Earliest flying mammal discovered

Posted Dec 13, 2006 by Iamseven

Mammals took to the skies at least 70 million years earlier than previously thought, scientists say.
A fossil uncovered in China suggests mammals were trying out flight at about the same time - or even earlier - than birds, the team reports in Nature.
The researchers said the squirrel-sized animal, which lived at least 125 million years ago, used a fur-covered skin membrane to glide through the air.
The team of US & Chinese researchers has dubbed the mammal Volaticotherium antiquus, and claims it belonged to a now extinct line not related to modern day flying mammals.
The creature was most likely nocturnal and enjoyed a diet of insects.
Interesting. I never would have imagined the possibililty of flying mammals predating flying birds. This area of study is always fascinating since it always reveals a new story.