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TopFinds: Weighing sanctions against Russia, eagle’s live webcam

As we do every week, we’ve collected the top news stories and compiled them on one page. Digital Journalists reported on important Ukraine news, the latest crime analysis, insight into sports trades and much more.

We also highlight some of the major topics Digital Journalists have been covering recently. Note you can see the trending topics at the top of any page on our news network, in the black bar.

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Top Digital Journal Reports

Op-Ed: Drug company responds to Josh Hardy’s case with a ‘no’ (Includes interview and first-hand account) by Tim Sandle

Josh Hardy is a seven-year-old boy and is currently fighting for his life due to a viral disease. There is one drug that could cure him, but the drug company behind it has said that it cannot release it.

Video: ‘Plague of Angels’ — Interview with John Patrick Kennedy (Includes interview) by AR Vasquez

John Patrick Kennedy is an author who dares to push the boundaries of writing. His latest book ‘Plague of Angels’ is one that may intrigue or offend.

Review: The Walking Dead, season 4, episode 13 – “Alone” (Includes first-hand account) by Nicole Weddington

AMC’s The Walking Dead has its work cut out for it in the second half of Season 4.
In the latest installment, we find the group separated after the Governor’s prison raid, searching to find one another and to find safety.

Review: Hunter Hayes releases empowering lyric video for ‘Invisible’ (Includes first-hand account) by Markos Papadatos

Atlantic Nashville recording country artist Hunter Hayes posted the official lyric video of his new single “Invisible” on his YouTube page.

Country singer Hunter Hayes

Country singer Hunter Hayes
Courtesy of Warner Music Nashville

Everybody know – Glasgow’s Southside Fringe Festival is happening (Includes interview) by Lesley Lanir

Glasgow’s Southside Fringe recently opened its new HQ in Pollokshaws Road and started its crowdfunding appeal towards its upcoming 2014 festivities. Corinna Currie discusses the purpose and aims of the Southside Fringe Festival due to take place in May.

Top Images

The Al Fadihi Museum which houses a small museum is a great way to see how the oil boom changed the ...

The Al Fadihi Museum which houses a small museum is a great way to see how the oil boom changed the city.

Chesham s historic town square

Chesham’s historic town square

Audience engagement was a key tactic in getting Macan s message across.

Audience engagement was a key tactic in getting Macan’s message across.

Taking a ride on a traditional water-taxi  or abra  is a great way to see a different perspective of...

Taking a ride on a traditional water-taxi, or abra, is a great way to see a different perspective of the historic town in Dubai.

In the Media

Live WebCam: Watch new bald eagle drama unfold at Berry College by Jacki Viles

Welcome to the only live, streaming video camera of a bald eagle nest in Georgia, courtesy Berry College. Both cameras are equipped with infrared (IR) technology that allows viewing at night.

Radioactive Fukushima waters detected by Canada’s coastlines by Tim Sandle

Radioactive cesium isotopes have been detected in the waters off the coast of Vancouver, British Columbia, although the levels detected are said to be below the permissible limits for drinking water.

Noise from electronic gadgets can cause some serious headaches by W. Mark Dendy

When you hear the word “noise,” you probably think of screeching, banging, humming, screaming or maybe Def Leopard.

But to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), “noise” has a whole different meaning.

Adam Lanza’s father’s first interview since Sandy Hook killings by Arthur Weinreb

Peter Lanza, Adam’s father, has spoken publicly for the first time about his son and the deadly killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012.

Maryland teen girls admit to torturing autistic boy by Brett Wilkins

Two teenage girls from Maryland have admitted to torturing and sexually abusing a boy with autism and filming the horrific crimes on their mobile phones.

British woman’s tweet about ‘Barraco Barner’ goes viral by Arthur Weinreb

What began as a statement of her concerns about the current situation in Ukraine, ended up going viral when a 20-year-old beautician from Blackpool described the American president as “our president Barraco Barner.”

Sanctions against Russia will be a lose-lose situation by Ken Hanly

Many commentators point out that economic sanctions on Russia will hurt the Russian economy and if Russia responds by moves such as cutting off gas to Europe this too will hurt the Russians.

Russell Brand: Elites don’t follow their own rules by Alex Allen

In a follow up to his interview with Oprah Winfrey, comedian and political activist Russell Brand breaks down the “war on drugs” in a new YouTube video.

Russell Brand

Russell Brand

MLB Rumors: Ervin Santana to Toronto Blue Jays? by Larry Seely

Ervin Santana has changed his mind once again, now the veteran pitcher has decided he wants to sign a contract now and not wait until June and that has a few MLB teams looking at adding the 31-year-old.

Miami Dolphins News and Rumors: Darren McFadden the answer at RB? by Larry Seely

The Miami Dolphins went into the 2013 NFL season hoping Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas could handle the running back duties for the departed Reggie Bush, but after a season where both backs failed to impress, could more help be on the way?

Orgasm machine for women could revolutionize climaxing by Kev Hedges

Scientists have designed a machine that they claim can help orgasmic dysfunctional women climax at the touch of a button.

Court: Man who poked holes in condoms guilty of sexual assault by Arthur Weinreb

The Supreme Court of Canada upheld the conviction of a man for sexual assault after he punctured condoms he used in an attempt to get his girlfriend pregnant and save their relationship.

Dashcam video of high speed Ontario crash goes viral by Arthur Weinreb

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are reopening an investigation into a crash after one of the drivers posted a dashcam video of the accident on Facebook.

MLB Trade Rumors: Rick Porcello to Toronto Blue Jays? by Larry Seely

Starting pitching has already become an issue with the Toronto Blue Jays. The team entered Spring Training hoping the players they had could develop, but the MLB is all about depth and the front office might need to get some help before opening day.

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