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Microsoft reveals the Lumia 430: A low-cost Windows Phone

Microsoft has added another low-cost Windows Phone to its growing range. The Lumia 430 is the most affordable Lumia smartphone to-date at only $70 but still offers a full smartphone experience.

$20 smartphones 'coming in the next few months'

Mobile processor manufacturer ARM has predicted that $20 smartphones will be made widely available before the end of the year using its processors.

Charles Barkley calls Michael Jordan a cheapskate

In an interview with Conan O'Brien, NBA legend Charles Barkley had some brutally honest things to say about former basketball colleagues Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, claiming there was "nobody cheaper."

DataWind UbiSlate tablet will be sold for $38 U.S. in early 2014

Datawind, London-based maker of the UbiSlate tablet, recently announced that they will enter the U.S. tablet market. They have been claiming that their tablets are outselling Apple Inc. iPads in India and plan on expanding their market.

Cheap at the price: 'Anti-crisis' drug dealers nabbed by police

Alicante - A couple were arrested this week in the north of Alicante on charges of selling drugs to minors in a so-called "anti-crisis", or cheap, package. Police seized quantities of marijuana, hashish and a small amount of money.

HP preparing for Black Friday with $89 7-inch Android tablet

HP and Intel are teaming up this holiday season to deliver some nifty hardware at rock bottom prices. More specifically, the HP Mesquite will be the featured item in several major retailers.

iPhone 5C to feature a cheap price tag and scratch resistant back

The iPhone 5C, suspected to be a low-budget color-customizable smartphone, is scheduled for release on September 10, 2013. While Apple did not confirm this release date, a source in contact with AllThingsDigital claims so.

New drug called Sisa is killing austerity-hit Greek youths

Athens - A new and very cheap drug is killing Greek youth who no longer can see a future for themselves. Sisa is a form of crystal meth being mixed with filler ingredients such as battery acid and engine oil. It makes users violent and kills within six months.

Barnes and Noble soon to compete with Nook HD

It appears as if Barnes and Noble, bookstore giant, is also following suit to Amazon's Kindle Fire HD. Barnes and Noble is now accepting pre-orders to their very own Nook upgrades.

Interview with author of Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture Special

Ellen Ruppel Shell talks to about how discount culture has led us astray, how bargain shopping is a biological impulse and how to combat "discount fever."

India to produce $20 laptop computer

Manufacturers in India are currently in the process of developing an extremely inexpensive laptop computer for students.

Print Amazing 3D Objects With a $5,000 Desktop Printer

Printing 3D objects has always been a costly affair, as the printer alone would set you back five figures at least. But now, Desktop Factory is releasing a $5,000 printer for homes, universities and offices.

How to Make Your Own, Dirt Cheap, Eco-friendly, Washing Powder

My mother told me today that she's figured out a way of making her own washing powder. She's tried and tested it and it is as good as the top brands, she assures me. This is how you can do it too.

Attention Wal Mart Shoppers! Get Your Cheap Computer Here!

Wal Mart is offering a back to school computer for the bargain price of under $300. The computer made by Everex Impact GC3502 features Microsoft's Vista software. The computer isn't bloated with a lot of extra software and has a 80 GB hard drive.

50 Ways To Be Cheaply Romantic

Zen Habits has compiled a list of 50 ways to be cheaply romantic.

Big pharmaceutical companies target cheap AIDS drugs with lies

Major pharmaceutical companies have launched a multi-million dollar advertising campaign claiming that cheap generic HIV/AIDS drugs are not as effective as the exorbitantly priced branded drugs using false data.

Get Your Cheap Haircuts, 4 Bucks a Buzz

Kensington Market, Downtown Toronto, home of the cheapest haircuts in the city. Where there is competition, you can find bargains.

Under $3000: The Race To Build Really Cheap Cars

Nissan plans to produce cars under $3000 soon.

Hackers Crack Apple TV and Make the Cheapest Mac Ever

Just two weeks after Apple TV was released, hackers install OS X, making a Mac for just $300.

Iranians lose access to unlimited cheap fuel

Anticipating UN sanctions because of it's nuclear and missile program, Iran one of the largest producer of cheap petrol fuel has decided to increase the petrol prices and put a limit on the quantity consumed which was unlimited before..

Tips For Being Thrifty In The American Economy

Or How to live CHEAP &Get Out Of The Consumer Mindset

Cheap, safe Drug Kills most Cancers

A Cheap and safe generic drug Dichloroacetate (DCA) kills most cancers.

Are Americans Cheap or Charitable

Fighting the " stingy " stereotype

Euro Judges Block cheap online booze

European judges today rejected a legal bid to allow online shoppers to buy cut-price cigarettes and alcohol anywhere in Europe

Nikon announces $600 SLR

With the new D40 single-lens reflex camera, Nikon is clearly aiming its sites at shutterbugs looking for their first SLR. Priced at just $600 with a lens, the 6.1-megapixel D40 is one of the least expensive SLRs we've tested.

The Lazy Man's Guide to Budgeting: 101 Painless Ways to Cut Spending

Comprehensive list of tips, including: how to make a budget, cutting down on gadget expenditures, raising deductibles, and getting travel discounts.

Black Friday Ad for Best Buy

Great deals for Best Buy on Black Friday

Busted At The Office Party

Employee gets busted talking about her "cheap" boss while he is standing right behind her.

Trade CDs online

'la la' is a CD trading site where people can trade used CDs and also buy new CDs at wholesale prices.

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The Han s Wurst: Dunckerstr 1  Berlin
The Han's Wurst: Dunckerstr 1, Berlin
The Defne Restaurant: Planufer 92 c  Berlin
The Defne Restaurant: Planufer 92 c, Berlin
The Ganjari: Neuebanhofstr. 3  Berlin
The Ganjari: Neuebanhofstr. 3, Berlin
The Al Hamra: Raumerstr. 16  Berlin
The Al Hamra: Raumerstr. 16, Berlin
The Chén Chè: Rosenthalerstr. 13  Berlin
The Chén Chè: Rosenthalerstr. 13, Berlin
The Spaghetti Western: Torstr. 179  Berlin
The Spaghetti Western: Torstr. 179, Berlin
The Sasaya: Lychener str. 50  Berlin
The Sasaya: Lychener str. 50, Berlin
Along with the closeout merchandise and surplus merchandise markets  the returned merchandise and li...
Along with the closeout merchandise and surplus merchandise markets, the returned merchandise and liquidation industry generates over $100 billion dollars in revenue annually.
indulging with sumptuous dishes.
indulging with sumptuous dishes.
The Immergern: Dunckerstrasse 10  Berlin
The Immergern: Dunckerstrasse 10, Berlin
The Berliner fernsehturm: Panoramastr. 1 A  Berlin
The Berliner fernsehturm: Panoramastr. 1 A, Berlin

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