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Fly buzzes Duterte as he attacks Philippine priests

Manila - A fly that interrupted his speech was working under the orders of priests, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte joked Tuesday, as he launched a new verbal attack on the country's influential Catholic church.

Two Swiss mountaineers land plane on Mont Blanc

Annecy - Two Swiss mountaineers landed a small plane less than 400 metres from the summit of Mont Blanc on Tuesday before heading for the top of Europe's tallest peak with police in pursuit, the French gendarme said.

Video: Watch wingsuit athletes fly over French Alps like birds

A Facebook video surging online shows four wingsuited athletes soaring like birds across the French sky. Halfway through the video, footage of their maneuvers through a forest resemble a frighteningly realistic video game.

Is the smallest insect ever debate finally settled?

Moscow - After a long debate about the accuracy of measurements and the measurement method, the world’s smallest insect has finally been announced. And it is very, very tiny.

Rocket could defy laws of physics, fly to moon in 4 hours

German scientists have confirmed that the so-called "EMDrive" rocket created by NASA could defy the known laws of physics and be capable of flying to the moon in just four hours.

Photo Essay: Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Park - This is a Photo Essay of Waterton Lakes National Park in Waterton, Alberta, one of Canada’s treasured tourist vacation spots. This area is a photographer’s dream especially for anyone interested in wildlife and landscape photography.

Corpse-eating fly comes 'back from the dead' after 160 years

A fly that was declared extinct over a century ago appears to have come 'back from the dead'. Researchers in Europe were interested to find it had not vanished after all.

Video: Chris O'Dowd chews fly to death in The Graham Norton Show

A fly joined Kristen Wiig, Steve Carrell and Chris O'Dowd at a recent BBC One "Graham Norton Show." Cracking jokes they swatted till it disappeared. O'Dowd drank water from his glass and discovered it wasn't a bit of ice he just crushed between his teeth.

Harvard robotic insects make first controlled flight

Aerial drones aren't a new concept, but in fact has been researched and developed for quite some time. While they are becoming smaller and smaller, the roboticists over at University of Harvard developed the smallest aerial drone so far.

Watch Obama lose it with pesky fly during White House speech

A pesky housefly that landed on the forehead of President Obama while he delivered a speech on Thursday in the White House's State Dining Room achieved what the political opposition has failed to achieve, make the president lose his cool under pressure.

The top 8 microscopic images you'll ever see

Every year, Nikon sponsors a contest for microscopic images to showcase "the beauty and complexity of life as seen through the light microscope." Here are some of the entrants for this year's contest, from terrifying spiders to awe-inspiring minerals.

Video: Jetman flies over Rio de Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro - In an incredible display, Jetman has now taken a flight over Rio de Janeiro. The video takes you along for the ride with breathtaking views.

Three kids fly to Nashville without their parents' knowledge

Jacksonville - Fifteen-year-old Bridget Brown was saving her babysitting money toward buying a car. She changed her mind and decided to take a trip to Dollywood.

Flight attendant helps land plane at O'Hare airport

Chicago - An American Airlines flight had an unusual experience when the first officer became ill and was replaced by a flight attendant who hadn't flown a plane for 20 years. She said they worked as a team as trained and safely landed at the Chicago airport.

Which Hollywood actor-director 'too fat' to fly?

Actor-director Kevin Smith, best known for his character Silent Bob in hit movies such as "Clerks" and "Mallrats," was declared too fat to fly on a Southwest Airlines flight.

New Airline is First Exclusively Devoted to Pets

The company Pet Airways is the first airline in the world exclusively devoted to pets. According to their website, they take "the job of providing a comfortable experience for pets very seriously."

PETA ticked at Obama for 'murder' of a fly

As a pesky fly insisted on getting in on an interview with President Obama, the president had enough. He tried to chase it away by waving his hand and then he killed it.

Scientists find flies turn fire ants into ‘zombies’

A team of researchers from Texas have found one unusual way to control fire ants. They are planning to deploy parasitic flies which turn the insects into “zombies.”

The Queen is Shocked to Learn of Her Own Rugby Scrum Flight 80 Years Later

The Queen has learned of a childhood 'flight' through the air this week. An Australian star rugby player has explained that he threw the then-princess through the air which, caused much alarm at the time

Tiny Dinosaur Was Already Primed For Flight

Remains of a tiny dinosaur reveal that some of the ancestors of birds had already shrunk in size before flight evolved. It was a mere 2 feet long and weighed the equivalent of two cans of soda.

Criss Angel Levitation Magic Trick Revealed !!!!

In this video, Criss Angel explains and reveals how he does his levitation / flying magic tricks. THE MOST ASKED TO DO MAGIC TRICK IS REVEALED !!! THIS IS A MUST SEE FOR ALL YOU MAGIC GOERS.

Human Fly

Here u can see the Human fly

Air dynamics

why do planes fly??

How a Helicopter is built

This is an interesting video about how a copter is built

Number one reason to Use Mosquito Repelent in Central America: Bot Flies

When traveling in Panama this guy picked up a few cases of bot flies..not good. *Not for the squemish*

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Fly Image

Drosophila species fly.
Drosophila species fly.
Muhammad Mahdi Karim (GNU Free Documentation License)
MAGNUS MUHR is a 39 YEAR OLD PHOTOGRAPHER from Sweden who  in his spare time  likes to invent the mo...
MAGNUS MUHR is a 39 YEAR OLD PHOTOGRAPHER from Sweden who, in his spare time, likes to invent the most hilarious scenarios for dead flies. Thanks Magnus, for giving the world a good laugh.
Magnus Muhr
Pesky fly beats White House security
Pesky fly beats White House security
Hoverflies  sometimes called flower flies  sweat bees or syrphid flies  make up the insect family Sy...
Hoverflies, sometimes called flower flies, sweat bees or syrphid flies, make up the insect family Syrphidae.
Thomas Bresson
Chrysopa sp (lacewing)  very similar to one of the new species
Chrysopa sp (lacewing), very similar to one of the new species
JJ Harrison
A microscopic photo of a fruit fly retina  by Dr. W. Ryan Williamson
A microscopic photo of a fruit fly retina, by Dr. W. Ryan Williamson
Via Nikon Small World
An animal tail usually used for chasing away flies  adds to the colour of the dance.
An animal tail usually used for chasing away flies, adds to the colour of the dance.

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