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Review: New book tells that MI6's man was Popov as the real James Bond Special

Watching the latest Bond movie "Spectre" on Netflix had me thinking about who really was the basis for the "007 James Bond persona?" Was it just one person or several?

Review: ‘Spectre’ isn’t the retirement party this Bond deserved Special

‘Spectre’ is the weakest of the Daniel Craig-era Bond movies, but when its predecessors have been so impressive that just means it’s good instead of great.

Liam Neeson turned down 007 role

Liam Neeson turned down the opportunity to join the ranks of Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Daniel Craig and play Ian Fleming's legendary spy, James Bond.

James Bond is dead, or should be

Since 1962, James Bond has graced the silver screen in 23 action packed films. Movies about Agent 007, the British Secret Agent portray the Bond character as invincible.

007 star Sir Roger Moore wants to appear in Doctor Who, Sherlock

Sir Roger Moore – famous for playing Ian Fleming’s 007 spy James Bond – has admitted that he would love to appear in two of the BBC’s most popular television dramas.

Rory Girvan has James Bond ambitions

Rory Girvan, the English actor who stars in a Welsh comedy-drama series created by Ruth Jones, would like one day to play Ian Fleming’s famous British spy, 007.

007's M makes fired bullets into Skyfall memorabilia

78 year old Dame Judi Dench shot a weapon for the first time in her role as M in the James Bond movies, and she has just the thing to make the memory last.

Bond actors being courted by Oscar; tribute to musicals planned

Beverly Hills - The Oscars could be for Bond - James Bond. No, "Skyfall," will not win the top prize because it is not nominated, but all things Bond are buzzing right now.

Review: ‘Skyfall’ is absolutely brilliant Special

‘Skyfall’ achieves a new level of motion picture excellence, truly making the trip to the theatres for the latest 007 picture a memorable experience. It’s the perfect celebration of 50 years of Bond.

Is James Bond bisexual?

London - The new Bond epic Skyfall features an interrogation scene whose homo-erotic elements have sent the LGBT community into a whirl because they are really not sure if the MI6 agent thinks he may be a boy or a girl!

James Bond: the woman who made 007, by the man who would be him

James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli has revealed that Daniel Craig was always their first choice to play Ian Fleming’s James Bond.

Review: The James Bond Jukebox

London - In honor of 50 years celebrating the emergence of MI6's most dangerous lover and protector of the realm, Digital Journal is pleased to present a video presentation of the musical themes utilized to begin the films.

Daniel Craig will play James Bond at least twice more

Daniel Craig will star as 007 in at least two more James Bond movies, bringing his total to five films with the 24th and 25th installments of the Eon Productions franchise.

Op-Ed: Is '007 Legends' suppose to be a joke?

'007 Legends' is an upcoming video game that will retell six classic Bond films with an over-arching narrative that will conclude with the film, 'Skyfall'.

Tom Jones ‘was too well known’ to play James Bond

Over the years, a number of people have been considered for the role of Ian Fleming’s secret-service agent, James Bond, but Tom Jones was thought “too well known” for the part, it has emerged.

Op-Ed: Boyd announced as writer for new 007 novel

The name is Boyd. William Boyd. And he has been granted a license to pen the next "chapter" in the James Bond book universe.

Ben Whishaw cast as Q in new James Bond movie

British actor Ben Whishaw, star of the 1950s-set BBC drama series The Hour, has been cast as Q in the upcoming James Bond movie.

Joanna Lumley was set to be the first female Doctor Who

Doctor Who has always been cast as a man, but the show's creator wanted the character from the long-running BBC science-fiction drama series to regenerate into a woman.

Martin Shaw would play Doctor Who but turned down James Bond

The British stage and screen actor, Martin Shaw, has revealed that he would be interested in playing the Doctor in the BBC’s long-running science-fiction drama, Doctor Who.

Tom hanks as james bond

This is a neat video

Smart truck

This thing is like a james bond car but its not a car its a truck

Daniel Craig: James Bond Rediscovered

(CBS) Sunday Morning movie critic David Edelstein said that the new James Bond movie is worthy of pushing the "reset button" and is excited about the new Bond, Daniel Craig.

Which Bond is the Best Bond?

As a new Bond, Daniel Craig, enters the series of 007 movies, which one is a true representation of the lovable hero, 007?

James Bond "Casino Royale" Trailer -- The New Bond

Casino Royale was the first Bond book in the series, and we've got a new star. The film is a big test for the bond franchise, as a lot of the fave characters like gadget-god "Q" and MoneyPenny aren't in this film. This is the new James Bond...

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Author Jeffery Deaver.
Author Jeffery Deaver.
The logo of the James Bond film franchise.
The logo of the James Bond film franchise.
The cover of author Jeffery Deaver s new book  Carte Blanche.
The cover of author Jeffery Deaver's new book "Carte Blanche."
Daniel Craig stars in  Spectre
Daniel Craig stars in 'Spectre'
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Jeffery Deaver playing roulette.
Jeffery Deaver playing roulette.
Author Jeffery Deaver.
Author Jeffery Deaver.
Monica Bellucci and Daniel Craig star in  Spectre
Monica Bellucci and Daniel Craig star in 'Spectre'
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Jeffery Deaver drinking a mock martini.
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007 Legends
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Roger Moore at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival (2012)
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Jeffery Deaver drinking a mock martini.
Jeffery Deaver drinking a mock martini.

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