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Customer News

Lanier: Big tech firms need to be more like Netflix

Silicon Valley's Jaron Lanier has assessed the problems faces by many big technology firms and concluded that the solution is for firms to be a little more like Netflix.

200,000 Comcast customer passwords found for sale on the dark web

Comcast has confirmed that 200,000 of its customer email addresses and passwords have been found for sale on the dark web, forcing it to contact the affected people and automatically reset their accounts.

Woman bites Macy's employee because item was overpriced

Newark - Police arrested a woman in Newark after she allegedly bit an employee at Macy's. The woman was allegedly upset over the price of an item.

'World's angriest AI' being built to train call centre staff

An AI company in New Zealand has tasked itself with building the angriest robot ever made. It has invested over £200,000 into the product which is intended to help companies deliver better customer service by telling them how to understand angry callers.

Customer wants refund after seeing mouse in Burger King

Paddington - A customer recorded himself asking for a refund at a Burger King in London, after he spotted a live mouse in the ceiling.

A waitress accused of adjusting customers' tips

A restaurant server has been accused of editing the tips that customers gave her with extra numbers, adjusting a $5 tip to $15 or even $25, affecting at least 20 of the restaurant users.

Man at Chick-Fil-A buys $1,000 worth of food for other customers

Earlier this week, a man at a Chick-Fil-A drive-thru decided to buy a $1,000 worth of food for the people who were in line behind him.

Video shows bartender accidentally lighting person's face on fire

A bartender in Lithuania was making a 'Flaming Lamborghini' when she ended up accidentally lighting a customer's face on fire.

Waffle House forces waitress to give back $1,000 tip

Raleigh - A Waffle House waitress from Raleigh, North Carolina said she was forced to give back her $1,000 tip she received while working the late shift.

Watch Apple Genius Bar customer in epic meltdown

If you don't have an appointment at an Apple Genius Bar you may have to wait to be seen; that could be inconvenient, yet it's easy to understand why you have to wait.

Customers pay forgotten tabs in Boston Marathon bombings

Boston - The chaos that followed the Boston bombings left many restaurants on Boylston Street with hefty unpaid tabs. A handful of good-hearted patrons have made an extra effort to clear their debt.

Chef arrested for stabbing complaining customer

A chef in Sydney, Australia, was charged on Wednesday after he allegedly stabbed a customer's hand. He was charged with reckless wounding.

Op-Ed: The customer is always wrong

What happened to the philosophy of the customer is always right? Apparently, that isn't true anymore, especially with how Apple responds to its consumer complaints.

Customer pays entire tab for everybody at Denny's restaurant

Diners at a California Denny's were treated to a free meal after an anonymous customer decided to voluntarily pay for their tab.

Domino's delivery driver saves life of customer

What happens when somebody works at a pizza place and a customer who orders from their pizza shop everyday stops calling? The answer was simple for one Domino's pizza delivery driver: Go and check up on them.

Digital Journal Mavericks: The Shopper's Best Defender

Consumer rights are alive and well on the Consumerist, an online home for customer service complaints and advice. They're scaring the life out of companies that scam shoppers and they're teaching consumers how to fight back against corporate giants.

Sprint To Customer: 'Are You Nucking Futs?'

A Sprint customer wanted to switch her landline numbers to mobile numbers, the chat representative instead of helping the customer responded with, “No, are you nucking futz?”.

Waitress gets $50,000 and car from a cranky customer

For seven years a waitress had to endure a certain cranky customer. She tried her best to please him but could never satisfy him. She never wavered in her service, and her patience won in the end.

"May I help you?" - a sure way to drive away Customers

The "May I help you?" question will drive away customers, says Seth Godin

Customer Sues for $65 million over Pants

A Judge sues a dry cleaner for $65 Million dollars for a pair of lost pants.

YouTube customer service

I think this video is halarios

Why Customer Service is bad?

Why Customer Service is bad? and how to improve it.

Bank customer beaten, robbed

A man was beaten and robbed of cash and car while leaving a bank in broad daylight.

We Need More Than IT...

You think IT is all it takes to secure your company's assets? Think again...

Nintendo is excellent at customer service!

Nintendo to this day provides the best customer service of many electronic brands such as Sony, Microsoft, Dell, AOL, Kingston, etc. This is an excellent example of their customer service plan being perfect.

When did the customer become the CEO?

Over the years there has been a flurry of books on wowing the customer, and giving the best customer service...but how much wow is too much?

"DOC" Designers Of Canada

"DOC" DESIGNERS' OF CANADA One stop Shop Website Developers

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