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Chips News

Microsoft blames chip supply for Windows revenue fall

Microsoft has placed the blame of the supply of computer chips for then reason why there has been a drop in Windows revenue. At the same time, the technology giant reports a rise in cloud computing based revenue.

New computer chip vulnerabilities discovered

It doesn't seem that long since the last computer chip vulnerability news, yet researchers have discovered new vulnerabilities relating to common computer chips.

AI chip startup gets backing from Microsoft and Intel

A startup company that specializes in artificial intelligence solutions has received backing from some major players in the tech wold, receiving support from Microsoft, Intel and Amazon.

Intel production delays impact on PC market

Intel have announced a slowdown in the production of its 14nm processors. This lower volume of output will impact on several areas, particularly the personal computer market.

New security flaw with Intel processors

Saarburg - A new security flaw has been detected by German researchers in relation to Intel. This comes on the back of earlier concerns from January and March 2018. The flaw means that passwords can potentially be stolen.

Samsung tops the 2017 chip company ranking

An end-of-year assessment has found that Samsung heads up the 2017 chip company ranking. This is based on sales, where the overall market that grew 22.2 percent from 2016.

Is there a future for topological insulators in new technology?

Georgia - Topological insulators have been under review for the past ten years. Heralded as materials that could rival graphene, technologists have struggled to fully realize the theoretical potential of the material under practical conditions.

Review: New on DVD for June 27 Special

This week’s releases include a sci-fi movie rooted in realism; a sequel that rivals the original; an enticing thriller; an auteur’s first feature; and a classic comedy collection.

First crisp restaurant opens in London

London - Niche restaurants are popping up around the world, catering for different tastes. Even here one specializing in crisps (or 'chips') seems a little bizarre.

Blood clot miniaturized onto a chip for drug research

A medical technology company has created a remarkable series of "mini organs," the size of computer chips. The latest development involves creating a blood clot to allow for stroke research.

Salsa dispute leads to injury, arrest

Akron - An Ohio woman has been jailed and charged with stabbing her boyfriend because the man failed to leave her enough salsa dip.

Blu-ray/DVD Essentials: Erik Estrada on the importance of 'CHiPs' Special

Before Erik Estrada scored the role of CHP officer Ponch on the '70s cop drama, Hispanic actors were often relegated to roles as criminals or illegals. His bold, culture-shifting choice to change the ethnic origin of his character would make TV history.

Lay's announces 'Do Us a Flavor' contest with 'Cappuchipos'

Are you someone who loves to eat your cappuccino? No? Well you can tell Lay's to go with one of the other flavors in their "Do Us a Flavor" event.

Chipmakers dream of China as they head to Spain's smartphone gala

The world's biggest mobile brands will jostle for the spotlight at the premier mobile industry event this week in Spain, but away from the glitzy displays chipmakers will be preoccupied...

Chocolate potato chips coming soon

Consumers who have taste buds that crave the combination of salty and sweet may enjoy chocolate potato chips, which will be available in stores soon.

Girl, 13, accused of stabbing peer for bag of chips

A middle-school student in Armona, California has been charged in the stabbing of another middle-school student, over a bag of chips.

French fries: Where did they originate — France or Belgium?

A popular snack or meal accompaniment worldwide, French fries have always been considered to be, well, French. However, it seems Belgium might have come up with the idea first.

Record setting portion of chips cooked up in the UK

Southend-on-sea - A five-man team cooked up a 448kg (987.6lb) portion of chips at a Southend-On-Sea theme park, setting a new world record.

EU commission fines 10 chip producers over price fixing

Brussels - The EU Commission fined 10 of the world's largest DRAM chip producers, including the German Infineon, South Korean Samsung and several Japanese companies, a total of 331 million euros (403 million dollars) for operating a cartel.

Hartz Mountain Corporation Voluntarily Recalls Chicken-Basted Rawhide Chips

The Hartz Mountain Corporation, Secaucus, NJ is voluntarily recalling one specific lot of Hartz Chicken-Basted Rawhide Chips due to concerns that one or more bags within the lot are potentially contaminated with Salmonella.

Marijuana hidden in Chips Ahoy shipment

634 pounds of marijuana were seized early Friday morning on Cleveland’s west-side. It represents the second $1,000,000 seizure of marijuana in as many weeks. The crooks lost their cookies.

"Ketchup And Fries" Flavored Burger King Potato Chips?

Burger King has announced that it will be launching a line of snack foods. Among them are "Ketchup and Fries" flavored Potato Chips. They will be available in stores and at BK.

Singapore Aquarium puts Chips in Fish

Singapore's Underwater World aquarium tags fishes for easy identification for the visitors.

Dead Mouse In Chips, Student Says

A Colorado school district has pulled all chips from vending machines and lunch lines after an eighth-grader said he found a dead mouse inside a bag of Frito-Lay barbecue potato chips.

RFID chips will make instant check out possible

RFID chips have been around since the mid-40's when they were used for aircraft identification purposes. However, today they're much smaller and cheaper, and have been used to track product movement by warehouses.

Microsoft Looks Within to Design and Test Chips

I'm not sure this is a good idea for Microsoft, unless they hire some experienced chip designers they could be in for a big waste of money...

Samsung Leads Industry In Smart Card Chip Technology

Samsung's 8KB EEPROM device has already received chip technology approval from Visa International. The company's 2KB and 4KB devices are currently undergoing Visa International EMV Certification. applications from Visa International Samsung to i...

Computer Chip Sales Drop 35 Percent

NEW YORK (voa) - Worldwide sales of computer chips plummeted 35 percent in February compared to the same month last year. A spokesman for the Semiconductor Industry Association said Friday that global sales were slightly more than $10 billion, compared...

Fast And Thrifty, IBM Says It Has Computer Chips Of The Future

BOEBLINGEN, GERMANY (dpa) - Chips are the heart of every computer and for that reason companies that lead the way in chip development place themselves at the heart of the information revolution. IBM, with its latest chip developments, is out in front. ...

Chips And Processors: The Brain Of Modern Computers

FELDKIRCHEN, Germany (dpa) - What do a computer and a coffeemaker have in common? Both have a chip inside to make them do what they do.It's at the root of the reason why choosing the right chip is such an important part of choosing a computer - and not...
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Browns steaks are from the British Isles and are served with garlic & herb butter  chunky chips  mus...
Browns steaks are from the British Isles and are served with garlic & herb butter, chunky chips, mushrooms and confit tomato.
A potato chip is a thin slice of potato that has been deep fried  baked  kettle-cooked  or popped un...
A potato chip is a thin slice of potato that has been deep fried, baked, kettle-cooked, or popped until crunchy.
Broadcom could buy Qualcomm for $130bn
Broadcom could buy Qualcomm for $130bn
They also have normal flavors in some stores. The real draw will always of course be the strange var...
They also have normal flavors in some stores. The real draw will always of course be the strange varieties.
Online gaming faces challenges from traditional sources and others.
Online gaming faces challenges from traditional sources and others.
Tasty chips (fries).
Tasty chips (fries).
Super-secure cards incorporate EMV chips.
Super-secure cards incorporate EMV chips.
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Thick  hand cut chips served as a side dish at Oakes Grill.
Thick, hand cut chips served as a side dish at Oakes Grill.

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