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Freezing News

FedEx worker found dead in Illinois as temperatures plummet

A FedEx worker has reportedly been found dead outside a delivery hub in Illinois. This was under conditions where the temperatures dipped below -30 degrees, part the icy blast sweeping across parts of the U.S.

Which freezes faster: Hot water or cold water?

A debate has been raging in the world of physics over whether the long-held theorem that cold water freezes faster than hot water remains correct, and that, instead, hot water freezes faster. We assess the issues.

Winter storm slams East Coast with snow, rain and cold

New York - More than 1,000 flights from East Coast cities in the U.S. had to be cancelled Monday as a major winter storm moved into the region with snow, ice and high winds.

Lab creates coldest air in the universe

A laboratory has created the coldest cubic meter in the universe. The air was developed in Italy and was verified using instruments designed by Yale University.

Viral photo sums up the subzero chill affecting 180 million Americans

Widely shared online right now is this chilly photo taken of Chicago during Tuesday's devastating cold. Residents of the Windy City are not alone: 180 million Americans are struggling through record-breaking freezing temperatures.

Girl gets stuck by the tongue to flagpole in subzero temperature

East Kingston - Maddie Gilmartin, 12, wondered what would happen if she stuck her tongue to a flagpole in subzero temperatures. Turns out to be a gripping idea!

Smartphones can be accessed by freezing them

Freezing a smartphone, or at least an Android enabled device, can help to reveal its contents, according to new research conducted in Germany.

'Super-Mayor' Corey Booker saves dog from freezing

Newark - Newark, New Jersey's "Super-Mayor", Cory Booker, has saved yet another life, this time saving a freezing dog stranded in front of its home.

Freezing rain causes 21-vehicle pileup in Oklahoma

Highway officials in Oklahoma have re-opened Interstate 40 in downtown Oklahoma City after a 21 vehicle pileup at the intersection with Interstate 35.

New scientific freezing technique extends shelf-life of eggs

Scientists based at Purdue University have shown that cooling freshly laid eggs for a few seconds adds several weeks to the shelf life of eggs and helps to counter the harmful effects of the Salmonella bacteria.

Strawberry farmers issue rebuttal over ABC News report Special

Plant City - In an interview today with Digital Journal, Ted Campbell, Executive Director of the Florida Strawberry Growers Association spoke of the need for unbiased and ethical reporting, citing the recent national news report on Florida strawberry growers.

Florida farmers destroy strawberry crops, create a pickle

Tampa - Florida strawberry farmers have taken low market prices into their own hands by destroying the plants and letting fruit rot.

Egg Freezing Is Successful Even After 5 Years

Discovering a medical condition that delays having a family can be extremely difficult. However, with medical advances in egg implantation, fertility problems might become a thing of the past.

Storm rocks traffic, people

Storm like a brorm. It was so bad I had to make a work up to describe it.

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Freezing Image

Mayor Cory Booker saves freezing dog.
Mayor Cory Booker saves freezing dog.
Screen Capture
A photo of Chicago from a plane  on Tuesday January 7  2014
A photo of Chicago from a plane, on Tuesday January 7, 2014
Credit: Hank Cain
Students at MIT using liquid nitrogen to make ice-cream.
Students at MIT using liquid nitrogen to make ice-cream.
Wikimedia Commons
Mayor Cory Booker saves freezing dog.
Mayor Cory Booker saves freezing dog.
Screen Capture
Liquid nitrogen used for making ice-cream
Liquid nitrogen used for making ice-cream vortistic
WEATHER: A city bus makes its way up Hillsborough Street on a snowy day in Raleigh  North Carolina  ...
WEATHER: A city bus makes its way up Hillsborough Street on a snowy day in Raleigh, North Carolina, in October.
Mywebsite1234000/Wikimedia Commons

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