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Disarmament News

Kremlin welcomes US offer to extend nuclear pact, seeks 'details'

Moscow - Russia and the United States drew closer Friday to extending a nuclear pact ahead of the fast approaching expiry date of the last arms control accord between the former Cold War rivals.

Opening nuclear talks with Russia, US may also be ending them

Washington - The United States and Russia on Monday open talks on their last major nuclear agreement -- but for some observers, it may simply be the beginning of the end.

US and Russia to resume nuclear talks, but China casts cloud

Washington - Russia called Tuesday on the United States to make a "positive" proposal as the powers open talks on a major disarmament treaty, warning that US insistence on including China could scuttle efforts.

US and Russia to resume nuclear talks, but China casts cloud

Washington - Russia confirmed Tuesday that it would open talks with the United States this month on extending a major nuclear disarmament treaty but warned that US insistence on including China could scuttle efforts.

North Korea says may seek 'new path' of weapons build-up

Geneva - Pyongyang on Tuesday warned that it could seek a "new path" and accelerate its weapons programme, after Washington imposed fresh sanctions on North Korean companies amid stalled nuclear talks.

Youth activists like Greta Thunberg deserve Nobel nod: 2011 laureate

Geneva - Energised and inspiring youth activists leading the charge on climate change and gun control would be good picks for this year's Nobel Peace Prize, according to past winner Leymah Gbowee.

Renamo fighters start disarming as part of Mozambique peace deal

Maputo - Mozambique's main opposition party and former rebel movement Renamo began disarming members of its armed wing on Tuesday as part of a prospective peace deal that will see the fighters re-integrated into the country's armed forces.

Ex-UN chief tells nuclear powers to get serious about disarming

New York - Former UN chief Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday urged nuclear powers to "get serious" about disarmament, warning of a "very real risk" that decades of work on international arms control could collapse.

UN talks on space peace treaty fail to reach consensus

Geneva - United Nations-backed talks to prevent an arms race in outer space ended without agreement on Friday, delivering another blow to global disarmament diplomacy.

US accuses Russia, China of undermining space peace push

Geneva - The US on Tuesday accused Russia and China of raising the risk of conflict in space, notably by developing anti-satellite weapons, as diplomats held talks on a treaty to keep space peaceful.

Trump calls for 'Space Force', nations talk space peace

Geneva - On the surface, this looks like a terrible moment for the world's major military powers to negotiate a deal on preventing an arms race in space.

'Worrying' new focus on nuclear deterrence: report

Stockholm - The world's nuclear powers are reducing their arsenals but they are also modernising, putting a fresh and "worrying" focus on strategic deterrence, a Stockholm-based think tank said Monday.

US boycotts world disarmament body over Syria presidency

Geneva - The United States said it would boycott Tuesday's session of the Conference on Disarmament amid fears that Syria is using its presidency of the body to "normalise" the regime.

Syria chairing world disarmament body 'a travesty': US

Geneva - The United States led a protest Tuesday against Syria taking over the Conference on Disarmament, calling it "a travesty" at a time when Damascus is widely accused of using chemical weapons.

Protests as Syria takes chair of world disarmament body

Geneva - The United States led protests Monday as Syria took over the rotating presidency of the Conference on Disarmament (CD) at a time when Damascus is widely accused of using chemical weapons.

UN chief calls for 'total elimination' of nuclear weapons

Geneva - The UN chief said Thursday the "total elimination" of nuclear weapons remained a UN priority, warning against a burgeoning new arms race.

Threat of nuclear weapons use growing, UN warns

Geneva - A top UN official sounded the alarm Monday over a new, looming arms race and warned that the risk that devastating nuclear weapons could be used was on the rise.

US, Russian nuclear shift as dangerous as NKorean threat: campaigners

Geneva - A recent shift in nuclear weapons policies in the United States and Russia, involving upgrades, modernisation and growing arsenals is as dangerous as North Korea's nuclear threat, campaigners warned Thursday.

UN reopens talks on defining 'killer robots'

Geneva - A new round of talks on the use of so-called killer robots reopened at the United Nations on Monday, with a focus on defining the characteristics of autonomous lethal weapons.

US training Europeans to use nukes against Russia: Lavrov

Geneva - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday accused Washington of training Europeans in the use of nuclear weapons, with the aim of using them against his country.

North Korea vows sanctions will 'never work'

Geneva - North Korea told a United Nations disarmament forum on Tuesday that sanctions over its nuclear programme would "never work", as it voiced further defiance against President Donald Trump's "maximum pressure" campaign.

UN chief calls for renewed disarmament push

Geneva - The UN secretary-general launched Monday what he termed "a new initiative" to revitalise global disarmament, warning that surging arms sales and rising nuclear tensions required a renewed effort towards containing deadly weapons.

Nobel-winning Hiroshima survivor laments nuclear 'insanity'

Oslo - Setsuko Thurlow, 85, was 13 years old when she was rescued from the ruins of the world's first atomic bombing in Hiroshima on August 6, 1945.

Nobel Peace Prize winners warn nuclear war is 'a tantrum away'

Oslo - Mankind's destruction caused by a nuclear war is just one "impulsive tantrum away", the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), warned on Sunday as the United States and North Korea exchange threa...

Nobel peace laureates urge US, NKorea to de-escalate nuclear threats

Oslo - Representatives of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), on Saturday called on the US and North Korea to reduce tensions and end the "urgent threat" posed by weapons of mass destruction.

Hiroshima survivor to accept Nobel Peace Prize for nuclear watchdog

Ottawa - Setsuko Thurlow was 13 years old and standing only a mile away from ground zero when the United States dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima in 1945.

North Korea: Trump fire talk singes Tillerson's wings

Washington - Will the United States defeat the North Korean nuclear threat through "peaceful pressure" or "fire and fury"?

122 countries adopt global treaty banning nuclear weapons

New York - A global treaty banning nuclear weapons was adopted at the United Nations on Friday despite opposition from nuclear powers Britain, France and the United States which said it disregards the reality of dealing with international security threats such as...

Colombia FARC rebels seal historic disarmament

Mesetas - The leader of Colombia's leftist FARC rebels formally declared the force's historic disarmament complete on Tuesday at a ceremony to mark the end of the UN-supervised process."Today, we are not letting Colombia down.

Colombia FARC rebels seal historic disarmament

Mesetas - Colombia's leftist FARC rebel force declared its disarmament complete on Tuesday after half a century of war against the state, bringing an end to Latin America's oldest armed guerrilla force."Farewell to war. Farewell to arms, welcome to peace!
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