Stephen Colbert reboots the Colbert Report on 'House of Cards'

Posted Mar 9, 2015 by Alex Allen
Fans of The Colbert Report have one last chance to see Stephen Colbert in character as he reprises his wacky role on season 3 of 'House of Cards.'
Stephen Colbert
As Wikipedia describes, Stephen Colbert is an American comedian, satirist, actor and writer, known for his ironic style (particularly in his portrayal of conservative political pundits), and for his deadpan comedic delivery.
Photo courtesy Comedy Central
After a nine year run, Stephen Colbert wrapped up his Comedy Central political satire program 'The Colbert Report' back in December. The news of Colbert's departure came shortly after news that he would be replacing David Letterman, the longtime host of CBS' Late Show. Fans of the show are getting one last taste of Colbert's wacky conservative character before he heads off to host his new program, however. Only this time, he's interviewing another fake person; President Francis Underwood from the show 'House of Cards.'
Colbert made an appearance on the first episode of the third season of House of Cards, which was recently released on Netflix. In the episode, Colbert was completely in character, hammering president Underwood and making witty and sarcastic comments like only he can do. The portion of the show was complete with a live studio audience, which made it feel like an authentic reprisal of The Colbert Report. During the interview, Colbert even joked that Underwood was going to “Eradicate unemployment the same way he eradicated his approval polls."
Interestingly, Kevin Spacey, who plays President Underwood on the series, appeared on the actual Colbert Report several times before it ended.
Colbert is set to take over Letterman's spot on September 8 of this year.