Catching up with Josh Seiter from 'The Bachelorotte' Special

Posted Mar 20, 2016 by Markos Papadatos
Josh Seiter from "The Bachelorette" chatted with Digital Journal about his latest dancing gigs, law school education, as well as "Men of the Strip."
Josh Seiter from  Men of The Strip
Josh Seiter from 'Men of The Strip'
Noel Dahl at Noel Photo Studio
Regarding his latest dancing gigs, Seiter said, "Lately, I have been super-book with gigs for dancing and appearances. Predominantly, it has been dancing gigs. I teamed up with the Dream Boys in Chicago, and we put on a show. We put on a great show with seven performers and 400 women in this huge banquet show. All of the T-shirt sales went to veterans with pets for charity. It was great to do a show that was entertaining for women, and to do a show that benefited charitable causes."
Recently, Seiter was featured on TMZ and on their website, where they discussed the after-effects of him being on The Bachelorette. "The show is trying to block me from making appearances, so people at ABC and Warner Bros. called Windy City Live and told them not to have me on their show, and they cancelled my appearance, and that lead to TMZ doing an article on me. Luckily, they have been unsuccessful with blocking my dancing business. Being on the show increased my shows substantially, and I am now the headlining act. The bookings keep on piling up," he said.
Seiter is a law school graduate and he holds a Juris Doctor degree. At the moment, Seiter has no plans to take the Bar exam, because he is doing well with his entertainment gigs.
He is looking forward to being on "Men on The Strip" in Las Vegas in the near future, where he will be working with Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees and "Money Mike."