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Attacked News

Penguin brutally attacked in Melbourne and left in blood

Melbourne - On Friday morning, a group of men entered a protected area and launched a brutal attack on a penguin. After the attack, the men left it there dripping in blood.

Pauley Perrette, NCIS star, attacked by homeless man

Los Angeles - On Friday morning, 'NCIS' star Pauley Perrette said she was assaulted by a homeless man when she exited her Hollywood home.

Video: Pope's doves for peace in Ukraine attacked by crow & gull

Rome - Pope Francis was praying for peace in Ukraine on Sunday. Two children accompanying him released two white doves, which were instantly, brutally attacked by a seagull and a crow.

Army officers 'attacked, verbally abused' during the Olympics

London - Afghanistan? Iraq? No, this is happening in Britain. British soldiers have now been advised to travel around in groups and not to display their recognisable military daysacks when in civilian clothing.

7-year old boy says 'Cougar almost ate me for lunch'

Port Alberni - A 7-year old boy is recovering in hospital, with cuts to his head and shoulder, after he was attacked by a cougar on Vancouver Island.

New York TV reporter attacked by woman wearing white sheet

New York - NY1 TV reporter Vivian Lee was attacked and punched in the throat after a woman broke into the station news van, put on Lee's makeup and ate her snacks.

Terrorist group attacks TV Channel in Syria — 7 people dead

Damascus - Three journalists and four workers at the Syrian al-Ikhbariyia Satellite Channel were killed on Wednesday morning in an attack by an armed group.

Op-Ed: Argentinian referee scales fence after being attacked by players

It's common for soccer players to surround the referee when they disagree with a decision, but an Argentinian fifth division match recently got a little out of hand. After the referee was physically attacked, he scaled a nearby fence in fear for his life.

Fox reporter attacked during live news broadcast

Philadelphia - A television reporter and a video journalist were attacked while broadcasting live from the scene of what is being called the most bizarre case of animal hoarding in the history of Philadelphia.

Man attacked by up to ten people at his daughter's birthday party

Glasgow - A man is critically injured in hospital this morning after he was attacked by a group of around 10 people on Saturday night. The attack happened at his own daughter's birthday party held in a private function room in a pub in Glasgow.

Heir to McDonald's fast food empire attacked, robbed in France

Geoffrey McDonald, 60, was violently attacked and robbed of £250,000 at his eight-bedroom villa in Eygalieres, near Avignon, the south of France.

Togo team bus attacked

Tragedy struck Angola when gunmen sprayed bullets at Togo's national team, killing three people and forcing its withdrawal from the soccer tournament.

Milwaukee Mayor attacked with a metal pipe

On Saturday night, a male assailant attacked Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett with a metal pipe. The Mayor is now in stable condition.

New Law Undermines Minority Rights in Slovakia

Hard on the heels of reports about minority repression in China comes the news that ethnic Hungarians will no longer be able to freely use their own language in Slovakia after the passage of a new language law.

Attacked by a bird, don't fight back or you could be cited

A couple eating ice cream in California was attacked by a flock of gulls. The man fought back and one of the gulls was injured.

Michigan teacher attacked after being accused of being a witch

Now that October is here thoughts turn to Halloween and witches. A good time for teachers to talk about the Salem witch trials in 1692. But does that mean the teacher is a witch?

Pirates attack Japanese tanker, Spanish boat in Gulf of Aden

On Monday a Japanese oil tanker was attacked by pirates in the Gulf of Aden. As a result hundreds og gallons of fuel was emptied into the sea.

Homeless Men Chased By Chainsaw-Wielding Man

Five homeless men in Ft. Lauderdale had their lives threatened by a man who chased them with a chainsaw. "The Chainsaw Man" chased them over some distance and even is said to have fired shots at them. No charges were filed.

Texas Girl Attacked over Sign Protesting Illegal Immigration made for Class Project

A 13 year old texas girl was attacked over a sign she made for a history class project requiring students to make a protest sign for or against an issue. She was told to return to class and was not allowed to call her parents after the incident!

Swedish grandmother hospitalised after beaver attack

Few beasts in nature are as cunning as the beaver. They look cute, sure. But they will attack! They will even attack innocent grandmothers swimming in a Swedish river. Is anyone safe?

400 Fla. Swimmers Stung By Jellyfish

Officials in New Smyrna Beach, Fla., issued a warning to beachgoers after more than 400 swimmers were stung by jellyfish over the weekend. There were no deaths, but obviously the jellyfish are angry.

Jail Bird Bomb Plotter Lays Injured After Prison Attack

A prisoner serving time for being confirmed as being an al-Qaeda "dirty bomb" plotter who had the intention of killing thousands in the UK and the US has been seriously injured in an attack lead by other inmates

Pedophile Is Attacked By Inmates In A Courthouse

Ken Gourlay, who made national headlines for molesting boys he lured to him from the internet, has been hospitalized after other inmates in the courthouse assaulted him.

Woman beaten and robbed for $2.50 by a "pack" of teens

Jane Congema, 44, was making a quick run to the store and ended up getting beaten so badly she could still barely walk five days after the attack. An attack that was perpetrated by a pack of teens.

A senior and his son injured in Home invasion

A senior and his son were injured in a terrifying home invasion on Thursday in Markham, Ontario.

Elderly woman attacked in hospital

A man pretending to be a doctor sexually assaulted a 94 year old bed ridden woman at a Toronto Hospital last night.

Girl Attacked on School Bus, Four Students Arrested

Another story about a girl being attacked and bullied on a school bus. This time 4 students are arrested for it in Cambridge, MD.

Another senior attacked on street

Someone in Barrie is going around hitting and kicking seniors.

Boy attacked on school bus

Parents angry driver didn’t intervene, disappointed with school’s response when their son was attacked on his school bus outside his home.

Hockey referee attacked, but doctors find tumour

Hockey player saves referee's life by cross-checking official in the face as ref was throwing him out of game. The problem is...where do I post this article.
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CBS foreign correspondent  Lara Logan.
CBS foreign correspondent, Lara Logan.
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Knut being attacked by one of the older females
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