Loreno Mayer talks 'Zoya,' future plans, trance and technology Special

Posted Oct 28, 2018 by Markos Papadatos
Rising electronic sensation Loreno Mayer chatted with Digital Journal about his tracks "Surrender" and "Zoya," his future plans, and he discussed the impact of technology on the electronic scene.
Loreno Mayer
Loreno Mayer
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Loreno Mayer worked with David Bulla Greek-American vocalist Michael Zhonga on "Surrender." "It was pretty cool. Michael is a nice guy and a very talented vocalist. It all started with David and me working on some ideas and we actually left this track behind because we didn't have the inspiration to finish it at first, but then, after a few months when I heard it, I decided to finish it. Right after it was ready for vocals I showed it to David, he loved it and we contacted Michael who recorded really special vocals on it, so catchy and emotional. It was great and I'm glad we collaborated together," he said.
On his new track "Zoya," Mayer said, "One of the vocalists who I've worked with knew this Italian duo called Quizzow and I really loved their music so she gave me their names so I could get in touch with them. So I did and I sent some ideas, they were interested and did their magic on it, we mixed our styles and there is it, 'Zoya' is signed to AVA Recordings/Black Hole Recordings and already supported by Omnia, JES, Andy Moor and many others."
Mayer continued, "The story doesn't end here. Right after we released it, I was scrolling on social media and by accident, I found a person named Zoya who is also a music producer, DJ, and a vocalist, right after I checked her profile there she is with a message about the track and how she loves it and all. It was funny and a very cool coincidence that she loved it so much. It was great working with Quizzow they are really nice guys and I'd definitely work with them again. I am pretty sure that it will happen."
"'Zoya' is the track which you have to listen with closed eyes while laying down watching the stars, then you would understand the real feeling of this track," he said. "I tried it, it was way better feeling than looking at the screen. It will take you to another world of emotions and rest your soul. Quizzow and I really had fun working on it and we are truly happy that so many people love it."
Future plans
Regarding his future plans, Mayer said, "The main plan now is to keep making trance music and to finish all these collabs that I have at the moment with some big vocalists and producers who are on the biggest labels. I will announce many exciting things in music soon so I don't want to mention too much yet."
Mayer revealed that he has collaborations with Max Meyer, Milad E, the vocalist Enya Angel, and many others. "Besides that, I have more collaborations coming with big companies. It all started last year when Samsung contacted me and also Deezer this year, it was so fun working with them on their campaigns. I'm really excited to announce these collaborations soon," he said.
He is drawn to electronic dance music (EDM), and it is is very special to him. "The thing that I love the most about it is the love and positivity. Also, EDM is always evolving which is so exciting, it rarely gets boring in my opinion, so many new artists come up every year, many different styles and it's just a really special feeling to be part of it all. It's all about the love and passion for this music that can hardly be described," he said.
Technology in his daily routine
As an electronic musician, Mayer uses technology a great deal in his daily routine. "I use my computer mostly for everything. You don't need to have a huge studio with so many gears in it when everything you need is in this small box. I always invest in my computer because that's the main 'machine' for my music. Besides my computer, I use normal small speakers and a MIDI keyboard, that's basically it. A good ear and talent are the most important and not the gear in my opinion," he explained.
Digital transformation
On the impact of technology on the electronic music scene, Mayer acknowledged that it has changed a lot. "Making music is so much easier than how it used to be before. We have so many amazing technologies that are evolving constantly today things like synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, digital audio workstations, and others," he said.
"Also, a digital distribution, which changed it all, and the greatest thing is the Internet," he said. "These days everything is online. It is so much easier to learn many things about anything you like. With the help of the Internet, many songs and artists go viral in seconds. Technology is a powerful thing and it's making a big impact not just on electronic music but in every other genre too. We live in the best time ever I believe," he added.
Dream collaborations
On his dream collaboration choices, Mayer said, "There are many great artists that I would love to work with but if I have to choose just a few, then I would start with ARTY aka Alpha 9. One of the best out there and I'm a big fan of his sound and his style. Truly an amazing artist and I'm glad that he liked some of my records and also played them a few times on his podcast plus even one still unreleased track which he played live on his gig in New York City not long ago. It would be awesome to work with him. Also, I would love to work with Audien, another big and very talented artist who I look up to."
"Zoya" is available on iTunes.
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