Amazon Flex launched — Have you heard?

Posted Oct 2, 2015 by Elizabeth Parker
Amazon Flex has started in Seattle; need to earn some cash on your own schedule? The rumors of a crowd sourced package delivery and just what Amazon Flex might be are finally confirmed with the launch.
A package sitting on a desk waiting to be opened.
A package sitting on a desk waiting to be opened.
Amazon flex was leaked a month ago by GeekWire who surmised it might be a way to pick up parcels or some kind of new delivery service but the details never came out and when questioned, Amazon remained hush. The launch of their Amazon Flex service in Seattle this past week finally confirms the rumors that have been circulating since the Wall Street Journal posted about a possible crowd sourcing delivery method for Amazon this past June.
This isn't the first app related delivery service, as Forbes reported, this is following the current trend set by Instacart who has delivery service by consumers set up in many Instacart delivery locations and currently partners with Costco, Whole Foods and most recently Target, who came on board with Instacart mid September, according to Forbes here.
Need to make a little extra money? Sign up at Amazon Flex where they claim you'll earn $18–25/hr delivering in Seattle with service coming soon to Manhattan, Baltimore, Miami, Dallas, Austin, Chicago, Indianapolis, Atlanta, and Portland.