Sky Renee talks new single 'In My Life,' J. Cole and Bruno Mars Special

Posted Dec 4, 2017 by Markos Papadatos
Singer Sky Renee chatted with Digital Journal about her new single "In My Life," as well as her dream collaboration choices, which include Bruno Mars and J. Cole.
Sky Renee
Sky Renee
Sky Renee supplied publicity photo
On the origin of "In My Life," she said, "I was in a place where I was surrounded by people with similar ideas on how they should behave based on societal norms and I wasn't being exposed to anything new. I had been spending a lot of time writing music and I was finding a deeper perspective within myself, however I wasn't finding it in the people I was surrounded by. I was starting to feel trapped and was looking for something more meaningful in my relationships and in life. I wrote 'In My Life' in response to this, as a way to express that I was searching for perspective. I wanted to meet more people that could help grow my own point of view in order to develop a greater understanding of life."
Renee continued, "I think it’s really easy with technology to close ourselves off to really learning about one another. I want to encourage all my fans and listeners to be aware to what’s around them and make conversation with people, even if it seems scary. It’s shocking the amount of life changing conversation I've had with strangers in a coffee shop or concert. We are all people and it’s amazing what we can learn from one another if we just embrace each other’s perspective."
Regarding her future plans, she said, "I've started producing more and more for myself, so I'm hoping to release songs that allow my fans to gain a deeper understanding of me as an artist. I have a music video on its way for 'In my Life' and will release an EP in the beginning of next year with a producer named Greg Penny."
Her music inspired by her love for people. "Naturally my relationships are the thing that inspire me most, but people in general inspire me. I've always been a keen observer of interaction and also love talking to people. Whenever I have a good conversation, it takes me out of my mind and I'm able to learn about someone else's human experience. It helps the lyrics flow and hopefully makes my music more relatable," she said.
Digital transformation of music
On the impact of technology in the music business, Renee said, "It’s amazing! I never could have predicted the turn that music would take with technological advances. It gives someone who may not have the resources to create music, the opportunity to produce and release music on their own terms. It gives everyone the capability to create their own vision of who they want to be as an artist and have the access to build a fan base. Before, people couldn't even make music unless they paid thousands for studio time, even though this still exists. Anyone can make music with their laptops, without having connections in the industry. Some of my favorite artists have come up this way. It’s crazy to think their music wouldn't be heard if these technology advancements didn't make it possible."
Renee is an avid user of technology in her daily music routine. "Well first of all, I don't think I would remember half the songs I come up with if I didn't have voice memos. I dictate pretty much all my songs into my iPhone, while I'm on a walk or driving. I then use logic on my computer to make a demo. I'm also pretty active on social media, Instagram and Twitter, giving updates and making stories, so overall technology is pretty important in my life."
Renee listed Zak Abel, J. Cole and Bruno Mars as her dream male collaboration choices.
"In My Life" is available on Soundcloud by clicking here.