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Friday News

Rebecca Black talks 'Be The Light' film, digital age, new music Special

YouTube star and singer Rebecca Black (known for her viral music video "Friday") chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about the film "Be The Light."

Review: Carmen Reece releases delightful new single 'Say It' Special

British pop singer-songwriter Carmen Reece has released her delightful new single "Say It." Digital Journal has the scoop.

Carmen Reece talks about new music, inspirations and Chris Brown Special

British singer-songwriter Carmen Reece chatted with Digital Journal about her music career, her songs "Say It" and "Friday," as well as the impact of technology on the business. She also revealed two of her dream duet choices.

Op-Ed: Rebecca Black releases follow-up to 'worst song ever'

Remember "Friday?" Pop singer Rebecca Black is back with another day-of-the-week descant that's sure to draw more notoriety, scorn, and satirical copycats galore.

Op-Ed: Forget Friday! Rebecca Black to release 'My Moment' on Monday

Remember that 'Friday' song? You know, Rebecca Black's key to YouTube fame. Well you're in luck, because next Monday (July 18) will see the arrival of her next 'big' hit - 'My Moment'.

Space Shuttle Launch Today

NASA will be launching the Space Shuttle Endeavour today Nov. 14 at 7:55 p.m. EST. If you've never watched the shuttle launch it's hours of boredom followed by minutes of awe. A live feed link is included.

Democratic Leaders Set Friday Deadline For Superdelegates To Announce Their Decisions

After Obama hit the magic number of delegates to mathematically become the Democratic presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton gave a speech where she didn't concede as many expected her to, today Democratic leaders set a deadline on superdelegates to choose.

Italian Court Tells Couple To Re-Name Their Baby Boy

An Italian couple that named their child Friday has been subjected to a court order to name the boy a different name. When they refused, the court took matters in their own hand and called him Gregory, after the saint on whose feast day he was born.

Black Friday Ads for 2007 Are Up

The folks at have posted the lists of EXTREME price reductions for some of the countries largest retail shops. Wal-Mart, Circuit City, Bust Buy, and just about everyone else you can imagine are listed.

Sexual Assault Friday At Carleton University

A twenty-three year old woman was assaulted on the campus of Carleton University in Ottawa. The assault took place on the third floor of the Steacie Building in a science lab. The building is used by the school's chemistry students.

Friday Funnies and the Government

The government and it's offices often provide a look at comedy that we can get like nothing else. This week lets peek and see some of the craziness that elected officials and governments do! Like York whose security cameras aren't monitored.

Happy Friday the 13th?

Many people fear Friday the 13th as well as the number 13. They think this is an unlucky day and a very unlucky number. I found an article that shed some light (or should I say "dark"?) on the history of the day and the number.

Family and Bosses Friday Funny Style

Families are strange tribes. Some are cheap, some just fight and some get even. Some take out frustrations on fish. Hope you enjoy this week's journal into the strange and funny side of the news.

Friday Zaniness Looks At This Week In Sex

Sometime you have a topic all picked out and ready to roll. Then the worst thing happens in the news biz. No one does anything funny. For a week. So no humorous tales of fathers this week. Instead I bring you five zany tales from the sex-files.

Time for A Friday Look At Crazy News

It's been about a week since I looked for the crazy headlines but it's time for another round of Darwinism news! Ready to laugh? Then come on down........

Friday the 13th, Lucky???

It was for one woman who escaped death....

Friday the 13th Happens Twice a Year

Friday the 13th happens twice a year, two months only, every year. No big deal to most people, unless you have some weird superstitious beliefs of course, but a big deal in the motorcycling industry…and a small town called Port Dover…. Why?

Friday on the Subway

I got up this morning feeling very joyful, it was Friday, casual day at work, so this is the day of the week I like to stand out by going in my business clothes. On the subway down to my office, I looked around the subway car and I noticed that the majori

Black Friday, Cyber Monday not as busy as most think

The day after Thanksgiving did not even rank as one of the top five busiest holiday shopping days last year.

Black Friday Ad for Best Buy

Great deals for Best Buy on Black Friday

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Rebecca Black
Rebecca Black
GOES-East - Sector view: Tropical Atlantic on July 31  2020 at  1:53 p.m. EDT
GOES-East - Sector view: Tropical Atlantic on July 31, 2020 at 1:53 p.m. EDT
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