New augmented reality platform enhances pharma manufacturing

Posted Mar 16, 2019 by Tim Sandle
Startup has released an updated product called Tandem 4.0, which is an augmented reality-enhanced collaboration platform aimed specifically at the for pharmaceutical manufacturing sector.
File photo showing employees of German pharmaceuticals group Bayer checking Aspirin Complex drugs in...
File photo showing employees of German pharmaceuticals group Bayer checking Aspirin Complex drugs in Bitterfeld, eastern Germany
Jens Schlueter, DDP/AFP/File
The new Tandem 4.0 platform can be deployed in the laboratory, on a manufacturing line, and or within suite environments. The revised platform now has the added feature of augmented reality plus a newly designed user experience/user interface design.
Pharmaceutical Technology reports that system users can now connect globally and engage in problem-solving in real-time. The aim is to assist organizations with avoiding process deviations and to help to prevent manufacturing delays.
Whereas virtual reality immerses the user in a fully artificial computer-generated environment, augmented reality overlays virtual three-dimensional graphics on the real-world environment. The aim is to ‘augment’ the way users view everyday life (or work tasks) and, in doing so, reveal more information. have created a new user experience/user interface design has been developed as smart glass. This includes redesigned screens, updated text, and new icons. These are designed to allow for a more intuitive experience and for the user to be able to follow improved navigation.
The platform also allows for customized user menus, plus there is the facility for voice commands. The use of voice can be switched on to guide users through each processes step. The platform also permits single- or multi-user drawing annotations to be made on any captured image.
Image capture also allows for remote and live support. Here experts can help to bring attention to a specific aspect of a machine that is showing a process or performance machinery. This works by remote experts dropping three-dimensional augmented reality arrows into the real-world environment back in the pharmaceutical facility. As well as using the platform directly, users can stream sessions from smartphones or tablets.
The Tandem 4.0 is an example of the adoption of augmented reality in areas of complex manufacturing, like pharmaceuticals. One report revealed that 30 percent of Global 2000 companies have reported they are set to try out both virtual and augmented reality as part of their digital transformation strategies.
In pharmaceuticals this includes applications like visualizing physiological processes, or “handling” models of chemical compounds and molecules, as well as the assistance with helping review machine operations, as with the Tandem concept.