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Chatting with Jack Tempchin: Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee Special

New York - On January 22, veteran singer-songwriter Jack Tempchin chatted with Digital Journal about his upcoming induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, Class of 2019. He also spoke about his songwriting inspirations and the Music Modernization Act.

Born killers: French army grooms eagles to down drones

Mont-de-marsan - Faced with the risk of drones being used to snoop or carry out attacks on French soil, the air force is showing its claws.

3D printed camera mimics sharp vision of predators

An advanced camera has been created through the use of a 3D printer. The camera has been designed to mimic the 'eagle-eyes' of many predatory birds, and a key application is with advancing drone imaging technology.

New evidence for wind turbines posing risks to birds

San Fransisco - Wind turbines have many advocates as a low-cost source of ‘green’ electricity. However, depending on where the turbines are cited, there is a risk of birds being killed.

Singer in Paris attack apologizes for alleging inside job

New York - The frontman of the band whose concert was targeted in the Paris attacks apologized Friday for alleging that the club's security guards were involved, saying he was struggling with trauma.

Singer in Paris attacks suggests inside job

New York - The frontman of the band whose concert turned into a terrorist bloodbath in Paris has suggested the attack was an inside job, saying he was suspicious of the club's security guards.

Maryland and the strange eagle deaths

Bethesda - Thirteen American Bald Eagles have been found dead in the state of Maryland. The eagles were found scattered across the ground on a farm.

U.S. band Eagles of Death Metal play to Paris attacks survivors

Paris - In a concert that may well be enshrined in rock history, the US band Eagles of Death Metal appeared on stage in Paris Tuesday in front of the survivors of the Bataclan massacre in which 90 of their fans died.

Bataclan survivor faces down his demons to see Eagles of Death Metal

Paris - Since that awful night in November that jihadist gunmen stormed the Bataclan concert hall in Paris, Alexis has not been able to go into a cinema or even "sit in the window of a restaurant" never mind go to a rock gig.

Eagles of Death Metal singer says guns could have stopped attacks

Paris - Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes claimed that if everyone had guns the Bataclan massacre may not have happened, as he returned to Paris Tuesday to play in front of hundreds of survivors of November's terror attacks.

Tears flow as Eagles of Death Metal prepare for Paris return

Paris - Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes has taken off his rose-tinted sunglasses and tears are pouring down his face into his red moustache.

Eagles of Death Metal vow Paris return will be 'regular rock show'

Paris - Eagles of Death Metal return to Paris on Tuesday to play one of the most emotionally charged concerts in rock history in front of hundreds of survivors of November's terror attacks.

Eagles of Death Metal play Stockholm gig ahead of return to Paris

Stockholm - American rockers Eagles of Death Metal took to the stage in Stockholm Saturday, ahead of their return to Paris next week to "finish" the fateful November concert that ended with jihadi gunmen killing 90 of their fans.

Survivors torn as Eagles of Death Metal return to Paris

Paris - As Eagles of Death Metal return to Paris on Tuesday to 'finish' their fateful November rock concert that ended with jihadi gunmen killing 90 of their fans, survivors are torn over whether to go to the gig.

Band from Paris attacks launches fundraising campaign

New York - A month after the assault in Paris on a concert by Eagles of Death Metal, prominent music groups are covering one of the band's songs to raise money for the victims.

Emotion and defiance as Eagles of Death Metal go back on stage in Paris

Paris - Eagles of Death Metal, the American rock band who survived a jihadist attack on their concert in Paris last month, made an emotional return to the stage in the French capital night alongside U2.

Germany turns military bases into 77,000 acre wildlife sanctuary

Where once there was war, there shall now be nature. The German government has announced plans to turn 62 defunct military bases west of the Iron Curtain into nature reserves for wildlife, including eagles, bats, woodpeckers, and beetles.

Man with chainsaw carves eagles, wolves, other masterpieces

Leonardo da Vinci painted to create works of art. Michelangelo carved marble to create his works of art. Mark Tyoe of Salisbury, New York uses a chainsaw and big tree trunks to create his artwork.

