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Rebecca Black talks ‘Be The Light’ film, digital age, new music (Includes interview)

On being a part of the film Be The Light, Black said, “It was so much fun. It’s a crazy process from the moment you shoot the movie until the time it comes out. One thing that has stuck with me is that I finally got to watch it, and I feel it has become very prevalent, especially in the times that we are in right now. It has a really timely and inspiring message that a lot of us really need to be remind of right now. I am so grateful to have been a part of it.”

“I would highly encourage everybody to watch this movie. Really go into it with a feeling of hope and if you can’t find that, this film is a wonderful reminder of what we can do for each other and what we can do when we have a drive and a passion for someone or something that we really love. Through all the craziness that is going on in the world and the uncertainty that everybody is facing, this can really be a wonderful light in the dark,” she elaborated.

Black opened up about the song selection approach for her new album. “I am in the process of writing my first album right now, which has been done entirely through quarantine. I work with people that I really adore and I really trust their opinions on. Selecting songs is a gut feeling of what I connect to the most and what builds the story of the bigger picture of the project,” she said.

On being a singer and an actress in the digital age, she responded, “The digital age has only expanded and I am grateful to be a child of the Internet. Although I’ve had to make adjustments in how I make music these days, I love the Internet so much. I grew up with it. I’ve learned so much and I taught myself how to do many new things but I think it’s for the better.”

For young and aspiring singers and actors, she said, “Honestly, this movie Be The Light really lends itself to it. Find your ‘why’ will only build your inner trust with yourself, and that’s the most important thing as an artist. Trust your instincts of what you believe is good of what you want to move forward with and the direction that you want to go in. All of the pieces will fall together after that.”

“Promoting arts education and the future of that is something that has always been huge to me even as a kid,” she added.

For Black, it was a thrill to be in Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” music video. “That was so fun,” she admitted. “I really appreciated that since at the time, I was so young. Katy Perry was always so supportive, and she saw me as a kid for what I was. She was someone I looked up to and somebody I still look up to so much.”

On the title of the current chapter of her life, she said, “Stepping into the Unknown.”

She offered the following inspiring words for people during the pandemic. “This is a really tough time for so many of us and I can’t imagine how so many people’s lives have been upended. I feel really lucky,” she said. “Try to remember that this time is very temporary, and as much as you can, try to give yourself some balance and some forgiveness.”

Speaking of the quarantine, Black shared that she developed such skills are learning how to play the guitar, and teaching herself music production.

When asked what she would dress up as if she were to go on The Masked Singer, she responded, “Although I can’t give it away because one day maybe I will decide to go on there, but perhaps I will be a cow. I really love cows, I think they are just the best animals ever.”

She would give herself the following advice: “I would tell her to be forgiving with yourself because we are all trying to do our best. My younger self was put up against a lot of adversity and it took her so much to get through that and stay afloat during it all. We are all trying our best. If you do things with intentions of kindness and love, there is not much more that you can do.”

Black defined the word success as “learning something and learning from whatever you do.”

To learn more about Rebecca Black, follow her on Twitter and on Instagram.

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