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Chaos News

Key to quantum computing is understanding quantum chaos

A new study indicates that a deeper understanding of quantum chaos could provide the key to unlock the full potential of quantum computers. This is based on studies where researchers have manipulated atoms through a quantum simulator.

Amazon Prime Day chaos: LG G4 sells for just one cent

A slip-up by Amazon in its U.S. Prime Day sale yesterday resulted in some delighted customers landing an off-contract LG G4 for just one cent. Amazon's confused response to the erroneous listing has left others complaining and feeling left out.

Hollande: Africa must 'ensure its own security'

On Nov. 26, France reported it was sending an additional contingent of troops to help in putting an end to the sectarian violence in Central African Republic (CAR). Continued fighting between Selaka soldiers and Christian militia has since escalated.

France to send more troops to troubled Central African Republic

The U.N. deputy secretary general is warning that the Central African Republic (CAR) is descending into chaos, and urgent help is needed. Strengthening of the African Union-led forces is called for, turning the crisis into a peacekeeping mission.

Apple's TouchID fingerprint scanner hacked by Chaos Computer Club

Just 48 hours after getting their hands on the new iPhone 5S, hackers over at Chaos Computer Club in Europe have found a way to bypass Apple's TouchID fingerprint security scanner.

ASEAN to help Southeast Asian people caught in Libya chaos

The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) has pledged to give assistance to its member countries in dealing with the crises in Libya where thousands of workers from Asia are currently deployed.

Fresh chaos in Greece: no fuel, no milk, no salaries

Athens - 'Living with the gods' is a slogan used by a real estate company who sell land and houses to foreigners emigrating to Greece, but recently living in Greece has become synonymous with living in between strikes.

Op-Ed: Reviewing the documentary 'The Secret Life of Chaos'

Professor Jim Al-Khalili takes the viewer on a voyage of discovery in his documentary "The Secret Life of Chaos" where he explains what chaos means for science, and how it can not only explain the shapes of nature, but also the origin of life itself.

A Killer Called Daisy

Someone gave the innocent name "Daisy" to the weather front that's assaulting Europe with an icy winter, tons of snow and almost 200 deaths

Lyon Art, the Abode of Chaos (Part 2) Special

What is Chaos? Is is good? Bad? Is it an inevitable part of our existence? The Abode of Chaos exists in part to ponder those questions through the work of Thierry Ehrmann, the creator of this gigantic and rebellious artistic environment.

Lyon Art, the Abode of Chaos (Part 1) Special

An illustrated visit to an astounding, exhilarating and disturbing artistic testament to historical events and the media, as interpreted by its creator, Thierry Ehrmann. One of the most challenging exhibits in the world. No less.

Google ‘Human error’ causes chaos for millions

Millions of Internet users were unable to access search results today after a typing error brought Google’s search engine to a grinding halt.

The End Of Digg? [UPDATE 1]

The whole Internet community is up in arms over the recent censorship of the HD DVD hex code that has been leaked to many websites. Digg users value freedom of speech and this has gotten them virtually rioting the site.

Solomon Islands: Tsunami relief in chaos

Though the aid workers are helping survivors of tsunami disaster in the Solomon Islands complained Thursday that they are lacking with resources and they are health risks for many who are left homeless.

Snoop Doggs Tour Trouble

Snoop Dogg's European tour has been plummeted into chaos after he has been refused a visa to the UK.

Facebook’s Battle Against Chaos

Facebook wants to participate with users before making any changes with a new group "Facebook Sneak Preview".

MTV embraces Web chaos

Network will build thousands of sites, letting users watch, re-edit shows

Well Known Domain Registrar RegisterFly Given 10 Days To Fix Problems Or Lose It's Accreditation

The fate of almost 100,000,000 domains issued by RegisterFly is currently very fuzzy as count down begins.

Patetica huelga de hambre de Juana Chaos

El terrorista Iñaki de Juana Chaos ha sido protagonista en la edición digital del prestigioso periódico "The Times".

Boston mayor billing Sony for Copley chaos

Why not I sure would if I was him...

Your eyes twitch...on purpose.

Visual chaos would occur without a newly identified brain pathway that creates a smooth visual experience despite the constant motion of the eyes.

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Chaos Image

People on the run earlier this year in Central African Republic.
UNHCR / D. Mbaiorem
People on the run earlier this year in Central African Republic. UNHCR / D. Mbaiorem
The aftermath of a suicide bomb in the Iraq city of Baquba
The aftermath of a suicide bomb in the Iraq city of Baquba
Al Jazeera English

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