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Illinois becomes 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana

Springfield - A recreational marijuana legalization bill will soon land on Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s desk after the Illinois House on Friday voted to pass the comprehensive measure. The governor has pledged to sign it.

AMLO freezes new joint-venture contracts for Pemex

Mexico President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is freezing new joint-venture contracts with Petroleos Mexicanos, squashing investors’ final hopes that the Mexico energy reforms can be salvaged.

Investors betting against Tesla — Citing financial issues

Continued delays in Tesla's Model 3 production, a recall of 123,000 Model S's over rusty bolts and a downgrade of the company's credit rating have made for a rough week for Elon Musk's electric car company, creating financial issues that could escalate.

EU charges credit giant MasterCard with antitrust violations

The European Union on Thursday formally charged credit card giant MasterCard with antitrust allegations, alleging the credit giant is artificially raising monthly minimum payments for its European customers.

Op-Ed: 5 credit score killers that are costing you money

Your credit score is critical. While it doesn't define you, it certainly determines whether or not you'll be able to buy a house or car with a reasonable interest rate (or at all).

Op-Ed: Most Americans would be concerned if spouse had bad credit

Nearly 3 of 4 Americans (73%) would be concerned if they discovered their fiancé had a bad credit rating, according to a new survey by Capital One. Additionally, a spouse's bad credit rating is more likely to concern women (80%), compared to men (66%).

Op-Ed: New auto lending trends may signal long-term trouble

After the housing finance bubble burst, mortgage lending went through tremendous change in an effort to keep consumers from purchasing more house than they could afford. Now, some of those same concerns are surfacing in the auto-lending sector.

Britain receives second slash in international credit ratings

Breaking News: Britain's credit rating is slashed tonight to AA+ by international agency, Fitch. This is the second agency to cut the country's weakening rating.

Ratings agency Moody’s strips UK of AAA credit rating

On Friday, the rating agency Moody’s stripped the United Kingdom of its much prized AAA credit rating blaming “feeble growth prospects”.

Moody's downgrades Ontario's rating to Aa1 with stable outlook

Toronto - Moody's Investors Service announced Thursday afternoon that it has downgraded the province of Ontario's issuer and debt rating from Aa2 with positive outlook to Aa1 with a stable outlook due to lack of economic growth and burdensome debt.

Moody's downgrades six European countries amid debt crisis

New York - Moody's has announced that it has downgraded the credit rating of six European countries, while three other nations had their outlook cut to negative. These downgrades come as the European debt crisis persists and the economy remains weak.

Moody’s downgrades Connecticut’s credit rating from Aa3 to Aa2

Hartford - Moody’s Investor Services announced on its website that it has downgraded the state of Connecticut’s credit rating from Aa3 to Aa2. The downgrade was attributed to the state’s high fixed costs for pensions and service debt.

Fitch disagrees with S&P, mantains US' AAA credit rating

Less than two weeks after top credit rating agency Standard & Poor's downgraded the United States' credit rating from AAA to AA, the firm's biggest rival Fitch Ratings disagreed, maintaining the country's top-notch credit rating.

GOP presidential candidates tie Obama to credit rating downgrade

As news of the Standard and Poor's downgrade of America's credit rating from AAA to AA+ reverberated into the weekend, Republican presidential hopefuls used the event to showcase what they see as President Obama's flawed leadership.

Op-Ed: Obama’s debt crisis — Selling out a nation

Washington - For the first time in its history, the US began the weekend with news its credit rating had been downgraded, less than a week after President Barack Obama agreed with Republicans to kick the so-called debt crisis down the road just a bit.

Standard & Poor's downgrades US' credit rating

The United States, the world's largest economy, suffered a major economic setback on Friday, losing its AAA rating from the credit rating agency Standard & Poor's.

Moody's Investor Services gives city of Toronto AA1 credit rating

Toronto - After achieving low levels of debt and high levels of cash and investments, Moody's Investor Services has rated Toronto's credit AA1, which forced the Mayor to interrupt a council meeting to announce this news.

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