Eagles obtain Sproles from Saints for draft pick

The Philadelphia Eagles added another potent weapon to their up-tempo offense on Thursday by trading for versatile running back Darren Sproles from the New Orleans Saints, the NFL website reported.

U.S. rule change allowing accidental eagle deaths sparks outcry

The agency charged with protecting the nation’s wildlife plans to extend the life of permits it issues for projects that result in the accidental deaths of eagles.

Review: ‘History of the Eagles’ Special

Los Angeles - What can you expect from a documentary about the Eagles? Music, archive footage, personal anecdotes, and of course, strong language.

NFL: Arizona pulls off another win by beating Philly 21-17

Philadelphia - The Philadelphia Eagles have had trouble the whole season with glimpses of good things, but they can’t seem to keep it going. The Arizona Cardinals have been struggling this year, but has managed to pull off two big wins in a row.

Video: Paraglider collides with vultures mid-air over Himalayas

A Russian adventurer on a maiden paragliding trip over the east Himalayan Mountains came very close to filming his own demise when he collided with two vultures in mid-air. The frightening encounter was filmed by the paraglider's helmet-cam.

NFL: Philly gets on track with 20-13 win over Redskins

Washington - At the beginning of the season quarterback Rex Grossman said the Washington Redskins would win their division, and so far it seems true as they got a good 3-1 start. The Philadelphia Eagles were supposed to be front runner, but have struggled so far.

NFL: Bills bounce back from a loss with 31-24 victory over Eagles

Buffalo - The Buffalo Bills and the Philadelphia Eagles both took tough losses last week, but only one team could come out on top this week. Michael Vick said the ‘dream team’ label is dead, and after the loss this week they might be as well.

Op-Ed: NFL: Is Michael Vick victim of getting hit late?

When quarterbacks are in the pocket they are expected to be protected. The NFL is looking to keep their ‘Golden Boys’ protected by any means necessary, but when it comes to Michael Vick he seems to be the exception.

NFL: Despite big game from Vick the Eagles lose three in a row

Philadelphia - In the off-season the Philadelphia Eagles were deemed to be the team to win the NFC, but they have not lived up to their potential. They have been dealing with Michael Vick not being able to finish the last couple of games.

NFL: Giants shut the Eagles up with a 29-16 victory

Philadelphia - The trash talk for this game started in the preseason, and continued on all the way up to today’s game. The New York Giants took a tough loss last year at the hand of the Philly Eagles, but today revenge was avenged with a 29-16 win.

NFL: Vick's return to Atlanta overshadowed by concussion

Atlanta - Michael Vick has not been a starter in Atlanta since he was there in 2006. Upon his return to Atlanta, Vick was met with a mixture of boos and cheers and some Atlanta number seven jerseys as well, but the QB had to leave the game due to injury.

NFL: Eagles get a victory as Rams struggle with injuries

The Eagles have been called a ‘Dream Team’, and they played like it today as they took advantage of the Rams who lost some big players. St. Louis took some pretty tough hits on the chin in their 31-13 loss to the Eagles.
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Pair of Bald Eagles
Pair of Bald Eagles
A parachutist of the SAAF s  Golden Eagles  parachute team gets his practice hours in.
A parachutist of the SAAF's "Golden Eagles" parachute team gets his practice hours in.
The cover of the mega-selling album  Hotel California . The title track has been the source of endle...
The cover of the mega-selling album 'Hotel California'. The title track has been the source of endless speculation since its release in 1977.
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The greatest free flying bird show in America- In addition to a majestic Falconry exhibition  this c...
The greatest free flying bird show in America- In addition to a majestic Falconry exhibition, this complete bird show includes hawks, eagles, owls and vultures. You’ll be astounded as these spectacular birds exhibit their free-flight skills directly over the heads of the audience!
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Michael Vick as QB of the Eagles, versus the Redskins
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