Review: Aubrey Wollett releases carefree 'Beach Vibes' single and video Special

Posted Oct 4, 2020 by Markos Papadatos
Singer-songwriter Aubrey Wollett released her new carefree single "Beach Vibes," which is lighthearted and fun. Digital Journal has the scoop.
Aubrey Wollett
Aubrey Wollett
Dustin Williams
Her song's nonchalant music video was edited by Jeffrey Singer. It is one of those songs tha makes the listener want to dance and sing along. Wollett's crisp, soulful vocals are remiscent of Maren Morris meets Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town, and that should be taken as a compliment.
"Beach Vibes" is available on such digital service providers as Apple Music and Spotify.
The Verdict
Overall, "Beach Vibes" by Aubrey Wollett is worth more than just a passing glance. It garners two thumbs up.
To learn more about sining sensation Aubrey Wollett and her new single "Beach Vibes," check out her official website, Facebook page and follow her on Instagram.