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article imageAcquiring digital skills is fun at Microsoft Store Summer Camps

By Karen Graham     Jul 15, 2019 in Technology
This summer, Microsoft Store Summer Camps will be offering digital skills learning with a magical twist. The camps will offer kids a chance to learn the STEM-related skills that will be in high demand for the jobs of the future.
This summer, Microsoft Stores Summer Camps will expand to seven hands-on workshops that empower students to pursue their passions with fun, pop-culture themes, geared to children six and up.
The whole point of the summer camps is to introduce hands-on learning and allow students to see the power of science and related STEM subjects through fun and interesting sessions broken down into short and manageable two-hour intervals. Depending on what is being learned, this amounts to a total of one to four sessions per camp.
The sessions will be led by trained Microsoft Store associates using a curriculum developed by education experts in their respective fields, in both real-world and magical environments like the wizarding world of Harry Potter. The cool thing about the summer camps is that not only will children learn the digital skills needed for our future workforce, but some healthy life skills that translate outside of the classroom.
Learning tech trends at the Microsoft  Fifth Avenue  NYC  store.
Learning tech trends at the Microsoft, Fifth Avenue, NYC, store.
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Registration for the Microsoft Stores Summer Camps began in April this year, with the camps taking place in May through August. Specific dates and times for registration and camps will depend on local store and school schedules. To register, visit your local Microsoft Store in person or online.
This year’s Microsoft Store Summer Camps are:
Gaming Summer Camp: Grow Your Passion for Gaming and Learn Positive Life Skills (Ages 8+ and Ages 13+)
To become a gaming champion, one needs to develop skills that use teamwork, resilience and effective communication. This camp is for students 8 through13-years and up.
Code Builder in Minecraft Education Edition
Code Builder in Minecraft Education Edition
They will learn those skills through engaging in Rocket League and Fortnite tournaments. Then, through class discussions, talk about how these habits help the student to excel in both gaming and everyday life. Students will learn the value of being supportive and positive with other gamers.
Design and Create Your Own Video Games with MakeCode Arcade (Ages 8+)
For students who want to build their own video game, learning the fundamentals of computer science and video game concepts comes first. The best part is that students can publish their finished game using MakeCode Arcade.
Harry Potter Creative Coding Workshop (Ages 6+)
For those discovering coding for the first time, what better way to learn than through Harry Potter? Students will make and code their very own wand with the Harry Potter Kano coding kit, all the while building a foundation of basic digital skills. They will also code their own fireworks and feed Fluffy, amongst many challenges.
70+ step-by-step challenges show you how. Connect code blocks  see the JavaScript. Learn about loops...
70+ step-by-step challenges show you how. Connect code blocks, see the JavaScript. Learn about loops, logic, and variables. Simple for beginners, expansive for experts.
Harry Potter Creative Coding Camp (Ages 8+)
Students will be able to explore and code their own version of the iconic Wizarding World spells and charms like Wingardium Leviosa– all in an immersive experience with the Harry Potter Kano Coding kit.
Code a Talking Robot with OhBot (Ages 8+)
How cool will it be to teach a robot to speak and move, all with code? Using computational thinking, the student and their OhBot will explore speech recognition and face-tracking technologies.
Code a Talking Robot with Ohbot  Ages 8+ (Two-Day Camp)
Code a Talking Robot with Ohbot, Ages 8+ (Two-Day Camp)
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Make Hustle Happen, Start Your Own Business or Champion a Cause (Ages 13+)
Expanding on a curriculum introduced in 2018 that supported the next generation of philanthropists by offering ways to use technology for the greater good, this year's curriculum will include visits be some NFL players who “make hustle happen” through their own side businesses.
Students will learn how to create their own "side hustle," or support a philanthropic effort and develop an action plan with the pros.
Creating Connections with Dear Evan Hansen (Ages 13+)
What does a Broadway musical have to do with digital skills? Well, the Tony award-winning “Dear Evan Hansen” is a groundbreaking musical that explores isolation in the age of social media. This is an important issue for today's teenagers and is intended to spark an initiative to build more meaningful connections in their daily lives with family, friends and their community.
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