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Cities News

Charity urges aid for sinking cities

Paris - Governments must provide "major" investment in flood risk reduction to save coastal cities around the world, a charity said Friday, as rising seas and sinking urban areas pose unprecedented threats to millions of homes.

Vienna topples Melbourne in 'most liveable city' ranking

London - Austria's capital Vienna has beaten Melbourne to be ranked the "world's most liveable city" in a new annual survey released Monday, ending the southern Australian city's seven-year reign.

UN: 68 percent of world population will live in urban areas by 2050

New York - Sixty-eight percent of the world's population will live in urban areas by the year 2050, the United Nation said Wednesday, up from 55 percent at present.The UN report predicted an extra 2.

Car costs make Singapore world's priciest city. Again.

Fpo - The eye-watering cost of owning a car in space-starved Singapore means the city state is the world's most expensive place to live, for the fifth year in a row, a survey said Thursday.

How to revitalize a city? Attract millennials

Columbus - The concept of the city as a contained social structure is well-established and cities go through different periods of prosperity. Key to a successful city today, according to one analyst group, is a matter of demographics.

Toronto could become home to world's first 'smart city'

Toronto could become the home of a pioneering smart neighbourhood under plans drawn up by Alphabet firm Sidewalk Labs. The urban development would prioritise emerging tech and connected infrastructure, becoming a testing ground for future cities.

Bloomberg outlines plan to quantify US climate efforts

New York - Billionaire philanthropist Michael Bloomberg and the governor of California announced Wednesday a plan to quantify efforts by US states, cities and businesses to drive down greenhouse gas emissions.

US mayors bypass Trump to back Paris climate goals

Brussels - President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord has triggered a bipartisan push from US mayors to stick to the emissions cuts Washington had pledged to hit, the mayor of Atlanta said Tuesday.

A tale of two 'Indignants' cities in Spain

Madrid - Swept to power in 2015 by Spain's "Indignants" anti-austerity movement, two political novices lead Madrid and Barcelona with the tough task of increasing social spending without generating more debt.

US cities and states defy Trump, embrace climate pact

New York - When President Donald Trump announced America's abandonment of the Paris climate deal Thursday, saying he was elected to represent "Pittsburgh, not Paris," several US cities and states responded with a defiant counter-declaration: We're staying in.

Fattest cities in the U.S. revealed

This month the U.S. has been acknowledging National Nutrition Month, which has the aim of improving the health of the U.S. population. The theme this year is with tackling obesity.

City living makes asthma worse for poor children

A new U.S. focused study has found that living in inner cities can worsen asthma for children in who live in economically deprived households. Other disparities relating to ethnicity, as well as social class, have been highlighted.

The battle to save Bangkok's 'Green Lung'

Bangkok - Leaping out from Bangkok's vast concrete sprawl is a kidney-shaped green space, home to hundreds of plant and bird species, and where cars are outnumbered by bicyles.

The world's cities: vital, but fragile

Davos - They may be richer and more numerous than ever, but the world's urban dwellers can be forgiven a sense of dread as threats pile up from climate change, terrorism and anarchic growth.

Urbanization makes its mark on evolution

Washington - Urbanization, that is human development in the form of towns and cities, is affecting evolution, according to a new scientific study. The researchers say this has implications for sustainability and human well-being.

World's most high-tech city revealed

A list of the world's leading centers for technology have been revealed. The city occupying the number one spot might come as a surprise (and it isn't San Francisco).

Most cities will be too hot to host Summer Olympics by 2085

According to a new study, researchers say that in 70 years, most cities in the world will be too hot to host the Summer Olympics.

The most stressed cities in the U.S. revealed

Stress affects different people in different ways. Environment is also a factor. Is it possible for a town or city to create a greater feeling of stress compared with another? The outcome of a new survey infers that this is the case.

80 percent of world's city dwellers breathing bad air: UN

Geneva - Over 80 percent of the world's city dwellers breathe poor quality air, increasing their risk of lung cancer and other life-threatening diseases, a new World Health Organization (WHO) report warned Thursday.

Cities in Australia move towards sustainable street lighting

A number of Australian councils are forging ahead with smart street light projects aiming to shift towards enhanced sustainability and a set of new energy efficiency goals.

Op-Ed: Why are some big towns growing into small cities?

Mankato - Small cities are growing in numerous locations throughout the U.S. Some cities like Mankato, MN are leading the way, but what can urban planners learn?

Cities, regions call for 'robust' world climate pact

Lyon - Thousands of cities, provinces and states from around the world urged national governments on Thursday to deliver a "robust, binding, equitable and universal" planet-saving climate pact in December.

As nations dither, cities pick up climate slack

Lyon - Their national governments hamstrung by domestic politics, stretched budgets and diplomatic inertia, many cities and provinces have taken a leading role -- driven by necessity -- in efforts to arrest galloping global warming.

Cities, regions, demand bigger climate say

Lyon - Leaders of city and regional governments gathered Wednesday in the French city of Lyon, in the grips of a western European heatwave, to demand a bigger stake in the global push to curb global warming.

Lunar lava tunnels could be locations for underground moon cities

Scientists believe that gigantic underground lava tubes exist on the moon, which may provide safer localities for the construction of moon cities and exploration bases, than the surface does.

Op-Ed: In praise of the hyper micro

We want things made for us, not for others. At a minimum, we are actively seeking at least an illusion that certain things are exactly to our taste, not to anyone else's and not to a mass, generic audience.

Top ten global cities at risk from power outages

New York - A new study from Johns Hopkins University has selected the ten major cities from across the U.S. most at risk from future power outages. The research implies that residents in these cities need to get used to periods of darkness.

Seven make final cut as world's most wondrous cities

Surviving three years of global voting and competition from almost 1,200 other candidates, seven communities were announced Sunday as New7Wonders Cities.

Japan to build underwater cities in 15 years

No, it isn't some underwater pipe dream. Japanese company Shimizu Corp is really planning to build an underwater Atlantis within the next 15 years.

Earth's most wondrous cities narrowed to 14 finalists

Barcelona - The modern seven most wondrous cities of the world will be revealed Dec. 7 from a list of 14 finalists scattered throughout Earth's six inhabited continents.
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Cities Image

The New7Wonders Cities were announced Sunday after three years of global voting that began with 1 20...
The New7Wonders Cities were announced Sunday after three years of global voting that began with 1,200 candidates in 220 countries.
New7Wonders foundation
Chicago: Millennium Park.
Chicago: Millennium Park.
City of Chicago
A view of Löerrach in Southwest germany
A view of Löerrach in Southwest germany
Mankato office building and parking ramp construction downtown.
Mankato office building and parking ramp construction downtown.
Bernard Weber  founder-president of New7Wonders  reveals the 14 remaining finalists in the running t...
Bernard Weber, founder-president of New7Wonders, reveals the 14 remaining finalists in the running to be declared the seven official New7Wonders cities Dec. 7.
New7Wonders foundation