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Eagle News

Angela Eagle: Chess champ who could checkmate Labour leader Corbyn

London - A junior chess champion in her youth, Angela Eagle at 55 is a skillful lawmaker known for her debating prowess, who is now challenging Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour Party leadership following the Brexit vote.

Two brothers rescue bald eagle, snaps epic selfie afterwards

Sudbury - Two brothers from Canada found a bald eagle with its talon stuck in a fur trap. They took action and freed it. After that, they took a selfie with it.

Rare eagle killed after being released back into the wild

Mindanao - Pamana was a rare eagle that had a giant wingspan, which allowed her to fly above the forests of the Philippines, but she will not longer fly.

Cam shows majestic POV as Eagle dives from Dubai's Burj Khalifa

Dubai - A two-minute video uploaded to YouTube March 14, shows an imperial eagle named Darshan, diving from the top of the world's tallest building, Dubai's Burj Khalifa, with a live-stream camera strapped to his back.

Nice protest ban on mascot eagle

Nice - French Ligue 1 side Nice are furious at the professional league for banning their club mascot eagle from flying before matches.

TopFinds: Weighing sanctions against Russia, eagle's live webcam

A Digital Journalist realizes it would be a lose-lose situation for the U.S. to force sanctions against Russia. A live Webcam tracks the drama of an eagle's nest. Radioactive waters detected in Canada. Welcome to this week's TopFinds.

American Eagle says parent to seek other carriers to fly new jets

American Airlines Group will start looking for other regional carriers to operate new regional jets from Embraer after pilot union leaders at the carrier's American Eagle Airlines unit on Wednesday rejected a proposed labor contract, the pr...

Golf shot lands directly on top of an alligator's head

Englewood - We have all heard of the bogeys, birdies and the eagle shot on the golf course. But, the 'Gator? The rules in golf say the ball should be played from wherever it has landed, but what happens when it lands on an alligator's head?

Giant sea eagle goes missing in Yorkshire

A Steller’s sea eagle has gone missing in Yorkshire, England during her training on Saturday. The huge bird of prey has a wingspan of 2.4 meters (8ft) and according to her owner could possibly have travelled “enormous distances.”

6.3-magnitude NZ quake crash lands Hobbit eagle sculpture on teen

Wellington - An eagle sculpture with a 45 ft wingspan was hanging from the ceiling in Wellington Airport to promote the popular Hobbit films. A 6.3-magnitude earthquake today sent it sprawling from its perch down to the floor.

Australia: Eagle steals camera, records 70-mile journey

Sydney - A sea eagle in Australia latched onto a wildlife ranger’s video camera and recorded a birds-eye view of its travels including a "selfie" that has the curious bird pecking at the camera’s lens from atop a ledge.

Watch: Eagle soars with GoPro camera for a true bird's eye view

Ever wanted to see the world from a bird's eye? A video of the Chamonix valley of France's Mer de Glace, shot by an eagle using a GoPro camera, soared to the top of Reddit's video page recently.

Photo Essay: Where the wild things are in Savannah Special

Savannah - Oatland Island Wildlife Center is home to a number of animals native to Georgia. Walking along the beautiful nature trail, visitors can see numerous wild animals including birds of prey, foxes, lizards, tortoises and much more.

Video of eagle snatching baby in Montreal confirmed as fake

A video going viral today apparently shows a Golden Eagle swooping down in a Montreal park to snatch a baby before dropping the child. Students in Montreal are now taking credit for making the hoax video.

Op-Ed: Benalmádena cableway — Sea views, mountain walks and eagles Special

When visiting the Costa del Sol in southern Spain, why not take a trip in a cable car to the top of a mountain, where you can enjoy mountain strolls, wonderful views and a visit to the eagles.

Vet performs mouth-to-beak resuscitation on eagle

Bend - An Oregon veterinarian used mouth to beak resuscitation recently to save a bald eagle who had stopped breathing during surgery.

Eagle drops homeless poodle at nursing home

Sechelt - A bird of prey, which dropped a poodle at a nursing home in British Columbia, may have inadvertently saved the animal's life.

Eagle washing at the wildlife rehabilitation centre Special

Truro - I spent last Saturday afternoon doing something very few people would have been doing. I was helping wash an eagle, and the bird was not impressed with our efforts.

Temporary crown: Dentist repairs eagle's beak with poster putty

Talk about “damage control,” a ploy usually used by politicians and celebrities who have gotten themselves into a mess to exticate themselves.

Captive Philippine Eagle Released into the Wild

Two endangered Philippine eagles were released into the wild Thursday as part of the conservation efforts of the Philippine Eagle foundation to save the national bird of the Philippines from extinction.

Ancient New Zealand Eagle, a Predator of Humans?

A mystery concerning the nature of the extinct giant raptor Haast's eagle was unveiled late last week, using an intricate computer technology.

Wounded endangered eagle dies in Philippines

A beautiful endangered white-bellied sea eagle was found bleeding from a gunshot wound and has died despite attempts to save it, this is the second rare eagle to be shot in Philippine in two months.

Jumping eagle ray kills boater in Florida

A woman was stabbed by an eagle ray's barb when it decided to leap onto a boat off the Florida Keys on Thursday. The woman was knocked off the deck and she was killed due to the wound.

Bald eagle nest found in Philadelphia

Wildlife authorities have found the first bald eagle nest in the city in more than 200 years, the Pennsylvania Game Commission said Friday.

Man kills rare eagle

Man has agreed to pay the equivalent of about $19,830 US for killing golden eagle.

Eagle Lugging a Deer Head Causes Power Outage in Alaska

A bald eagle lugs a deer head and plunges into transmission lines, cause power outage in Junea, Alaska.

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Eagle Image

A 6.3 magnitude earthquake dislodged the eagle sculpture at Wellington airport  set up to promote th...
A 6.3 magnitude earthquake dislodged the eagle sculpture at Wellington airport, set up to promote the Hobbit movies.
Philippine eagle
Philippine eagle
Screenshot from YouTube video allegedly showing an eagle snatching a baby in a Montreal park
Screenshot from YouTube video allegedly showing an eagle snatching a baby in a Montreal park
YouTube screenshot
Eagle-cam view from the world s tallest building
Eagle-cam view from the world's tallest building
And eagle in the mangrove
And eagle in the mangrove
An eagle called Spirit at the live Birds of Prey exhibit  Festival of Eagles  Canmore  Alberta.
An eagle called Spirit at the live Birds of Prey exhibit, Festival of Eagles, Canmore, Alberta.
Darshan dives to earth from 2 722 feet
Darshan dives to earth from 2,722 feet
Eagle-cam POV from the world s tallest building
Eagle-cam POV from the world's tallest building
White-tailed eagle in flight.
White-tailed eagle in flight.
Администрация Волгоградской области
Lesser spotted eagle.
Lesser spotted eagle.
By Drägüs
Eagle descends from the Burj Khalifa
Eagle descends from the Burj Khalifa
Wind turbines at a wind farm in California s Altamont Pass.
Wind turbines at a wind farm in California's Altamont Pass.
Coastergeekperson04 / Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 3.0)

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