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Beirut News

Review: ‘Beirut’ is methodical but not well planned Special

‘Beirut’ is a thriller that uses words as its primary weapon, though the narrative unfortunately develops fairly predictably.

Grassroots campaign tackles entrenched parties in Lebanon poll

Birut - Lebanese voters headed to the polls for the first time in six years for municipal elections including in Beirut, where a new grassroots campaign is taking on entrenched parties.

In first, civic campaign vies for power in Beirut vote

Birut - Armed with a 10-point platform and a shot of ambition, an unlikely alliance of Lebanese citizens will for the first time take on Beirut's powerful political class in Sunday's municipal elections.

Syria's army reports retaking ancient Palmyra from militants

Beirut - Reports from Lebanon say regular Syrian Army forces have driven Islamic State fighters out of the ancient city of Palmyra.

Gun battles between pro and anti-Assad forces break out in Beirut

Beirut - Clashes between pro and anti-Assad gunmen in the Lebanese capital of Beirut has left at least 13 people wounded according to police.

Car bombing in Beirut leaves 4 dead

A car bomb in Beirut left four people dead, and at least nine wounded. The bombing was the city's second to occur in less than a week.

Bombing kills former Lebanese finance minister

Beirut - Lebanon's former Finance Minister Mohamed Shattah was killed when a large car bomb exploded near his convoy. Along with the former finance minister, five others were also killed.

At least 23 killed in twin blasts near Iranian embassy in Beirut

Beirut - Two bomb blasts near Beirut’s Iranian embassy killed at least 23 people and wounded more than 100. The death toll is expected to rise, according to Lebanese officials.

Major bomb blast hits Beirut

A major car bombing hit the southern suburbs of Beirut today, injuring over 50 people in the area. The southern area that was bombed is known to be a stronghold for the Lebanese group Hezbollah, who may have been the most likely target.

Protests in Beirut over possible destruction of public park

Protests have broke out in the Lebanese capital of Beirut in response to plans to build a parking garage on the site of a public park.

Two rockets land in Hezbollah area of Beirut

Beirut - In Lebanon's capital ,Beirut, two rockets landed in a Shiite area controlled by Hezbollah. Hezbollah has supported Assad in his battle against Syrian rebel groups.

Air France passengers asked to chip in for fuel in Damascus

When an Air France flight was diverted to Damascus on Wednesday, the crew asked passengers if they could lend them some cash for fuel after Syrian authorities refused their credit card.

Video: 'Attack on Iran after Syria falls major goal of the West'

RT interviews Patrick Henningsen, a Mideast analyst and editor at on the current situation in Syria, and how international peace efforts have not succeeded

'No independent journalism any more' says ex-Al Jazeera reporter

Beirut - Ali Hashem, an ex-Al Jazeera correspondent, says that television channels have turned into political parties, pushing the agenda for "some outside forces."

Ethiopian Airlines crash: no survivors yet

Eight crew members and 82 passengers were on board of flight 409 heading from Beirut to Addis Ababa which crashed into the Mediterranean Sea five minutes after takeoff.

Beirut’s Buns and Guns – Or Where You’d Kill For A Cheeseburger

Lebanese food lovers have been served with a bang as a recent fast food outlet has decided to give it’s customers a real war torn feel by dishing out explosives.

Hezbollah Withdraws, But Will Continue 'Civil Disobedience'

In the midst of the bloody fighting in Beirut between Hezbollah and pro-government factions, Lebanon’s military has been called out to security the city.

West Beirut Currently Under Hezbollah's Occupation

After a third day of fighting within the streets of Beirut, the western part has been occupied by the Shiite Arab Muslim group known as Hezbollah. Recently, they have “declared war” on the government.

It's Raining Bullets And Explosions In Beirut

In the case of Beirut, Lebanon, it is raining grenades and gunfire as Hezbollah has “declared war” on the country’s government.

US Embassy Vehicle Hit In Bomb Attack In Beirut

A United States Embassy vehicle was hit by a bomb that was hidden on a Beirut highway. At least three Lebanese bystanders were killed when the bomb went off. It is the first attack in years where American diplomats in Lebanon were targets.

Civil War in Gaza / Almost like Baghdad

Gaza is looking a lot like Beirut circa 1975 these days, if not present-day Baghdad. The streets are half-empty, there are barricades on the corners, militants in street clothes exchange fire with an unidentified enemy.

Ghosts of Lebanon's Past, Rising. . .

As violence increases daily in the streets of Beirut. . . those who remember beg for the country to not repeat the past. .

Beirut lifts curfew after clashes

The overnight curfew placed on the city after violent fights between students belonging to rival factions has been lifted.

Rioting in Beirut Turns Uglier

Rioting still growing worse in Beirut, students dead now. . . .

Beirut recovering after violent protests

Lebanon is returning to normal after a nationwide anti-government strike led by the Hezbollah faction.

Protesters barricade Beirut roads

Hundreds of Lebanese demonstrators have blocked major roads in Beirut at the start of a general strike.

Powell To Visit Beirut Monday

BEIRUT (voa) - Lebanon says U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell will pay an unscheduled visit to Beirut Monday, for talks with President Emile Lahoud on easing border tensions with Israel. The meeting, which has not been publicly confirmed by U.S....

Lebanon Grapples With The Problem Of ''Honour Crimes''

BEIRUT (dpa) - Killing to protect or cleanse a family's name is a time-honoured - though gradually fading - Arab tradition.For that reason experts are surprised to see a resurgence of the phenomenon in Lebanon, one of the most open and western-orientat...

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Beirut  Lebanon.
Beirut, Lebanon.
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Firefighters extinguish a fire from a building at the site of an explosion in the Haret Hreik area  ...
Firefighters extinguish a fire from a building at the site of an explosion in the Haret Hreik area, in the southern suburbs of the Lebanese capital Beirut January 21, 2014. The explosion rocked Beirut's southern suburbs hitting a Hezbollah stronghold
With permission by Reuters / Khalil Hassan
Lebanese Red Cross personnel cover a body near a destroyed car believed to be the vehicle in which f...
Lebanese Red Cross personnel cover a body near a destroyed car believed to be the vehicle in which former finance minister Mohamad Chatah was travelling in, after an explosion in Beirut's downtown area December 27, 2013
With permission by Reuters / Jamal Saidi
Beirut  Lebanon with President G.W. Bush
Beirut, Lebanon with President G.W. Bush
Jon Hamm stars in  Beirut
Jon Hamm stars in 'Beirut'
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Explosion in Hezbollah stronghold
Explosion in Hezbollah stronghold
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