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Census News

Taliban suicide blast targeting census team kills five in Pakistan

Lahore - At least five people were killed and up to 18 wounded in a Taliban suicide blast that targeted a census team in Pakistan's eastern city of Lahore Wednesday, officials said.

Security high as Pakistan launches first census in 19 years

Peshawar - Pakistan on Wednesday launched its first census in nearly two decades, with security high as thousands of enumerators backed by the military began the enormous, politically-charged count.

Only 100 tigers left in Bangladesh's famed Sundarbans: Survey

Nestled in the delta of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers in Bangladesh's Bay of Bengal lies the Sundarbans mangrove forest, one of the largest forests in the world. It is home to the Royal Bengal tiger, whose numbers are in steep decline.

Fewer Chinese couples want second child than expected: Media

Beijing - Far fewer Chinese couples applied to have a second child than expected after a relaxation of the country's "one child" policy, state-run media reported Thursday, highlighting the ageing nation's demographic challenges.

World population may hit 11 billion by 2100

Washington - The world population may grow larger than previously estimated, reaching 11 billion people by century's end, according to a UN-led analysis published Thursday.

Angola plans its first census in 30 years

Angola is going to have their first census in over three decades in an attempt to become more organized and plan better government aid.

Number of children in Japan slips to new low

Tokyo - The number of children in Japan has fallen to a new low, while the amount of people over 65 has reached a record high as the population ages and shrinks, the government said Sunday.There were an estimated 16.

Tensions as Myanmar embarks on first census in 30 years

Cox's Bazar - Tens of thousands of census-takers fanned out across Myanmar on Sunday to gather data for a rare snapshot of the former junta-ruled nation that is already stoking sectarian tensions.

Myanmar bans 'Rohingya' term from census

Cox's Bazar - Myanmar said Saturday that Muslims would not be allowed to register as "Rohingya" in its first census in three decades despite UN assurances, on the eve of a survey that has fanned sectarian tensions.

Myanmar bans 'Rohingya' term from census

Cox's Bazar - Myanmar said Saturday that Muslims would not be allowed to register as "Rohingya" in its first census in three decades despite UN assurances, on the eve of a survey that has fanned sectarian tensions.

Canada census reveals true picture of changing family structure

Ottawa - Canada's census reveals that the number of marriages is on the decline, while common-law and same-sex couples are on the rise. The national survey also counted step families for the first time. 12.6% of couples with children are blended families.

Census: 46.2 million poor Americans, income inequality growing

Washington - New figures released by the US Census Bureau on Wednesday reveal that 46.2 million Americans, including 16.1 million children, are poor, and that median household income declined in 2011. Income inequality increased to its highest level in 45 years.

Census says US population to hit 312.8 million on New Year's Day

The United States' Census Bureau is predicting that the United States population will hit 312.8 million people on New Year's Day.

Survey shows there are more cellphones than people in the US

A recent survey has illuminated that cellphones are now outnumbering the number of people in the U.S. The semi-annual survey, conducted by CTIA-The Wireless Association, tracks U.S. wireless trends.

Conference on the national census

London - The National Archives at Kew is hosting a one day conference on the census in October; book early to avoid disappointment.

U.S. ghost towns now more common than ever

Right across the U.S., countrysides are rapidly shrinking as people are flockingto the big cities now more than ever, as the 2010 census shows.

Census shows Americans are getting older

Washington - The U.S. Census Bureau has released a brief showing that the country has grown older while the male population grew faster than the female population over the last decade.

Canada's 2011 Census arrives in the mail; will you fill it out?

Toronto - The Canadian 2011 Census has been mailed out to millions across the country. On the front of the census, it states: "2011 Census Complete the census – it's the law." But will Canadians fill it out or just shred it?

India's population soars 18 percent in decade to 1.2 billion

According to census figures released this week, India, the world's second most populous country, experienced a dramatic growth in population over the past decade, raising questions on sustainability.

Mathematicians say religion heading toward extinction

A recent study conducted by a group of mathematicians using census data suggests that organized religion is heading for extinction in nine western democracies.

US Census reflects growth in Latino population to over 50 million

The 2010 United States Census is expected to demonstrate a spike in growth among the Hispanic populations counted in the 10-year study, with total official figures likely to top 50 million.

Report: UK census question on religion is 'highly misleading'

Religion is on the decline in the United Kingdom, according to one of the country's leading humanist organisations. And it believes the religion question in the forthcoming national census is "fatally flawed."

Mexico's population tops 112 million, ranking 11th in world

Mexico recently announced its census results, reflecting a population of more than 112 million people - ranked 11th most populous country in the world - and highlighting concerns on global overpopulation.

Canadian statisticians mourn loss of Canada's long form census

On the first ever World Statistics Day, some Canadian statisticians held a mock funeral to protest the Canadian government's decision to get rid of the mandatory long form census.

Census reveals largest gap between rich and poor in US since 1967

According to the census statistics released Tuesday average household incomes fell about 4 percent overall since the beginning of the recession in 2007.

Losing the census will impact Canadian's health

Leaders in Canada's health research field are warning that the decision by the Federal Government to cancel mandatory long form census will hurt Canadian's health.

Canadian Lib MP Rae accuses Tony Clement of 'not telling truth'

Ottawa - Liberal Member of Parliament, Bob Rae, has accused Industry Ministry, Tony Clement, of "not telling the truth" when it comes to the controversial situation between Statistics Canada, the Conservative government and the census.

Canadian Minister says StatsCan recommended census changes

Ottawa - Canadian Industry Minister Tony Clement stated that Statistics Canada recommended changes to the census, which the federal government is deciding to be voluntary; however, StatsCan sources have denied that they ever made any recommendations.

2011 UK census could be the last

The national census, which is carried out every ten years in Britain, faces becoming a thing of the past. Cabinet Minister Frances Maude has called the census costly.

Long-form Canadian Census scrapped without consulting experts

Toronto - Canadian researchers want the Conservative government to reconsider replacing the mandatory long form Census with a shorter voluntary survey.
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