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Trump-appointed science advisers oppose EPA rollbacks

In a draft report released on Tuesday, the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) independent board of science advisers (SAB) say the Trump administration's rollbacks of many environmental regulations conflict with established science.

Elon Musk 'promises' he will build a Tesla pickup truck

During the Tesla semi-truck reveal in November, a brief mention was made of a new Tesla concept pickup truck. Late Tuesday night on Twitter, Elon Musk promised to make a pickup truck, right after the release of Model Y.

Study confirms the release of ancient carbon in Arctic permafrost

Researchers have confirmed that ancient greenhouse gasses locked away in Arctic permafrost are seeping free as the Arctic region warms up faster than any other place on Earth.

Peeple website and social media accounts mysteriously disappear

Over the past few days, an app called Peeple has been stealing headlines and attracting a storm of controversy online for its advocacy of allowing people to rate each other without any opt-out. Today, the app's websites mysteriously disappeared.

Microsoft has received 1 million bits of feedback on Windows 10

Microsoft has announced that it has now received over 1 million pieces of individual feedback on Windows 10 from Insider users running preview builds of the upcoming operating system. The feedback will be used to aid development of the software.

Microscopic Algae Provide Global Climate Feedback

Tiny creatures at the bottom of the food chain called diatoms suck up nearly a quarter of the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide.

New Keyword Suggestion Tool, Fix of Duplicate Display, RSS Feeds and More

This week sees some really helpful tools such as a new keyword suggestion tool for articles and photo tags, an RSS feed for important news items and a tweak to the duplicate check based on gohomelaker's persistent requests. :)

New Cleaner Look and Feature Enhancements for

Navigation, readability and My Account features just got a shot of Botox. Well, sort of.'s new enhancements make the site look better, younger, cooler and...ok, maybe the Botox thing isn't the best analogy.

Sony: We still have no plans for Force Feedback in SIXAXIS

Recently news broke that a third party company had found a way to bring rumble to the PS3

Students give Feedbacks to Lecturer, Damn Funny..

Lecturer gives funny feedbacks about him by his students. Video.

Digital Journal Introduces Announcement Blog for Updates/User Requests

We've seen hundreds of sign-ups in the last 12 hours alone, and lots of feedback about Digital Journal's User News section. To make things easier, we're implementing this section to announce site updates and a place for you to give us more feedback.

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