alberta. Kicking off his North American tour Thursday, he reveals his love of New York radio, existential philosophy, and -yes - Randy Newman.

Software will detect image manipulation

Kevin Connor, a former Adobe employee, is working alongside Dr. Hany Farid, a forensics expert, on developing a startup that will provide tools to help spot altered images.

Incendiary Halloween pic of ghoulish Obama with bullet in head

Richmond - A GOP committee in Virginia County is under fire for issuing an image of President Obama as a ghoul with a bullet through his head. Meant as a Halloween joke, it's been criticized by Democrats and Republicans alike, who called it disgusting and violent.

Real puppy replaced with digital version

The adorable Labrador retriever puppies usually seen on Andrex adverts have been replaced by computer generated images in a new commercial.

Police hope Google street view image will help solve crime

Swadlincote - Police in the UK are hoping a street view image from Google Earth can help them solve a crime. They have issued the picture, which shows a man they would like to contact in connection with a theft.

Brands Need to Get Emotional

The goal of marketing is brand loyalty, and how better to keep customer loyalty than emotion. Without successful branding, failure will incur.

Google Will Not Remove Racially Offensive Image of Michelle Obama

Google has issued an apology to people who may be offended by a picture they have accessed on the search engine which portrays U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama as a monkey, but the company does not have any plans to remove the image in question.

Woody Allen demands millions from clothing brand

The American film director and actor Woody Allen is reported to be furious with the US clothing company American Apparel.

Find Cartoons, Clipart Using Google Image Search

Google Search has added new features in its image search section. We can now find cartoons and clip arts besides faces and photos.

Google Has A New Image

When you access Google search, you will find the big “G” is gone and the little “g” is present in the URL icon area. Google replaced its old favicon icon with a new simpler one.

McDonalds and Charity Mixing Business With a Bigger Picture

McDonald's made a wise move when it started it's Ronald McDonald houses. By donating a mere ten cents per Happy Meal the company has been able to build the homes that house families of severely ill children who are in children's hospitals.

A Firefox Bankcard! How cool is that?

A Swedish owned bank in Estonia, SEB Eesti Ühispank, lets bank customers design their own bank cards.

Man Sees Image of Jesus on Footstool

It's the holiest weekend on the Christian calendar and a bizarre sighting is confirming one man's faith. Roberto Colon, 46, claims he can see the image of Jesus Christ on a wooden footstool.

Redefining The < img /> Tag

The basic format for embedding images uses < img / > tag in the web browser. Can it be better? Yes with Britepic.

Image Of Jesus Appears For The Second Year In A Row

For the second Easter in a row, an image of Jesus Christ has appeared to parishioners of a Roman Catholic Church in Tignish, P.E.I, Canada. The image appeared on a wooden cross placed near the alter to mark the Easter season.

Spectacular New Pictures Show a Violent Sun

A Japanese spacecraft called Hinode has taken beautiful new images of the surface of the Sun, in detail never seen before. Scientists say it will rewrite the textbooks.

Image Mosaic Generator - Simple Online Tool

Create a mosaic image from a picture with Image Mosaic Generator, a free online tool.

Photos of Businesses on Google Maps

Google adds Photos of businesses on Google Maps to enhance map search.

People pilgramaging to see image of the Virgin Mary in a pizza pan

People are flocking to Houson Texas to see the image of the Virgin Mary on an elementary school pizza pan.

Google Malware Warnings in Image Search

Google introduces Malware Warnings in Image Search

The Tarnished Image of President Bush & Our Nation

Success and Popularity go hand-in-hand.
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Image Image

An image uploaded to Instagram by an IDF soldier of two Palestinians caught in the cross hairs of hi...
An image uploaded to Instagram by an IDF soldier of two Palestinians caught in the cross hairs of his rifle.
Electronic Intifada (fair use)
Photo/image  courtesy of Barbary Coast PR Consultants. Design rendering of proposed plans for Califo...
Photo/image, courtesy of Barbary Coast PR Consultants. Design rendering of proposed plans for California Medical Center at Cathedral Hill complex, Van Ness Ave & Geary, San Francisco, CA
Provided by Barbary Coast Public Relations via CPMC
TRAGEDY: Surveillance camera photo released by local police shows the gas station parking lot where ...
TRAGEDY: Surveillance camera photo released by local police shows the gas station parking lot where an 18-year-old black teen was shot and killed by authorities Tuesday night.
St. Louis County Police Department
Language forces us to simulate past experiences.
Language forces us to simulate past experiences.
Adrian McGarry
Satellite image showing ice melt in Greenland
Satellite image showing ice melt in Greenland
monochrome image with color
monochrome image with color
Map of dark matter (light blue)  digitally superposed on a photograph made by the Hubble Space Teles...
Map of dark matter (light blue), digitally superposed on a photograph made by the Hubble Space Telescope, shows that a giant ring of invisible mass surrounds the dense core of a giant cluster of galaxies called ZwC10024+1652,
NASA, ESA, M.J.Jee and H. Ford (Johns Hopkins University)
Christmas lights seen from space  Southern California
Christmas lights seen from space, Southern California